Sparring di muay-thai senza gomitate

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Uploaded on 1/06/2018 by Nettuno86

Sparring di muay-thai senza gomitate con un compagno di corso classe A. Io attualmente sono un classe C.
Buona visione, fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate.

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Comments (2)

Nettuno86 (5 ) 1/07/2018 3:56 PM

Hello, my friend and thanks for the compliments and advices.
I'm happy that you enjoyed my video.
I hope that one day we will train together.
Take care, a big hug


ikf (30 support) 1/07/2018 5:27 AM

Impressive size legs, and look flexible too, I can see you easily kicking almost head height of your opponent; and good speed and agility in general. was nice to see.

However! You should learn proper kicking technique: rotate your hip into the kicks; raise your heel, just standing and pivoting on the ball of foot, and at the endpoint your heel should point nearly towards your opponent, toes pointing away.

Video illustration (also not perfect, but you can understand the concept); watch in slow motion ("playback speed" option under the settings icon):

This requires good strong and quick core muscles, but you already look to have good potential there, you may just need to focus on that by bodyweight core exercises and/or by working kicks on a big and heavy heavybag, where you can really put force into the kick.

A better video illistration of good powerful kicking technique from a much better athlete than me:

Watch how his hips and torso moves, how quickly he snaps his hips and legs into the kick while the torso seemingly remains in a constant position - he uses his core/torso muscles to quickly jerk his hips and legs into the kick using the momentum of his torso.