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Friendly guy 54 5.10 160lbs 44ch 34w into competitive submission wrestling. I wrestle in trunks and straight but prefer naked bouts that are competitive with an erotic edge. I travel around the country to wrestle guys and have built up some wrestling experience over the years. I wrestle all types of guys but my favourite opponents are Chinese,Japanese, Thai or Asian in naked competitive hot bouts. Im free to travel and fight most weekdays but can also accom in the Birmingham area to fight guys.



  1. United Kingdom, Abbots Bromley
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: naked or speedos

Submission Submission

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Adam_J Bham87 Fantasyfighter420 nottsguy


wrestletowin is recommended by Bham87

Paul (wrestletowin) is a tough competitor. Strong and very skilled on the mats and a good guy off the mats. Don't miss a chance to take him on.



Bham87 is recommended by wrestletowin

I fought this young guy on the 21st July 2017 and boy what a fight it was. When we first met he was very polite and when he took his clothes off wow what a great body. He does MMA and other stuff. We wrestled in trunks and he was an aggressive fighter who was determined to win, The air was heavy with testosterone as we applied painful holds on one another whilst at the same time grinding nobs and pulling nipples, etc. It was a horny aggressive bout and was a very close match. He is a nice guy and when fighting goes all out to win which is good. He is skilled at wrestling and handles himself well in the bout. I can only say guys do not miss fighting this guy in a competitive subs bout straight or horny you will not be disappointed and will come back for more.



wrestletowin is recommended by nottsguy

Genuine guy that turned up as arranged. I enjoyed our time together but was totally out classed. Safe and sane though and respects limits. This man is way, way stronger than he looks. Great guy to talk to and very knowledgeable too.



nottsguy is recommended by wrestletowin

I had a submissions bout with Nottsguy yesterday which I really enjoyed. He is yet to develop his skills and knowledge of holds,etc, but I think once has has grasped this and had some bouts he will be a good fighter with guys his own stats. I found him a very nice guy to talk to before and after the bout I would like to point out that he has his own private matroom which is an excellent facility which he is prepared to rent out to other guys for private or group bouts. Since the demise of the mat room in Notts run by Den and his friend in Nottingham there has been a sad lack of facilities for guys who wrestle, This should help make up for the loss of facilities.



wrestletowin is not recommended by jakwrestler

  • Unreliable / no show



wrestletowin is recommended by Fantasyfighter420

Great evening spent with wrestletowin, comp match where I gained a good few submissions. He didn't make it easy tho! Great company and great conversation. If you like your matches competitive with an erotic edge, he's your guy. ☺



Fantasyfighter420 is recommended by wrestletowin

I had the opportunity to wrestle Fantasyfighter420 recently and I would like to say what a nice guy he is . He turned up on time and we had a good chat then we stripped off and wrestled. It was immediately apparent that he was stronger, fitter and better technically trained than me as he wiped the floor with me. However I really enjoyed the challenge even though I was not up to it. I would suggest that guys his build and weight who are strong and technically good at wrestling take him on it will be a challenge for you well worth it you will enjoy. For other guys not so strong, not technically skilled and with limited stamina dont even think about wrestling him youll be wasted like me unless you like that kind of thing. I can whole heartedly recommend him. By the way did I mention his extremely sexy muscular body enough said.