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Im a well experienced wrestler who is looking for matches to pit my skills against other men. I am 6'0 and 181 lbs lean muscular build. I have lots of gear and attire, speedos,singlets, boots,masks. I also like to wrestle nude.I love wrestling....the competition, body to body contact.I will do competitive,semi-competitive styles.Pain, punishment, getting sweaty and sore is totally fine with me. I like it when a match gets somewhat rough. Guys I am ready for challenges and matches!!!!



  1. USA - Indiana, fort wayne
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I am willing to travel 150 miles


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 181 lbs (82 kg)

Gear: speedos,singlelets,boots,masks,nude

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wrestlestowin is recommended by ac64

Got to meet this fireball at a meet in Noblesville, IN. A great guy on and off the mats. He never gave up even though I out weighed him by 30+ lbs!! Knows his moves, and a gentleman through and through. If you want a great submission match, I highly recommend wrestletowin, and you better be up on your cardio too.



wrestlestowin is recommended by nu2rasln

Wrestletowin was one of my toughest opponent to date. He is in great shape the typical thinking grappler with awesome jiu jitsu skills. We met at a wrestling event held in Noblesville Indiana. This guy knew what he wanted to do in the match. I enjoyed taking him on very much and hope to take him on again soon. Very highly recommended.



wrestlestowin is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Strong and persistent guy. Great personality. Intense match. Highly recommend



wrestlestowin is recommended by Matjock

Mark and I went at it for three plus long, hot, sweaty and very intense hours. This gus definitely likes going at it hard and can take a lot of punishment. He also can dish it out just as hard. If you want to wrestle someone who is skilled, can go on for hours and hours and will always be challenging you, then you need to get hold of this guy. He is not only an absolute blast to wrestle but a great guy off the mats. Definitely looking forward to battling it out with him again.



Matjock is recommended by wrestlestowin

Had my first meeting and match with vince a couple weeks ago (sorry for just now getting to it). Simply put it was awesome. Tough, hotly contested and most of all fun and enjoyable. Vince was great to take on, we battled for hours. I look forward to going at with him again and I recommend him to anyone looking to set up a match with him.



wrestlestowin is recommended by miznew201

Had a blast in the ring with is guy! We went solid pro and I ended up jobbing... A lot. Slam after slam this guy got me good. Has a mean Boston crab too. Had stakes and bets too, so message me and I'll tell ya about that part. But let's say I kissed his ass a few times...

Overall very reliable and has access to a great set up with a ring and all. Good strong guy here. Make sure to meet him if you can!



miznew201 is recommended by wrestlestowin

Had the opportunity to take on miznew a couple weeks ago in a ring. He showed up on time and was ready to go. We wrestled 3 long matches. A good competitor. Hes worth contacting for a match. The first match i dominated, he won one fall in the second match but i won the second match as a whole, then again dominated in our 3rd match



wrestlestowin is recommended by man of 10000 holds

It is always great to meet a guy who loves wrestling as much as I do. Our time together was very enjoyable, because he is everything you look for; he has "the look" of a wrestler (incredible gear), the mind of a polished wrestler and, despite wanting a coach, he has the moves of a wrestler. There is no better feeling than when it all clicks. We will meet again (and again).



wrestlestowin is recommended by Leanmuscle

Mark is a very skillful wrestler. One of the best I have gone up against. But he can moderate his style so that all can have an enjoyable time.



wrestlestowin is recommended by submit2me

Great fun with him. Strong and aggressive.