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man to man mat work out
fun grapple session till exhaustion
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  1. South Africa, Durban
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlet, speedo, squarecut

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Pindown is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Met for a long rolling session. Flexible guy which manages to work his way out of many holds. Keeps coming back for more action. With time he will become a handful. Friendly guy on and off the mats.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by Versus

A cool and nice guy. We had a great and long fighting session.
A lot of fun and very nice person on and off the mat.



Versus is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Strong solid guy. Battle for top - tough hard multiple sub rounds till exhaustion. Friendly guy off the mats and great host.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by ATONMAN

17-02-2014 - WRESTLERBUDDY is a strong and tenacious opponent that made me sweat a lot. We fought hard submission with great fun and I was left with the desire to wrestle him again. WRESTLERBUDDY is also a sweat person with whom it is also pleasant to converse in front of a good meal and a glass of wine. Pity about the distance that separates us but I am sure that we will fight again.



ATONMAN is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Tough solid high endurance opponent. We battled it out over 5 or 6 rounds till the end. Sweaty tight hard mat action and with his training it requires stamina to fight against submissions. Great man off the mats sharing his vast knowledge of Torino. Pity about he 1000's of miles difference. Lucky for those that live close by and can meet regularly. Torino well worth a stop over for travelers to Italy.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by madridwrestling

such a great guy!! was an amazing match and a perfect time :)

hope to meet u again!



madridwrestling is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Met with madridwrestling back in 2011. Solid fast mover on the mats. Being small doesn't mean its an easy pushover. Rolled a few rounds and was an even battle. Great guy of the mats as well. Showed me a different side to Madrid and had a good meal out.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by musclechris80

He is the best wrestler I ve ever deal with. Strong,confident, very very skilled. He knows how to make someone to submit (he did it countless times to me)with so many many diferent holds. Beware of his lethal legs. Thanks for the experience my friend I want you for a second match to learn me more!



musclechris80 is recommended by wrestlebuddy

This is one BULL of a man.Toned defined tough muscle guy. He has endless stamina just keep rolling and rolling. Dont think its gonna be a short one as he just keeps coming back. Strong as hell. Genuine nice guy off the mats , a Warrior on the mats. Needs more than just one meet.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by GreekFighter

First of all he is a FIGHTER and a true WARRIOR. Wow! He kicked my ass big time :-P
He's modest, a very very kind, nice and sexy guy ;-)
Isn't that enough?



GreekFighter is recommended by wrestlebuddy

What a great meet!! Real hospitable, fun,open minded guy - on and off the mats. Strong SOLID body. Great stamina, we grappled till exhaustion. Good technique and gives 100% till the end. A must if you visit Athens.(definately up for round 2)



wrestlebuddy is recommended by benhard63

I met him for a nice wrestling! His legs are a formidable weapons...he is strong and skilled!
He is a nice guy out of the mat too...i enjoyed to talk about many things with him.
Hardly recommanded to meet him!



benhard63 is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Powerful upper body - we had a long mat session that was fun. Great guy to chat with and definately worth a wrestle. Even match tough and rewarding.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by wrestlingkit

Friendly and nice guy!!!
into the mats a good good and strong wrestler....he knows what he has to do !!! mate if u visit again the city u know my mats are also waiting you!!!
and you guyz WRESTLE HIM will enjoy SURE



wrestlingkit is recommended by wrestlebuddy

A good friendly mat man. Had some powerful rounds with this guy - skilled strong and good technique. A must if you visit Barcelona.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by Jorgefighter

He claims not to have experience or be very trained. Then he came and gave one of my biggest loses, which reminded me to the times when I was a begginer. Friends, this guy knows his stuff, has obvious great skills and stamina. I wouldn't mind to rematch when I have improved mines. Challenge him, you wont regret (except if you go to cocky).



Jorgefighter is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Good mat battle with a solid, fit, friendly guy. Life is no walk in the park with this guy. No easy take down, good hard sweaty battle till the end. If you in Europe a trip to meet this guy is worth the travel.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by boine

Sane friendly guy into real sub wrestling! PLenty of subs, both ways! Good fun. Meet him!



boine is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Strong experienced grappler. Powerful guy with great technique, movements and holds. Tapped more than him but sure enjoyed the power struggle. In a full MMA session I dont want to be on the receiving end.