The Clash 2018

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Uploaded on 6/05/2018 by chicagopiledriver

Got a rear naked choke on this big stud but unfortunately not on camera. His legs are kicking hard to get out.

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Comments (12)

gures (27 ) 13 days ago

holy hot wrestling beef batman!!!


Tank (5 gold) 16 days ago

Yes ..a lot of hot older wrestlers ..
Wanted to add.. it drives me crazy when someone can give a video like this a thumbs down..are they jealous or crazy ..?
What could be better then a group of wrestlers ?
Wish i could see more asics wrestling shoes..but i think i got to watch this one again..really enjoyed it


bushchub (36) 17 days ago

I gotta go. All that rasslin beef.


Hardmatch (67 platinum) 17 days ago

Good action guys!


technics2 (21 gold) 17 days ago

I'm sorry I missed this year.


hookuppercut (13 bronze) 17 days ago

Good work. Never pays to give up the back to an opponent.


frenchprowrestler (132 gold) 17 days ago

Nice bunch of wrestlers !
Where can we find more videos of this event ?


piledrivinking (15) 17 days ago

should have piledrived em!


bearhuggin (4 bronze) 17 days ago

Kinda expected to see you flex after you got on top 😁


bayridgefighter (2 platinum) 14 days ago

(In reply to this)

Or maybe it jaculate over your defeated opponent


Alecmusc (9 platinum) 17 days ago

AWESOME! I wanna take you on!


GrappleViking (75 platinum) 17 days ago

Great vid! Hotness everywhere. 😍