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Healthy good guy - like the sport of wrestling for workouts and experience. basic skills of folkstyle, have had a few years of on/off training. Like to learn - swap holds - work up a sweat grappling. Prefer guys of similar stats but open to all with respect to height/weight.
I have 8x8 mats can host. Posted a new story 10/20/16 on my blog, physical Therapy ( my wishful thinking) ! enjoy.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Folkstyle
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship


  1. USA - California, Glendale
  2. USA - California, Cayucos (I'm here between 2/20/2018 and 2/22/2018)
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Age: 58-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

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wrestleuinla is recommended by Zwrestle1

Met up with wrestleuinla on a quick visit to Burbank. Was a great host, and all around great guy. Experienced (and strong) wrestler who did take the time to show me how to execute some moves. If you're competitive, he can match you, but he also is a great guy to meet up with if you have less experience. He's the type of guy that just wants to make sure we both had a great time no matter experience level. Highly recommend.



Zwrestle1 is recommended by wrestleuinla

Good timing allowed me to meet up and wrestle this great guy . We had a great time trading holds , powering our way through holds we put each other in . This guys got some powerful legs , I feel sorry future opponents as he learns better ways to use them . Highly recommend a wrestle with this guy if you get the chance .



wrestleuinla is recommended by wrestling in LA

Great guy and fun competitor in the mats. Would wrestle him regularly if possible



wrestleuinla is recommended by norcalgrappler

Nice guy once he got over being intimidated by my appearance haha.Had a good time and would wrestle again.



norcalgrappler is recommended by wrestleuinla

strong tough wrestler, had to wrestle in a small space but we made the best of it. Great exchange of holds, he's a great guy, and hydraulically strong. Looking forward to future rounds !



MacSlay is recommended by wrestleuinla

Got to wrestle this fit , wrestler again on June 27th,2015. Great guy, great shape, great skills and gives ya one heck of a workout..... Always a great wrestle !



viper is recommended by wrestleuinla

wrestled this guy one time , his skill is over the top, fit , strong, awesome guy. despite his advantage he toned it down to allow a great workout. Good guy , on/off the mats . good luck. Ck your ego at the door ! :)



NorthSideChicago is recommended by wrestleuinla

wrestled this stud, several years ago, was skilled and strong, had a great competitive match. Get a chance to tangle with him, i highly recommend getting on the mats with him. Honorable guy on and off the mats !



wrestleuinla is recommended by guysports

Have been trying to meet for ages and finally got the chance. Just a all around great guy. Do not let his age fool you.. not only does he look amazing, but is a great wrestle too. Stand up guy. If you ever get the chance to meet him, don't pass it up. Definitely look forward to a rematch.



guysports is recommended by wrestleuinla

After months of chatting we finally got to meet and wrestle , great guy , fun to wrestle . We didn't get to use my mats but made the best of the space we had . Good exchange of holds , muscle and sweat . If you get the chance get some wrestle with this guy .



wrestleuinla is recommended by builtbod

this guy is top shelf....made me work real hard for a pin....and I loved every minute of it...if he were closer...I would wrestle him daily....don't pass him up if he is in your area or if you are in LA.....rematch anytime



builtbod is recommended by wrestleuinla

this guy is amazingly fit and a good strong solid wrestler. Nice guy on and off the mat. lots of fun. Highly recommend hitting him up for a wrestle if you get the chance



wrestleuinla is recommended by Luvthemats

Be sure to check this dude out if you're into freestyle. Tough guy/nice guy, serious about wrestling and has the mats to prove it.



Luvthemats is recommended by wrestleuinla

Finally got the chance to meet this talented grappler. He totally dominated the wrestle, but was awesome about teaching and working out some holds on the mats. We wrestled for well over 2 hours , highly recommend tangling with this guy if you get the chance .



Timgrappler is recommended by wrestleuinla

If you get a chance to wrestle this guy do it ! He's fun and tough to tangle with !



wrestleuinla is recommended by Rough Edge

Dans a great guy to wrestle , knows his freestyle !



Rough Edge is recommended by wrestleuinla

great guy - fun and challenging to wrestle