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Submission wrestler interested in competitive matches with others.Please don't send a "challenge" message. This tells me absolutely nothing about your availability or interests. Happy wrestling, studs!

Usually only wrestle submission style but open to trying pro style.
Can now host here in Fort Worth and have mats (10x10 space).

Started training in BJJ 2-3x a week, Orangetheory fanatic 4-5x a week.



  1. USA - Texas, Dallas
    (I'm here from 6/01/2017)
    New Home as of June
  2. USA - Texas, Fort Worth
    (I'm here from 7/25/2018)
    New Home Base
  3. USA - California, Los Angeles
    (I'm here between 6/03/2019 and 6/09/2019)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

Gear: speedos, singlets, shorts

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singletwrestler89 is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Great wrestler—what else to say. Very skilled, tenacious, and doesn’t give up. What I love in a wrestler. Hope I fat to see him again before I go back home.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by Sadsally

He really lives up to his reputation! He is a super strong and tireless wrestler. Although i was nervous, he really eased me into it. Setting up a match was a breeze and he always made sure I was comfortable and feeling good at every point the interaction.He was even nice enough to give me ride to his location and back and had some interesting conversation after. I sincerly recommend him to anybody in the near dallas area!



Sadsally is recommended by wrestleinva1986

He’s brand new to wrestling but give him a chance! He’s going to be formidable when he has more experience. He is easy to set up a match with—was nice to hangout afterwards!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by BeardedWrestler

Such a fun wrestler! Had a great sweaty match, he was bigger and more skilled, but kept it dialed where it was competitive. Highly recommended.



BeardedWrestler is recommended by wrestleinva1986

I had a fun time meeting him on a Monday morning—much better than being at work. We had a good tussle and a fun time. He’s an interesting guy-pretty strong for his size although not quite strong enough for me! I recommend.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Good match with wrestleva1986- we rolled around to an impasse
Reliable skillled and fun
Highly recommended



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by scrappyone

He was nice enough to pick me up and make a meeting possible. He kept going and didn't slow down at any point of the match, as if he didn't get tired at all. Also quite strong. Fun all the way. Recommended.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by Waldomatl

had a great time wrestling with him while he was in town. Pictures don't do him justice. You're done for if he catches you in his legs, but he's the kind of guy I don't mind losing too ;)



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by bruteforce

Deceptively strong and is learning his moves/holds. Had a great time with this buck.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by KnotChaz512

Had a great time. He's super strong and great legs. Very skilled and quick.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by phoenix

Thought I wrote a recommendation for this guy awhile back but perhaps not. He deserves it though. We first met a few years back but recently rolles again. He's definitely gotten stronger and his offense has dramatically improved. He still has a ways to take me down but he is definitely a good challenge.



dcwrestler is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Ohhhh, wow!!!!! Where to start? First of all, his posted pics do not do him justice! Very handsome, kind, and fun person to wrestle. He has good skills and amazing stamina from all the runs that he does. Additionally, he is very tough and doesn't give up easily. I had a very fun and pleasurable time wrestling him. I wish I could wrestle him everyday. I can't wait to wrestle him again.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted wrestleinva1986 today (6/21/2018); and wow!!! what strength in his legs and arms. Far stronger than he looks suggest – strong arms and the legs can attack with the speed of a striking rattler and the squeeze of an anaconda – get too close to those legs; and its crossing the event horizon of a black hole.

I had very little knowledge I could pass on to him as he is very skilled, more than his past opponent count would suggest; because he was absent from Meetfighters for awhile some years back. Really nice guy, very mindful of safety.

You will certainly want to meet up and tangle with him; but be mindful of where you are in respect to those legs at all times. Great, friendly, conversationalist, and gives great hugs afterwards



Spruceman is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Well, I don't really know what else to say about spruce that hasn't been already said. Like the tree, spruce is solid, strong, and reliable. Unlike the tree is flexible, knowledgeable about wrestling, and very passionate about it. Do not prejudge his abilities based upon his age; he is in better shape than most people 25/30 years his junior. As he says, age is just a number! I had a very good time wrestling him today and giving him and his adorable husband hugs. Again, please do wrestle him if you find the chance. In addition to being fun to wrestle, he's affable, interesting, and very hilarious. He also has an amazing setup in his basement. Will hopefully see you again soon, spruce! Regards, Phillip



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by RNC23

Got it to give it up to wrestleinva1986, he was able to back up his trash talk haha. I've been chatting with him for awhile now, so I was glad we were able to finally meet up! He's very strong and good at using his weight to his advantage. Hope to meet up again for round 2!!



RNC23 is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Finally at long last, I got to take down rnc23!! He is really strong for his size and has an equally big mouth to match. Hahaha. He is a lot of fun to wrestle and definitely will look forward to wrestling him when I am in the area again.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by Wrestlehockeyguy

Had a great time meeting up with wrestleinva1986. Handsome and strong wrestler who can easily match your intensity but respectful as well. Very friendly and easy going off the mats. Glad we were able to make this happen. Look forward to meeting again.



Wrestlehockeyguy is recommended by wrestleinva1986

I had such a fun time getting to wrestle and more importantly, know him. He is a strong, incredibly handsome, intelligent, and kind person. I had a great time wrestling him and spending time with him. Thank you for a great time and loved the Japanese place! :)



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by SeanMCP

I had a great time with wrestleinva1986. He is a very kind, handsome man who was a strong opponent and a blast to wrestle. I hope to see him again soon - hopefully a mat this time but I'll take it however I can!



SeanMCP is recommended by wrestleinva1986

It was such a privilege to get to wrestle this stud. While we unfortunately couldn't wrestle on my mats, we made best use of the space available to us. He is strong, tough, tenacious, and doesn't give up. He's also very sweet, sexy, and fun to talk to. I wish I had more time with him. Again, I had a blast. Hope to see you again soon!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by dwrestler22

Absolutely great first match to end my break from MF. Great wrestler, amazing host and absolutely amazing of the mat. Respectful and patient. Would (and hopefully will!) Roll with him again!



dwrestler22 is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Great match with dwrestler–he's a nice young man with a passion for wrestling. One of the few men in this area that can hang with me–had a blast wrestling with him. Had fun talking with him when we weren't wrestling either. Hope to wrestle again!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by tomhand37

A real pleasure to meet this strong like bull wrestler! Watch out for his incredibly strong legs ! Great guy to arrange a match with and equally as great to have conversations with. Do not pass him up if you make your way to Dallas!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by BacktotheMatsTX

I have a great time wrestling this guy. He's strong and have great stamina. He's also got an unusual, instinctive-aggressive guard that I have seen very rarely even in people who trains.
Off the mats the best host, friendly, easy to talk to and set up the match. It was the perfect meeting to try out for the first time my inherited mats. I entirely recommend him if you want to test your skills and try to submit him. You'll have fun.



BacktotheMatsTX is recommended by wrestleinva1986

El es un buen, buen luchador! Poderoso, fuerte, y muy guapo! Ademas, es muy facil a hablar con backtothematstx. Le doy la mejor recomendacion y el es lo mejor luchador en DFW. Un experto en el estilo de sumision y tuvimos una lucha muy larga y intensa. Lo mejor! :)

He's a very good wrestler! Powerful, strong, and very handsome! Besides, he is easy to talk to. I give him the best recommendation and he is probably the best wrestler in DFW. An expert in submission style and we had a very long and intense match. The best! :)



Mason314 is recommended by wrestleinva1986

We didn't wrestle long but I had a great time wrestling mason. He's strong and when he gets more experience, he will be difficult to beat. He is also very easy to talk to. Hope I get to wrestle him again soon!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by rogerlee

Nice host, very friendly and easy to chat with, strong legs, great arms, powerful wrestling holds, his scissors are amazing! I am totally enjoyed my wresting time with him!



rogerlee is recommended by wrestleinva1986

A sweetheart with enviable stamina and the like. I enjoy wrestling him and he also puts up with my hugs. My favorite guy to wrestle in DFW.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by PopeyeN

Great wrestler who respected limits and was competitive. Had a great time, I definitely recommend him if you're on the fence



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by synxiec

At long last, finally got to meet this guy, grab dinner, and roll for a bit.

Sarcastic, funny, and generally very sweet. Good convo on a lot of things as well. He was tired from a long drive, so we just chilled and had a roll the next morning.

About that roll, dude is strong as his profile pics suggest. I had to stay on my toes. We ended up all over the place. After flying out of bounds (read as: off of the bed) a few times, we called a truce.

He gives awesome hugs before and after matches.

I'd be up to roll with him anytime.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by RojoLion

Had a chance to wrestle a few times awhile back. Great friendly guy. Very strong, skilled, competitive and tough guy. Was fun, sweaty match. Highly recommend him.



wrestleinva1986 is not recommended by Toronto25

  • Unreliable / no show



treetop is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Treetop is a really great opponent the few times I have wrestled him. He is strong, learns quickly, and is pretty skilled. We always have great, even matches and he is known for his powerful legs. Make sure you wrestle him!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by WrestlingMatt

Had a great match, he's really strong and knows how to wrestle - watch out for his scissors, they're deadly!



WrestlingMatt is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Good to wrestle Matthieu while I was in Toronto. Pretty strong guy and had a great even match with him. You should wrestle him if you have the chance.



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by madeincanada

was great fun getting to meet and roll with wrestleinva1986 ... very sweet guy off the mats, and a combination of sweet, strong and skilled on the mats .. if he's in your town be sure to meet up



madeincanada is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Madeincanada is an awesome wrestler! Great mat set up close to downtown and very skilled and agile on the mats. Boys close to his size: you really don't stand too much of a chance. Nice guy and thanks for all the tips!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by lb200

Hummm... strong and incredibly handsome :)

While we were limited in terms of space to wrestle, WrestleinVA1986 clearly has great wrestling skills and experience. On top of that, he is a very nice guy.

I'd say though that he is easily squeezable :)