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Musc Asian lad live in London. New to this site and wrestling. Hopefully can meet some masters can guide and teach me into it



  1. United Kingdom, Newtownbreda
    (I'm here between 4/29/2018 and 4/29/2024)
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Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

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alexxwrestler is recommended by yueyang8530

Alex joined Abs2000 and I for a very hot threeway match. He moves like an angry tiger, fast and fierce. His legs are so powerful and his scissors are deadly. Also a very nice guy with a great attitude. Highly recommend



yueyang8530 is recommended by abs2000

It was great to meet up with yueyang8530 we had an awesome match, him being my jobber, he took a good beating 😀👌 the we enjoyed a three way match with Alexxwrestler also which was hot!

He is a great guy and look forward to another match soon!



abs2000 is recommended by yueyang8530

What an awesome match I just had with abs2000! A perfect heel who knows how to dominate and respects limits. Also got me more into gut punching which is brilliant. Besides that abs2000 is a genuinely nice guy with a great personality. And later on Alexwrestler joined us half way and made the match even hotter. Can't wait to meet abs2000 again.

PS my abs are still so sore after his powerful punches but Im absolutely loving it ;)



yueyang8530 is recommended by ukwrestler

Tall and fit, he found his inner jobber when we wrestled, which made for a fun time :-)



ukwrestler is recommended by yueyang8530

Nice and genuine guy. Got some really tough professional moves and holds. Totally enjoyed it



yueyang8530 is recommended by SPWrestler

Met up last minute for a fun wrestle / spar. Nice guy loves muscle worship. Was able to have fun wrestle. If he can pick up some moves technique he'll be a great wrestler.



SPWrestler is recommended by yueyang8530

What a lovely guy. Very nice of him to host. Got a great body and good techniques. Knows how to satisfy a guy who loves muscle worship. Can't wait to be taught some moves by him ;)



yueyang8530 is recommended by Flexforme

A very nice guy and hospitable too. Really enjoyed meeting him and he we had a great time of muscle worship fun with exchanging of holds. Has a good body and excellent attitude.



Flexforme is recommended by yueyang8530

Very nice and genuine guy. Really appreciated that he travelled quite far to meet me. We had a great time worshiping each other's muscles and enjoyed some nice holds and some other nice fun. Can't wait for the next meet. Highly recommended



yueyang8530 is recommended by JayDhoni

Had a great match with Kenny. He travelled over to South London on time, and we had good communication beforehand.

During the session itself, he was 20+KG heavier than me, but that was no match for my strength, skill and stamina. He was my toy to play with - repeatedly being put into scissors, schoolboy pins and camel clutches to name a few. He couldn't get me into a single submission :)

Once he's got a bit more experienced, he'll be better able to use his muscle, height and weight, to perhaps get his own back at me.

Great experience and strongly recommended



JayDhoni is recommended by yueyang8530

Met Jay for a really good match. He managed to host at his place which was really nice of him. He is a very strong man with skills and tricks. Made me absolutely exhausted afterwards but totally enjoyed it. Very nice guy off the mat as well. Highly recommend