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Self taught wrestler and professionally trained boxer with years of experience on the mats. Looking to meet SERIOUS opponents for wrestling or box/spar matches/sessions. Prefer fast paced Brit Pro style wrestling but happy to adjust styles and wrestle to your level. Have plenty of PRO/COLLEGIATE/BOXING gear so happy to hook you up if you dont. I have proper wrestling mats and boxing gym in my garage and can easily host. Also travel frequently interstate so always looking for matches when travelling. I do prefer competitive bouts but limits are respected the main thing is both have fun. Only after the sporting/fitness sides of the sport so NOT AFTER SEX..



  1. Australia, gold coast
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  2. Australia, Sydney
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I am willing to travel 5000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 203 lbs (92 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Pro Gear

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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wrestlemask is recommended by albeck

Wrestlemask came down to Sydney just to wrestle with me while I'm on holiday. A worthy opponent with good stamina strength and moves. Easy to organise a match.



albeck is recommended by wrestlemask

Had the pleasure of meeting this awesome wrestler while I was traveling for work. So glad we met! This guy is already a strong wrestler, fun, great upper body and lower body strength/power. We were competitive enough to keep us moving and sweating and trying to figure each other out, with the right amount of back and forth to work each over in a ton of punishing holds. Great guy off the mats as well, already looking forward to a rematch!



wrestlemask is recommended by Takemeon

When I agreed to meet Wrestlemask I knew I was going to be out of my depth. He was pysically a lot bigger than me, and also had a tonne of experience which I did not. However, I also knew it was going to be a great learning opportunity, which it was. Dispite our physical differences he was careful not to hurt me and was kind enough to through and explain some wrestling manoeuvres. He also brought his own mats which made a huge difference. This guy really knows his stuff, particularly in pro, and I recommend him to any one regardless of experience, you will have a great match.



wrestlemask is recommended by celtwrestle

The dude is an aficionado of the old Brit-pro style, but when we hit the mats any notion of script, give and take or promission was set aside in favour of a good scrap based on submission wrestling. We wore the trunks, knee pads and high-laced boots of ring wrestling but we grappled competitively on a hot Queensland afternoon.
Good bloke to make arrangements with and superb gym and fight mats.
One of the best scraps I've had this year. Mask blamed the sweat and a tough work day. Fair enough: I had a weight advantage and I needed to use that against this guy.
He gained two submissions with it going 1-1, 2-1for the Aussie before the Celt dug deep to make it 4-2. I was the last man standing.

Rematch: May 25, 2017
Superb second bout against a superb opponent. This time more scripted give and take which I needed as still in recovery from an injury.
Instead of being locked together grinding submissions out of each other, we went for the heel v heel back and fro. And bloody great it was too.
Would've loved more time to do plenty more moves on him while also taking the heel punishment from him.
The dude is touring England sometime- I hope some of you lot can handle it. This is the art of underground Brit-pro style but he can mete out (the more boring) submission stuff too.
Wrestlemask is a Brit pro-style warrior but I'm up for revenge

ROUND 3, May 31 2018
Went up against this scholar of Brit pro for the third time. Another good battle, but just as importantly- a fine workout. I gave away 5 or 6 submissions as it was simply superb to experience his moves.



celtwrestle is recommended by wrestlemask

Had a great match with this guy. Was good fun to gear up and hit the mats. Good strong wrestler with excellent skills would highly recommend if you get the chance for a match!



wrestlemask is recommended by jobberasian

I'm so glad my first meet was with wrestlemask! He was very patient with setting up the meet with me. Super safe and very friendly to beginners, teaching me various holds. He is super strong, I could not submit him many times even when he was letting me haha. I loved being submitted by him many times too. Would jump at the chance for another match. Also he is very handsome too hehe.



jobberasian is recommended by wrestlemask

Jobber Asian is a great jobber not as technical with his holds yet but very eager and willing to learn.. He can take quite a bit of punishment so if your looking for a jobber for a fun work over hit him up!



wrestlemask is recommended by Spirited

Wrestlemask is a genuinely all around nice guy who will show you the ropes whilst having some good skills and knowledge behind him. I felt completely comfortable and we chatted over a few beers in between rounds. He has a great set up and is willing help out with training which was great for a beginner like myself. Thanks for the meet.



Spirited is recommended by wrestlemask

Great body, great competitor, great guy. I wish we’d had more time to roll—despite my experience, he definitely gave me a challenge and had me in trouble a few times. I look forward to the rematch. Definitely meet up with him if you have the chance.



wrestlemask is recommended by kommaarop

A very skilled wrestler!
The James Bond of manners of this site!



kommaarop is recommended by wrestlemask

Great guy on and off the mats! Very tall and strong! Definitely keen for a re match!



wrestlemask is recommended by Jimmy Elijah

if you get the chance to wrestle him, you're very fortunate. wrestlemask is a great guy. a match with this brother is a dream come true.



wrestlemask is recommended by Tripolar

This was my first pro experience and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction into this style than with wrestlemask. After teaching me a few moves it was time to wrestle.

He's a strong dude. I don't think he even struggled to lift me up. It was fun trying out some new moves. I have to thank him for showing me the figure 4 leg lock. I think I've found my new favourite move.

Great to share some beers and a chat afterwards. Don't miss the chance to wrestle this guy.



wrestlemask is recommended by aussieguy93

Worked up a good sweat rolling with this guy, looking forward to our rematch when it happens. He's got a pretty sweet set up, really chilled out off the matts as well.



wrestlemask is recommended by Brawler

This guy is a great host with a matroom. Our matches have been great with a Brit pro style but crank on holds to make the other suffer. Our skills and stats are similar making for great bouts. Highly recommend this wrestler.
Rematch. Tough wrestler applying pressure. One night at my hotel next night on his mats. Always a great host. Boots trunks and knee pads. Two pro wrestlers going at it. We are getting familiar with each other's skills so they are free flowing and worth taping. Always keen to hook his leg and get the 3 count. Until next time.



Brawler is recommended by wrestlemask

Would definitely recommend brawler if your looking for a fun technical pro bout always enjoy locking up on the mats for a decent fast paced pro match!



wrestlemask is recommended by Ethan

I knew it was risky and reckless to face him in a wrestling match, that's why I won't speak about the score :p Still we had a fun match, and I'm ready for a new one.



Ethan is recommended by wrestlemask

Despite myself having the height, weight and experience advantage ethan was very strong for his size and put up a good fight! Would definitely recommend him for a match!



wrestlemask is recommended by theventure

Super chill dude with great set up. Taught me a couple of things, looking forward to wrestling again.



theventure is recommended by wrestlemask

Would definitely recommend theventure. For a beginner he's very eager to learn and quite strong for his size! Looking forward to our next match!



wrestlemask is recommended by wrestler-kid

Even tho this guy has a height n weight advantage over me the matches have been fun and tiresome. He's a great teacher and talented wrestler. Always look forward to re-matches with him.



wrestler-kid is recommended by wrestlemask

Have regular matches with wrestler-kid. A great guy and excellent wrestler definitely worth locking how with!



wrestlemask is recommended by qweqweqwe

I met wrestlemask only once unfortunately and we could fight briefly only because of an old injury on my back.
Great guy, very experienced and willing to teach inexperienced people like me. Recommended!



qweqweqwe is recommended by wrestlemask

Great guy on and off the mats! Very strong legs and a killer sleeper hold!



wrestlemask is recommended by Aussboxa

Wrestlemask invited me down for an Introduction to pro style. Hadn't tried it before and was recovering from a few injuries after an accident.

He showed me some awesome moves whilst respecting my physical limits.

Had a few beers and it all made for a great afternoon

Don't miss a chance to hook up with him. Great guy off and on mats.



wrestlemask is recommended by WrestlingSWE

Had an awesome time with this guy. After a few beers we hit tha mats and I got to learn loads of pro stuff, got me really interested about the style. Great guy, awesome mats, good times!



WrestlingSWE is recommended by wrestlemask

Had a great training match,an awesome guy, very tough on the mats, knows some great mma holds! Definitely would recommend..



wrestlemask is recommended by Brisbane Wrestler

Great guy. Totally worth it. Will be back for more