Ring match vs Liam 3

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Uploaded on 7/12/2018 by chub

Filmed on a hot sunny July afternoon at the Grove Park ring, I take on Liam in a fun match. It was hard to get around the ring as the floor was pretty slippery due to sweat but otherwise I had really worked hard on my selling and pro wrestling moves.

It features everyone's favourite holds like bearhugs and scissors but also a few ones that we tried out as well. Liam has put work into improving his own selling and has been trying a few additional moves like dropkicks, although he struggled to get around as quickly as normal due to the slippery surface.

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Comments (6)

hewon (0 bronze) 2 days ago

I dream of some day to see CHUB losing his mask during the match.


Peter69 (19) 2 days ago

(In reply to this)

Why dont you come over here and try to take it of him.


catchbear1 (25 platinum) 3 days ago

Great new Video


Peter69 (19) 3 days ago

These matches just get better and hot is hardly the word. Just an awesome performance.
Who is the dick that gave it the thumbs down. One sad person.


Alpha Beast (1 bronze) 3 days ago

Another hot and incredible video from you both. Great job! At first I think you had baby oil on ya and y’all were having a oil match lol but anyway really great match!! A++


chub (32) 3 days ago

(In reply to this)

It was a very hot day! We had rehearsed for an hour before making the video. We were both wet in sweat.