Headscissors on KDogg

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Uploaded on 8/05/2018 by NYCSqueeze

KDoggs struggle to free himself from my thighs ends in failure. Enjoy his 34 seconds of misery! This could be you for an hour, PM for scissor sessions!

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Comments (3)

goldawg76 (2 silver) 10/19/2018 12:04 PM

That could be ME being CRUSHED in your huge, powerful LEGS??? for an HOUR???? Sign me up!!!!!


InkedRican (16 gold) 8/11/2018 12:41 AM

Thanks for sharing this 34 seconds of crushing.
Your legs look thick, strong, and eager to crush
your smaller buddy. Awesome footage.


GAG16 (0 ) 8/05/2018 10:11 PM

Wow, but what force?
Your thighs are very powerful, it must be very difficult to support your power