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I have some hands on experience though I'm no pro, small but flexible and focused~ Open minded, respectful and enjoys making friends/wrestling with any size, race, age~ Eroticism happens and it’s understandable and welcome! Wrestling has always been exciting/arousing for me but I respect limits/chemistry, just as I’ve had the fortune of my past matches respecting mine.

My preference is erotic mixed in with any of the following: roughousing, a growing interest in roleplay with dirty tactics, squash, frottage~ Small guy so not too competitive but can reciprocate near my weight. Favorite holds to be subject to are bearhugs, facepins/facesitting, jacknife, schoolboy pins, nelsons, backbreaker, groin/nipple claws, etc.

Not into extended pain or competition; an erotic time is more my speed~



  1. USA - Minnesota, Brooklyn Center
  2. USA - Texas, Katy
    (I'm here between 4/28/2018 and 5/08/2018)
    Katy, TX
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Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlet, jockstrap, speedo, nothing

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No holds barred No holds barred
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wolfjobber is recommended by Txwresl

Had a fun match with this good guy, great shape, fun to wrestle, can be tough but you will enjoy it. Recommend!



wolfjobber is recommended by luv2wrstl

One of the sexiest guys I have ever wrestled. His flexibility and strength for his size are amazing.



wolfjobber is recommended by ManhattanMaulers

Another great match with Wolfjobber. In addition to him being a great opponent, we had wonderful conversations following our matches. Highly recommended!



ManhattanMaulers is recommended by wolfjobber

I can always rely on him for a great time; So easy going, flexible fun~ Time flies with this guy!



wolfjobber is recommended by manwrestler

Wolfjobber is totally fun. Great at submission and erotic. Stronger then he would appear from the profile. If you either live in the twin cities or visit and don't meet wolfjobber you're missing the real deal. High marks. Hope for a rematch soon



wolfjobber is recommended by tycoonboy

I met wolfjobber at Wrestlefest 2016, and we had a fun match with a lot of back and forth action and plenty of erotic moves. He is a strong, flexible guy that was able to resist almost any hold I put him in! Hope we get to meet again.



wolfjobber is recommended by GuyMN1983

i can't even tell you how much fun it is to get together with wolfjobber. he's willing to adjust to any skill level and makes every encounter fun and sexy and a great workout! We'll definitely be getting together again!



wolfjobber is recommended by ed516

Great guy on and off the mats ... a VERY good jobber and apparently a pretty good submission wrestler as well... looking forward to many more meetings "jobber"



wolfjobber is recommended by ascissor

Can't tell how much me and lb200 had a good time with wolfjobber. Such a nice guy and such a good jobber too. He can also fight back if you ask him to and put you in some tough scissors holds yummy! Can't wait to meet him again , Thank's for the memories woolfjobber!



wolfjobber is recommended by JMM

Wolfjobber is a great opponent. He may be small but don't let that fool you. He is quick, and aggressive, and very flexible. I really enjoyed the match. If you get a chance to wrestle him take it. He is also a nice guy and easy to talk with.