Givin the big guy a squeeze

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Uploaded on 12/29/2017 by shortfireplug

Puttin the squeeze on this big muscle beast!

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Comments (8)

The Enigma (158) 7 days ago

I hope he shot


Alecmusc (8 platinum) 20 days ago

Would love to see you trying this squeeze with me.


PhoenixBigBear (12 platinum) 20 days ago

Great video guys! Two powerful bulls in a power bearhug. Let's see more.


Indomable (93) 20 days ago

incredible i want a vid with you short . . . .


hellcatedy (36) 21 days ago

Hot seeing two muscle dudes battling it out!


Boots Hartman (3 platinum) 22 days ago

Two great bulls chest to chest and enjoying each other's power. Bravo, ball-busters!


muscufort (22) 22 days ago

Strong man


craigtoronto (20) 22 days ago

lotsa power behind that squeeze!