Bikini boy Roberto

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Uploaded on 12/30/2017 by Roberto Ruiz

Un video mio, please like this video, la intención es desbloquear la opción de ver videos jeje, saludos a todos los jobbers

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Comments (6)

Phillip (34 gold) 18 hours ago

Roberto, Great video, not sure where you are. Phillip


scissornpinme69 (0 platinum) 17 days ago

Very nice; well done. Thank you for sharing.


LuchadorSFO (9 platinum) 20 days ago

Que bonito el muchachito. Pero puedas luchar?


PhoenixBigBear (12 platinum) 20 days ago

Roberto, you look terrific in your briefs! Let me know when you're in my area & we'll tangle up


Southcoast Guy (41 bronze) 22 days ago

Hot video really nice


Bill Parker (12 platinum) 22 days ago

Fantastic. Would love to crush you and make you submit in each one of those briefs...