lots of mat work

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Uploaded on 10/08/2018 by OttBattle

leglocks and mathwork

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Comments (10)

littleforbigg (3 platinum) 10 days ago

U know that expression “he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body”? Ur the opposite: every bone in ur muscled bod is totally mean, not far removed from being vicious. Seems like ur upping the intensity and grunts with each new vid—just need the poor jobber to beg and scream in pain. Best one yet.


ukscisors (21 silver) 10 days ago

Best yet Steve


JDTP Jobber (6 bronze) 10 days ago

Great video; love that workover!!!


craigtoronto (23) 11 days ago

awesome video...fantastic match...three thumbs up from Siskel!


ShockR (58 platinum) 11 days ago

Hot, hot, hot!


bayridgefighter (4 platinum) 11 days ago

Oh yeah great hot erotic match man. I like to see you work over my contractor ex-boxer who got me in this squatters mess in Brooklyn.. if you don't I'm might go postal and do it myself.. love seeing you work over that job offer as much as I like to see you or go over my contractor ex-boxer with all the brutality you got in your muscles tame this little muscular boy arrogant manipulate but you'll have them under control and humiliate them


Magneto (5 platinum) 11 days ago

Man, great destruction! Love you planting his face onto that mat!


bassman (48 platinum) 11 days ago

great sweaty match


hellcatedy (37) 11 days ago

Hot seeing you plant that ass on his face! Great destruction!


musclechris80 (137 gold) 11 days ago

perfect pro style action!!!!!!!!!!