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Looking to meet muscle bears or athletic muscle guys and get worked over.



  1. USA - Vermont, Fairfax
  2. USA - Vermont, Fairfax
    (I'm here between 11/04/2018 and 11/06/2018)
    Can host or travel
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 260 lbs (118 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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wrestleinmn is recommended by Mnwrestlermn

Wrestled years ago, but the match was crazy fun and very memorable. Very strong opponent. Definitely got put in a few painful holds that he he really enjoyed making me submit in. Take him on if you get a chance but don't underestimate him or you'll end up a jobber.



Mnwrestlermn is recommended by wrestleinmn

Mnwrestlermn is tough. Although I worked him over pretty good the first match we had, he is a quick learner...he had me in all sorts of holds in our later matches. Loved working over this guy and getting worked over by him...

UPDATE NOV. 2018. So. After 5 years, I had the opportunity to meet up with this guy again. He turned into a damn wrestling beast. I had no chance.. totally owned me from the first seconds of the match and decimated me. Gotta say.. I'm proud of him... being one of his first matches. He's really worked hard to become the muscle bear he has and the training. Not that I was ever good teacher, but he totally destroyed the guy that dominated him so long ago. Revenge is sweet I guess. Highly recommended.



BlackMaroon is recommended by wrestleinmn

Great looking guy who knows how to make big guys submit... over and over. If you want any chance of standing up against this stud, wrestle on a mattress and you may have to fight dirty. But be ready for 5x the payback. Great guy! Wrestle him if you can!



wrestleinmn is recommended by mattslapper123

Just when I thought my trip to Burlington was going to be a matchless bust, this big bruiser came along to save the day! He's a great wrestler, a great conversationalist, and a great friend. I'll have to plan another trip soon for a rematch! Don't miss a chance to rumble with him, but be warned he's tough, aggressive, and don't even think about putting your pecs up against his.



mattslapper123 is recommended by wrestleinmn

A jobber at heart, but don't let that fool you - he knows how to pour on the pressure and work a submission out of you - which he did. Good guy to talk to "off the mats" too - lots of wrestling stories and experiences through the years that were fun to hear.
Hit him up for a match if you get the chance!



wrestleinmn is recommended by lb200

WrestleinMN is a real case of don't judge a book by its cover. In person, this stud is a cute happy bear with a handsome smile. :)

In wrestling, he can definitely hold his own, use his weight as leverage and defend himself effectively despite saying on his profile that he likes to be worked over.

Well, you have to deserve it. If you manage to roll him around and get on top of him (or if he lets you), then be sure to keep him there and work him over! :) Don't let your guard down, WrestleinMN is a fierce fighter if he wants to!

Definitely recommended!



lb200 is recommended by wrestleinmn

You absolutely must wrestle lb200 if you get a chance to! A great guy all around and a fun time in the ring. He's very adaptable and will work with your skill level. I haven't wrestled in a while, but had a blast (although I'm definitely feeling sore the next day!)

Watch out for his scissors - and he can definitely rack bigger guys - no problem.

Definitely hope to wrestle again soon with him!