chub wins in strength test

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Uploaded on 6/02/2018 by boddyprett1

A superior show of strength from chub over boddyprett1

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Comments (10)

bigchicago (39) 7 days ago

Where was this filmed?


hewon (0 bronze) 17 days ago

The two fighters are sexy and beautiful...!!!!


readyforit (105 platinum) 17 days ago

Brilliant and hard fought test of strength. Had my money on boddiprett1. A real turn on. Loved it. Thanks guys fo sharing it with us


boddyprett1 (8 gold) 17 days ago

(In reply to this)

Thanks for the comment. I thought I'd win but his strength surprised me


readyforit (105 platinum) 16 days ago

(In reply to this)

Hope you get a rematch boddyprett1....and beat him this time💪💪👍


hewon (0 bronze) 19 days ago

A pitty that Chub wrestles masked. This should be called "the Challenge of two Handsome and Sexy Chuby Daddies"


boddyprett1 (8 gold) 19 days ago

Many thanks. Hope to do more soon


BamaJDon41 (0 gold) 20 days ago

What a great video. Would LOVE to see more like this


ArmFan (1 silver) 20 days ago

The winner will fight me


catchbear1 (25 platinum) 20 days ago

Like both Wrestlers come to Berlin !!