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4-1-18 Temporarily in the shop for repairs. Hopefully back in the game soon.
Time to tweek this old profile a bit. Apparently, some of y'all find me 'scary', nothing to be scared of folks, as anyone who has tangled with me can attest. It's all about everybody having a good ol' time, though I will admit to having a surplus of attitude in the ring. It's called a wrestling persona folks, and I have fun with it. I like an opponent who can give as good as he gets, so if you have a Big Ring Attitude too, c'mon down. Bullies, step to the head of the line. Let's find out who the biggest bully is . Want give and take in my matches, not into squash matches at all. Read that again... not at all. I prefer promission, am open to pro fantasy, and am passable at sub. I've got no problem with playing rough, as long as it's safe and sane, and a good time is had by all. I’m a Buzz Sawyer type of brawler, 5'7, 45 chest, 15.5 ceps, fireplug. I honestly prefer opponents close to my own size, with height more important than weight. But I won't shy away from those outside those parameters. And dammit, you better have plenty of attitude, cause I’m probably gonna hurt your feelings.

So, all you “tuff dads”, "cubby-boys", and " rough trade " looking to go nose to nose and whip up some sweat, let's get manly. I’m right here, ain’t going nowhere. Have access to a ring and a private mat room



  1. USA - Florida, St. Petersburg
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Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Hungarian

Gear: trunks

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wrestledad is recommended by WrestlingFL

I wrestled this hot guy many years ago at the ring in Lauderdale. We had a good time and I found him to be a good man and a skilled wrestler!



WrestlingFL is recommended by wrestledad

I've wrestled a whole passle of men in my life, and probably have forgotten more than I should. Sometimes though, you get a match that sticks with you forever. One of those matches was with this guy. It was my first time in a real ring, and Mark & JJ Harts facility wasn't really finished yet, but they let us use it under Mark's "supervision". John & I went at it like tigers, and had a blast. He taught me a lot about ring work . It was rough but sane, sweaty as hell, and , eventually, the "supervisor" felt compelled to join in. I will always remember the two of them tying me up in the ring ropes, and working me over like brutes. I'm definitely not a jobber by nature, but I loved every minute of it. Would be nice to have a repeat.



wrestledad is recommended by hellcatedy

Lou and I wrestled with his partner tagging in and out to work me over. Both matches were cool, and I had a lot of fun wrestling both guys. Happy endings also.



wrestledad is recommended by the punisher

i highly reccomend wrestledad to have matches with for several reasons very friendly very approachable very kind and great competition i really had a great time haveing matches with wrestledad in atlanta ga at the clash looking forward to taking him on again in the ring