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Back out of the repair shop and raring to go. So let's hit it.
Apparently, some of y'all find me 'scary', nothing to be scared of folks, as anyone who has tangled with me can attest. It's all about everybody having a good ol' time, though I will admit to having a surplus of attitude in the ring. It's called a wrestling persona folks, and I have fun with it. I like an opponent who can give as good as he gets, so if you have a Big Ring Attitude too, c'mon down. Bullies, step to the head of the line. Let's find out who the biggest bully is . Want give and take in my matches, not into squash matches at all. Read that again... not at all. I prefer promission, am open to pro fantasy, and am passable at sub. I've got no problem with playing rough, as long as it's safe and sane, and a good time is had by all. I can be a Buzz Sawyer type of brawler, 5'7, 45 chest, 15.5 ceps, fireplug, back in the gym and training hard. I honestly prefer opponents close to my own size, with height more important than weight. But I won't shy away from those outside those parameters. And dammit, you better have plenty of attitude, cause I’m probably gonna hurt your feelings.

So, all you “tuff dads”, "cubby-boys", and " rough trade " looking to go nose to nose and whip up some sweat, let's get manly. I’m right here, ain’t going nowhere. Have access to a ring and a private mat room



  1. USA - Florida, St. Petersburg
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  2. USA - Florida, Tampa
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I am willing to travel 300 miles


Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 189 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Hungarian

Gear: trunks, whatever

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wrestledad is recommended by chicagopiledriver

Wrestledad was good enough to host an awesome group oil match at his place. Appreciate the set up and gracious hosting efforts. This man has plenty of gas in the tank to take on this big man. We had a good time 1on1 and wrestling in the group.



chicagopiledriver is recommended by wrestledad

Piledriver is a lot bigger than most guys I wrestle, but while he does use his size to his advantage, he knows how to make the match fun and competitive for us "petite" guys. A great guy and fun to wrestle. He's always welcome to our mats when he's in the area.



wrestledad is recommended by Dad fighter

I challenged this experienced tough fighter to test my limits. He did and more. 2 men in their primal instincts to fight and win. Hot sweaty muscle, verbal intimidation and physical extemes defined our bout. Hunpagan is tough and knows his way around the ring.
He's focused on beating his opponent and will do whatever it takes the get the advantage. i wouldnt have it any other way.
Yes I won the first fall but Hunpagan's experience, might, mean spirit and singular determination prevailed.

Challenge Hunpagan if you wana good fight. Ill be back for that rematch. Duke (dad fighter) will get in that ring again and expect a very different outcome.



Dad fighter is recommended by wrestledad

Every once in a blue moon, some dude comes along and seems to check off every box on your profiles "want list". Dad_fighter is that dude for me. In the ring, rough, tough, rude, unpleasant, and mean as a snake. Yeah, me too. It was sweaty, it was messy, there was a lot of hurt going on, there was a lot of snarling and growling going down.Unkind words were spoken, dirty moves became more frequent. While its obvious I am the more experienced , stronger, and indeed, sexier man in this dog fight, Dad_fighter brought 100% to the match, put me in my place a number of times, even got me a little worried.
Probably the most exciting match I've had in years. Nice guy out of the ring, but an SOB in the ring. He's earned an open challenge for rematches in my book, anytime, any place, any way. I'm not through with you by a long shot, and I know you're not through with me. AAA+



wrestledad is recommended by latinman445

Great guy to wrestle! been a long time coming and I was not disappointed, Can't wait to wrestle more in the future



latinman445 is recommended by wrestledad

This guy is a lot of fun to wrestle. He's feisty and seems to have an endless source of stamina. And he suffers so beautifully.Tough, and gives as good as he takes. Not to be underestimated. Looking forward to a future match.



wrestledad is recommended by WrestlingFL

I wrestled this hot guy many years ago at the ring in Lauderdale. We had a good time and I found him to be a good man and a skilled wrestler!



WrestlingFL is recommended by wrestledad

I've wrestled a whole passle of men in my life, and probably have forgotten more than I should. Sometimes though, you get a match that sticks with you forever. One of those matches was with this guy. It was my first time in a real ring, and Mark & JJ Harts facility wasn't really finished yet, but they let us use it under Mark's "supervision". John & I went at it like tigers, and had a blast. He taught me a lot about ring work . It was rough but sane, sweaty as hell, and , eventually, the "supervisor" felt compelled to join in. I will always remember the two of them tying me up in the ring ropes, and working me over like brutes. I'm definitely not a jobber by nature, but I loved every minute of it. Would be nice to have a repeat.



wrestledad is recommended by hellcatedy

Lou and I wrestled with his partner tagging in and out to work me over. Both matches were cool, and I had a lot of fun wrestling both guys. Happy endings also.



wrestledad is recommended by the punisher

i highly reccomend wrestledad to have matches with for several reasons very friendly very approachable very kind and great competition i really had a great time haveing matches with wrestledad in atlanta ga at the clash looking forward to taking him on again in the ring