Rhodyraybo Wrestling with Pecs44 1/29/18

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Uploaded on 1/31/2018 by RhodyRaybo

Rhody and Pecs go at it again to see who is the submissive one!

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Comments (5)

Hardmatch (69 platinum) 2/01/2018 6:05 PM

Excellent battle, as always, between two friendly but fierce rivals.


Boots Hartman (4 platinum) 2/01/2018 5:09 PM

One of the things that comes across is the friendship. You're like a couple of sibling cubs rassling around.


RhodyRaybo (84 bronze) 2/02/2018 12:23 AM

(In reply to this)

Good analogy. He is a good friend.


Boots Hartman (4 platinum) 2/01/2018 5:01 PM

Good guys all around and good mat action.


RhodyRaybo (84 bronze) 2/01/2018 5:03 PM

(In reply to this)

Thank you. We have lots of fun on the mats when the camera is on and off