GP with Libertine 2017 pt.2

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Uploaded on 2/07/2018 by Tristan98765

After some two on one action he grasped hold of the stair railing above his head and held on while I pounded away. He can take a lot. Love the sounds he makes when I punch him. If you're anywhere near Toronto you should meet up with him.

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Comments (7)

canonguy (26 ) 13 days ago

wow - another amazing clip! lucky kid!!!!


Bomber (20) 13 days ago

Freeman is a tough dude. Tristan seems like a real bully boy


Magneto (5 gold) 13 days ago

Awesome video! he can take a lot! hot too!


lustgp (4) 13 days ago

fantastic punchee!! :-]


PghBoxerBoy (14) 13 days ago

Awesome video. :-)


Grappler it (16) 13 days ago

Kids' game


commandertc (22) 14 days ago

I cant wait to do this to freeman when I get to Toronto feb 18 through the 24th.... I wont be so nice and I will break those abs.