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Up for some play wrestling or competitive wrestling...for submissions or pins...nothing too serious.



  1. Germany, Braunschweig, Brunswick, Frankfurt
  2. China, Shenyang
    (I'm here between 1/20/2019 and 1/23/2019)
  3. Serbia, Belgrad
    (I'm here between 1/31/2019 and 1/31/2019)
  4. South Korea, Seoul
    (I'm here between 2/04/2019 and 2/08/2019)
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (179 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Gear: singlets, shorts, speedos,

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Sumo Sumo
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Start of membership: 6/16/2009 5:44 PM




wrestler2000 is recommended by Kevin

I had a great meeting with this strong and playful man. I really enjoyed my match with him and he is that one hot wrestler who I would love to recommend to anyone and have fun with again. Very nice person on and off the mat!



Kevin is recommended by wrestler2000

Naughtybutnice and I met for a match in Bangkok. Communication was easy and he showed up as agreed. Due to the weight difference we had to have a rather playful match and he showed me about the "naughty" in his nickname. After the match he showed us his "nice" side introducing us to some interesting places in Bangkok.
Recommended to everyone.



wrestler2000 is recommended by sharkffm

Nach einigen Chats hat unser Treffen dann recht spontan und absolut zuverlässig geklappt. Wrestler2000 ist ein klasse Typ und starker Ringer. Auch wenn wir nicht viel Platz hatten, konnten wir ordentlich raufen. Er hat neben Kraft auch reichlich Technik zu bieten. Wir sind gut ins Schwitzen gekommen. Es hat tierisch Spaß gemacht.

Jederzeit gerne wieder!



sharkffm is recommended by wrestler2000

Reliable guy.... we met on very short notice.
Uncomplicated communication.
Very strong, he is especially good with head scissors or head locks.



wrestler2000 is recommended by aquila

@wrestler2000 is one of the first guys who welcomed me on this site when I created my profile. Year and a half latter he was visiting Sofia and we had the opportunity to meet in live and wrestle.

It was a nice surprise for me, that I was able to dominate him. (We will arrange another wrestling meet to check if this was only accidental win for me). After the wrestling we had a good, relaxed conversation. Great guy!



aquila is recommended by wrestler2000

Aquila is acting straight forward and he is reliable. It took a few messages only to set up a match. And what a match!
Although he is a light weight only he is strong as hell and he does not let pass any opportunity to make his opponent suffer.
It was a big surprise being completely demolished by this tough and mean little scrapper.
Handsome, smart and friendly guy, recommended to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by Belgianjudoka

I had a nice meeting with this guy. Although i intended to behave and be the jobber i could not restrain myself and had to take over the control in the end :-). Thanks for the hot match!



Belgianjudoka is recommended by wrestler2000

Judofootfetish is a very strong guy with above average grappling skills..
Nevertheless he kept the match friendly and safe all the time.
He is able to adjust to any style of fighting in order to keep it fun for both fighters.
Recommended to everybody.



deathdeal18 is not recommended by wrestler2000

  • Unreliable / no show



wrestler2000 is recommended by namazsk

So here's another one of those great wrestling-loving Germans. Handsome, strong, reliable and overall very easy to be around. I had a really great time rolling with R who's respectful and adjusts well. Moreover our match was the kind I enjoy; intense yet teasingly fun from the get-go with some breaks in between for friendly chatting. I'd definitely meet him again and would recommend him to anyone.



namazsk is recommended by wrestler2000

Namazsk is easy to communicate and absolutely reliable. Wrestling him is absolute fun. Just on the edge between competitive and recreational.
Add to this that he is an interesting guy with a nice toned body! We will definitely meet again! Recommended to everybody.



rayon129 is recommended by wrestler2000

Reliable and safe wrestling guy. Makes up his lack of English by putting up a nice match. Recommended to everybody!



wrestler2000 is recommended by sportmuscumili

une mec fiable, un combattant aguerri, à rencontrer sans hésitation!



sportmuscumili is recommended by wrestler2000

Muscular guy, easy to communicate and reliable.
Meet him and wrestle him!



scissorsmaster is not recommended by wrestler2000

  • Fake profile



wrestler2000 is recommended by Blarger

He is an excellent guy to wrestle with. Easy to plan a match and fun to roll around with. I am looking forward to wrestling with him the next time he is in town.



Blarger is recommended by wrestler2000

Communication with Blarger was quite easy and straight forward.
Wrestling him was much less easier!
He is a tough little guy who takes advantage of every weakness he discovers and you should never be self assure just because he is smaller......
I think he is a guy full of surprises and absolutely recomendable!



wrestler2000 is recommended by tapout

wrestler20:00 - okay his tapouts were a little bit more than 20 ;-) He is in the flying business and enjoyed my flying sweepers. Nice Saturday morning play ;-)



tapout is recommended by wrestler2000

Very well trained BJJ player and probably the
main attraction in Manila:-)!
Much too strong for me, but kept it safe and sane
all the time.



wrestler2000 is recommended by b20082008boris

It was a very good match. We had changing luck. It was a possibility for me to learn many new holds and wrestling principles.
A very nice person. And one more plus is that he is travelling very often!



b20082008boris is recommended by wrestler2000

This guy is very enthusiastic about wrestling and he makes up his deficits in technique by speed and endurance.
We had a nice and safe match with several submissions on both sides and I even learned some latvian in order to get out of one of his holds: Es padodos!:-).
Additionally he is reliable and his communication is straight forward. Three mails were enough to set up a match.
I recommend him to everybody travelling to Latvia!



wrestler2000 is recommended by ianparker09

wrestler 20000 is a great wrestler to wrestle he is reliable person he won't let down he put up a good fight i would recommend him to anyone who want a match



ianparker09 is recommended by wrestler2000

ianparker09 is a very strong wrestler with thick biceps!. Knows a lot of holds.
His pro wrestling background makes him a real challenge, but he keeps it safe and sane.
He is very reliable and shows up as agreed (even 15 minutes earlier :-))



razorfish is recommended by wrestler2000

Razorfish is a very easy going and relaxed guy.
Communication with him is straight forward and uncomplicated.
He showed up at the agreed time and location and is absolutely reliable and trustworthy.
Wrestling with him is tough, but safe. And he makes sure that it is fun all the times.
One of the finest wrestlers you can find on this site.
Recommended to everybody.



fedeboy is recommended by wrestler2000

Fedeboy is a reliable person, shows up as agreed.
He puts up a tough fight and has a great fight body.
Very friendly and polite guy off the mats.
Hope to have rematch and recommend him to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by ImtiazAli

wrestler2000 got in touch last month, that he was wanting to wrestle, and I cannot say enough - how much I am glad, that I got to.

We met around 2 pm outside a Manchester hotel, on Sunday 9th February 2014. A strong build and a playful man. Equipped with skills of Olympic/Greco-Roman wrestling and submission wrestling. We did some submission wrestling with general dirty moves - arm wrestling too! That finished about 5:30 pm and from there we headed to dinner. I felt very safe at all times. He is generally a nice guy off the mats, and on the mats, he is a friendly and cheeky wrestler. I cannot think of any reasons not to wrestle him. Thank you very much for a good afternoon - recommended.



wrestler2000 is recommended by ATONMAN

28-01-2014 Wrestler2000 and I fought for almost 3 hours with determination and will to win. A pleasant and abundant sweat that I hope will repeat soon despite a discreet distance separates us. Wrestler2000 is also a very pleasant person with whom to talk to.
Wrestlers challenge him!



ATONMAN is recommended by wrestler2000

Strong man and good wrestler who gave me a very hard (and very wet :-)) time on the mats. Very good organizer, too.
When I arrived at Turin everything was perfectly planned for an afternoon full of wrestling. Reliable, friendly, strong!
Recommended to everybody!



wrestler2000 is recommended by battlefox

Nice guy to meet. He really brought much varation into the wrestling match. He has very steady stances and it is very hard to get him of balance. Very kind offside the matt too.



battlefox is recommended by wrestler2000

Battlefox is a strong young wrestler with incredibly strong arms and neck.
His technical base is still not fully developped what gave me the opportunity
to take some rounds from him. I guess that will become more difficult in the future...
He is reliable and shows up as agreed and is friendly and fun all the time.



wrestler2000 is recommended by Jobber1985

Friendly, fun and reliable guy. Quite skilled, knows some great holds and how to apply them properly.

Not afraid to teach a little either - so: happily recommended!



Jobber1985 is recommended by wrestler2000

Strong wrestler with a toned fight body.
With a bit more experience he could become a serious challenger some day...:-)!
Fun, safe and reliable. Recommended to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by Alan2005sg

Fought with wrestler2000 third time on 24/11/12. He has improved a lot & I don't have any chance.
Fought him three times & all were were impressive matches.
Hope to wrestle with him again & again.
Fit & Strong. He is a nice and reliable friendly man. Good stamina, never feel tired even after fighting for an hour with many rounds. Skillful & locked me many rounds. I wish I can be as skillful as him. Although I have made him submitted, he made me submitted even more.
Highly recommend wrestling with this guy if he visits your city. You won't regret.



Alan2005sg is recommended by wrestler2000

Strong leightweight with a toned fight body. He is not very experienced, but sure to be fun on the mats. His enthusiasm and his open and friendly mind make it a very pleasant experience to wrestle him.



wrestler2000 is recommended by ladron fr

Notre deuxième rencontre m'a permis de me rendre compte que Wrestler2000 a évolué. J'étais parvenu à maitriser le garçon lors de ma première rencontre, mais cette fois, il m'a fait voir le tapis de près ...



ladron fr is recommended by wrestler2000

La première fois, c'était lui qui dominait. ....mais je l'ai eu cette fois..
Ladron est toujours un adversaire agréable et décontracté.
Allez-y lutter avec lui!



wrestler2000 is recommended by pouochh

Dear Wrestler2000, Thank you so much for a great great time on and off the mattress (super king size ;))
This tough pinner laid my shoulders to the ground time after time, and his resilience and willingness to roll around submission style, which is not his preference, was as admirable as it was FUN FUN FUN!



pouochh is recommended by wrestler2000

pouochh is the living proof that competition is fun and fun is competition. As I am much heavier than he is, he was easy prey in freestyle for me, but in submission he turned the tables and made good use of his BJJ skills. Wrestling a cuttlefish is probably easier...but not as much fun.
Pouochh is a good and determined grappler, but also a reliable, friendly and intelligent companion off the mats.
I recommend this great guy to everybody.
And even more after our rematch in july2012!! As nice as before but more technically dangerous...



wrestler2000 is recommended by Noby

wrestler2000 ist ein netter sympathischer Ringer mit dem ich gerne meine Kräfte gemessen habe. Es hat Spass gemacht und war nie brutal, also empfehlenswert für alle.



Noby is recommended by wrestler2000

This guy is safe to wrestle and keeps it fun all the time.
Shows up at the agreed time and even has some more muscles than on his pic. Recommended!
Zuverlässiger und entspannter Typ. Empfohlen für alle.



rock20087 is not recommended by wrestler2000

  • Unreliable / no show



wrestler2000 is recommended by boxermad

A very nice man. It has been a pleasure to fight with him and I hope to do it again soon. Totally recommendable



boxermad is recommended by wrestler2000

He is a very skilled and strong guy with a solid fight body. Unbeatable for me, but he adjusted to my level and we had a great fun time. He always keeps it safe and he is a very friendly and reliable person.
I would like to have a rematch with him and recommend him to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by retserof

Nice, good looking guy. Very hospitable, despite it was him who was visiting my city. LOL

Very strong and experienced too. I can barely catch up!



retserof is recommended by wrestler2000

This guy is eager to win and get you
in his sleeper hold. A brief look at his
muscled arms lets you know why you
should avoid that ...:-).
Great sculptured fight body and friendly
I would give him a rematch at any time and
recommend him to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by daniellibra1986

A nice and polite guy, I enjoy the session with him as well, it just sadly we don't have much time to meet, but defo will a guy that worth for meet



daniellibra1986 is recommended by wrestler2000

Reliable young fighter with some BJJ skills. He makes sure the fight is fun all the time and he is a good sports. Definitely recommended.



wrestler2000 is recommended by matt nbg

danke für einen guten Kampf... wenn ich nicht so müde gewesen wäre hätte er sicher deutlich länger gedauert :-) gerne wieder und länger wenn du nochmals nach Nürnberg kommst.



matt nbg is recommended by wrestler2000

Reliable guy, showed up as agreed and put up a tough fight.
He'll certainly get an opportunity for a rematch.



wrestler2000 is recommended by grapplemedown

Competitive and safe to wrestle with.
Got in some good rounds and really worked up a sweat.
He's a good guy and I'd definitely recommend him for a good workout.



grapplemedown is recommended by wrestler2000

Very cool wrestler who has quite a bag of submission techniques available.
Though I am stronger than he, he always finds a way to make me submit.
It is impressive how focussed and controlled he is in a fight.
Also a reliable, educated and friendly guy off the mats.
Just not to be missed out if he comes your way.



wrestler2000 is recommended by fighter1977

it was a nice and exhausting wrestling fight. the next time we will have a longer fight ;-) he is recommendable for everyone



fighter1977 is recommended by wrestler2000

I had a very pleasant wrestling experience.
He showed up at the agreed time and put up
a tough fight. He is a good and quick BJJ player
with a great fight body, always acting safe and responsible.
Sympathischer, guter Ringer. Empfohlen für



wrestler2000 is recommended by midblue

great guy,on and off matz! hard and tough wrestling but a gentleman and good comrade off them...and yes,rematch this summer at Tavira,mate,loser eats squids :))



midblue is recommended by wrestler2000

Very friendly man and wonderful host.
He dedicated a lot of time to me when I was in Portugal and made sure I had a fun time.
We had to stop our match after 3 rounds due to an old injury, but I hope for a rematch next summer in Tavira to finally find out who is the better wrestler.



wrestler2000 is recommended by lusowrestler

I was fortunate enough to wrestle this guy twice during his brief stay in Lisbon. He might not be the strongest wrestler around, but he has heart, he doesn't give up without putting up a fight, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Focused, agile, great stamina.
Great guy to chat with, go out for a drink or a meal afterwards. Very nice and comunicative.
If te challenges you, do yourself a favor and accept! I just hope he comes back to Portugal for a few rematches.



lusowrestler is recommended by wrestler2000

Lusowrestler is a quite strong wrestler with some BJJ training and
although he is too strong for me, I would try again and again to get a submission from him:-).
Very reliable guy who shows up at the agreed minute and he also is a nice buddy after the combat.



Lederringer is recommended by wrestler2000

Freundlicher und starker Ringer mit großem Technikrepertoire.
Es macht immer viel Spaß mit ihm zu ringen, und wenn man ihn lange genug mürbe macht zeigt er auch mal erste Schwächen....:-).
Micha ist sicher und zuverlässig.
Recommended for everybody.
Safe and reliable man with good strength and technique.



wrestler2000 is recommended by Riviera Wrestle

A gentleman outside the fight and a tough and strong wrestler during the fight ! And good fun too.

Not to be missed if he's in your area.



Riviera Wrestle is recommended by wrestler2000

I had the pleasure to have two matches with this small but tough wrestler.
He is absolutely reliable, shows up at the agreed time and puts up a good fight.
Sweaty action and fun guaranteed as he also has a great sense of humor.



wrestler2000 is recommended by GrapplingHB

wrestler2000 is a nice guy and a strong wrestler. He doesn`t like to give up and he fights hard to win, highly recommended



GrapplingHB is recommended by wrestler2000

Very strong for his size and very technical fighter. Nice guy off the mats. Recommended to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by unicorn

This great guy is a very good wrestler, strong like hell, tenacious, with great movements.He is a great guy as well, with nice homour.So, please, wrestle him because u will get a very great, strong , passionate wrestler.He is a great soul to.I live a little bit far from him, but i will try to do a rematch with him.Ajanlom ezt a szuper birkozot mindenkinek, aki el tudja ot erni.Nagyon nagy elmeny.



unicorn is recommended by wrestler2000

Unfortunately this nice guy lives a bit off the beaten track.
But once you get there it is worth the trip. He is quick as a lightning and has very good wrestling instincts and makes you work really hard for every pin or submision...if you get it at all.
He is not only a tenacious wrestler, but a nice, friendly and unpretentious guy as well.
Ajánlom ezt a remek srácot minden birkózó vágyónak.



wrestler2000 is recommended by JUDOMARS

wrestler2000 is great guy, strong, and with very strong legs... debutant, but he doesnt like to loose, which is very good point for him. Mind of real wrestler.



JUDOMARS is recommended by wrestler2000

JUDOMARS is just the prototype of a wrestler.....aggressive, technical, strong with a real wrestler's body. But he also is a nice and responsable guy and plays safe and sane.
Try to beat him!



wrestler2000 is recommended by adiboy

This guy is a real tough submission wrestler. He is very skilled and strong. He's reliable and a very nice person.
We will meet again for a fight.



adiboy is recommended by wrestler2000

He is a nice and funloving person, but on the mats he is tough and serious about wrestling. Skilled and very competitive wrestler. I'll fight him again and recommend him to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by cyberwrestler21

Reliable and experienced wrestler. Real fun to wrestle. Tough man and knows many moves. Taught me some new cool holds. Really competitive on the mat, but so sweet off it. Highly recommended.



cyberwrestler21 is recommended by wrestler2000

Reliable and intelligent young man who is not afraid to challenge bigger and taller guys.:)



wrestler2000 is recommended by wrestle570

Nice and reliable friendly man and good wrestler as well. My recommendation for a good fight with lots of rounds. Worth the time to meet him.



wrestle570 is recommended by wrestler2000

Wrestle570 is probably the strongest wrestler I ever met. He is quick and technically skilled in submission wrestling. If you are looking for a serious challenge he is the man.
Nice and friendly guy off the mats.



wrestler2000 is recommended by Jarda

I am happy that I have met wrestler2000 and have had a great work out. He is a very fit, strong and hardy wrestler. He is a very friendly and nice man as well.



Jarda is recommended by wrestler2000

Jarda gave me a hard time on the mats in Prague. He is a really strong wrestler, quick, flexible and skilled and determined to win. That was a great wrestling session!
Once the battle is over he is a friendly and calm man and a trustworthy person.



wrestler2000 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Recommended, fun submission wrestler, a good match. I hope I'll be in as decent shape as he is when I'm his age!

Thanks for the match!



FighterGuyy is recommended by wrestler2000

I had the opportunity to have a match with Sile.
He is a very well trained wrestler with quick reactions and a strong body.
But he also always plays very safe and considerate and is a friendly guy.



wrestler2000 is recommended by yosi

he is a reliable and relaxed person and it was fun all the time if he comes your way you wont be disappointed challenge him . I highly recommend to challenge him



wrestler2000 is recommended by yim

He is a tough and fun opponent I hope to meet him again and if he comes your way you wont be disappointed challenge him I know I would again



yim is recommended by wrestler2000

Tough opponent and experienced wrestler, the perfect combination of fight and fun.
Very masculine guy with a friendly attitude.
He is absolutely reliable and a "must" if you go to Oregon.



wrestler2000 is recommended by g6fighter

really great fightbody, very fit, great and strong fighter for longtime wrestling - hope we can wrestle sometimes again