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like discreet sub to give n' take style, can get into some pro-fantasy.
fit, laid back guy here looking for the same.



  1. USA - Ohio, Columbus
    (I'm here from 10/30/2017)
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Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

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wrstl77 is recommended by wrestleguy123

Just got done with Wresl77. Had two bouts in a row with a little break in between. He totally blindsided me to start the match and got the upperhand pretty quickly. I was able to turn the tables some and get a few submissions out of him every now and then but those scissors of his are killer. I kicked out of his 3 count pin a couple of times but he kept pulling me up and dropping me back to the ground. After the 3rd 3-count with his bulge pressing into my mouth, i was spent and unable to kick out and he was rewarded for his victory. While the first match had us going at it in singlets, the second match was in speedos. a ball claw turned the match in my favor as i went for 6 submissions in a row for a win. i got up to 5 before he broke out of my hold and ultimately took over and made me his jobber boy. An incredibly hot finish sealed his victory :)
He was a great opponent and would definitely recommend him and hope our paths cross again soon!



wrstl77 is recommended by Mason314

Had an fun workout with wrstl77. Super nice guy but a definite force on the mat! I'll call the match a draw...we'll see what he says! Pics don't do wrstl77 justice...handsome guy! Helped coach me on some escapes and some pro moves...highly recommend this stud if you get to Columbus! Definitely looking forward to our next match!



Mason314 is recommended by wrstl77

Definite meet up. Off the mats, funny, engaging, and all around good guy. On the mats, he's a beast - watch his legs and don't let him get his arms around you. Respectful guy and always a good match!



wrstl77 is recommended by mason brooks

A very intense, very enjoyable back-and-forth match. Even though he was holding back, I could tell how strong and skilled he was, and knew if I let my guard down for a second he would take full advantage and I would find myself pinned—not that I minded the view. Also a very nice guy to hang out with. I highly recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance.



mason brooks is recommended by wrstl77

The dude’s a beast with arms and scissors to boot! But couldn’t be a more gracious host and friendlier guy off the mats. Highly recommend.



wrstl77 is recommended by joewrestler

Had an awesome time with this guy! Would love to have him as a regular wrestling bud. Easy going, fun, strong with killer legs — those legs got me a few times. We had an effortless back and forth/give and take matchup with pinning, punishing holds and a few pro moves. He sure can take some punishment, but he will deliver on that punishment twice over and longer. For every 1 hold/sub I got on him, he got me in 4. Can’t wait for a rematch :)



joewrestler is recommended by wrstl77

Can’t meet a nicer guy off the mat or tougher guy on the mat. Great guy and a definite highly recommend should you find yourself in D.C. look forward to a rematch!



wrstl77 is recommended by wrestl2win

Wrstl77 is a great guy to lock up with. He's got some skill and muscle to go with it. Worth making the time for if you're in his area. Nice guy off the mats too.



wrstl77 is recommended by CJ1966

Was one of my regular opponents when Inn cbus. Overall great guy and skilled wrestler. Wish i could say I beat him regularly, but he usually schooled me each and every match. Wish I could wrestle him every week. Def recommend wrestling him if you get a chance.



wrstl77 is recommended by Clt79

Wrstl77 is strong, savvy both on and off the mats, and one of the nicest guys to make me submit that many times in less than an hour. He was an awesome guy for accommodating a last minute trip to Columbus with a less experienced guy and clearly enjoyed a variety of holds and domination. Looking forward to a rematch!