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I am not experienced in wrestling but would love to meet guys who can show me a thing or two.
I am quite fit. I would like to meet guys who are bigger than me so that I can gain experience.

If I'm traveling for work, I can host in hotel.



  1. Ireland, Dock C
  2. USA - Massachusetts, Burlington
    (I'm here between 10/21/2018 and 10/25/2018)
    Here for work
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (172 cm), 174 lbs (79 kg)

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Celticmuscle MKell Muftii pandamonium


wrestle limk is recommended by Muftii

First of all a really nice guy - intelligent and really good looking. He is built and muscular very solid and knows how to handle himself . I am a newbie and he left me lift him and bring him to floor - he was being nice to me as he could easily control the proceedings. Anyway really enjoyable session and great guy. Highly recommended.



wrestle limk is recommended by Celticmuscle

Met this relative newbie for a local match. First thing you see is a muscled beefy strong guy, and you just know he will be quite powerful. He has great stamina and fought long and hard. A truly competitive spirit and great attitude on and off the mats. With more experience his power will be even more formidable. A really enjoyable encounter and hopefully the first of many.



Celticmuscle is recommended by wrestle limk

Celticmuscle is an absolute beast of a man. If anything he is bigger and stronger than he looks in his pics. A genuinely all round nice guy and as it was my first proper match he made sure it was an enjoyable experience even if I ended up tapping more times than I could count. Celticmuscle took the time to show me a few moves and point out the basic errors I was making.
It was a great first match and even though I comprehensively got my arse kicked I look forward to a rematch.
Celticmuscle is top class, great guy.