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I am a mature guy looking for competitive fun wrestling match. Gear is open. I enjoy test of strength, trading holds, role play, jobber vs heel I am also into text or cyber boxing / wrestling. contest. I am always up for a match.



  1. USA - Michigan, Wyoming
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedo, underwear, singlet, open

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wht4blk4fun is recommended by midwestboxer

We agreed on a one sided boxing match for our first meeting and I enjoyed knocking wht4blk4fun around for several rounds. This being our first encounter I didn't try to rip his head off, just focused on hitting him with solid blows to the head and body. I was impressed at his composure and ability to take punches. Now I'm interested to see exactly how much this guy can take.



midwestboxer is recommended by wht4blk4fun

I had the honor to meet Midwesstboxer on July 7th, 2018. We agreed to a spirited but easy match. I have to say my first impression of seeing him coming through the door was that he was a powerful looking man. Boy was I right about at. we got the room ready for our match and changed into our trunks. He brought head gear for me so as he said that I might last longer. I sure did need it. Right from the start he was the aggressive dominant boxer. I could tell he had a lot of training boxing and I think he could have done it professionally. While he was in control during the whole time we were boxing, he was giving me pointers on how to defend myself and he was pulling his punches. We boxed for about 6 rounds and there were many times during the fight that he overwhelmed me with a flurry of punches. He is a great guy who does like to take his boxing serious. I recommend Midwestboxer but don't go into it thinking he is going to just easy spar with you. He is good boxer and a very nice guy. I am glad I got to meet him.



wht4blk4fun is recommended by wrestlefun1

Have wrestled with this guy a few times and had a awesome time. Both were oil matches and the last one was a timed rounds match which made it even more awesome. A very friendly guy, I highly recommend him



wrestlefun1 is recommended by wht4blk4fun

I had another great oil wrestling match with wrestlefun1. This time we used coconut oil which I think worked much better. There is no more fun then two bodies oiled up and sliding against each other.
If you are looking for a fun oily match then you can't go wrong with wrestlefun1.



wht4blk4fun is recommended by shawty333

We've been talking for years and years even before I seriously got into wrestling! It's an unexpected treat to finally meet him in the flesh and I swear he gave me one of my hottest matches of this year! He may be over my age limit but... sometimes you just have to give an old friend a try! I know we'll have another few meets in the future!



shawty333 is recommended by wht4blk4fun

I met Shawty this year in July of 2017. We have chatted online for years and I finally got the chance to meet and wrestle with him. First off he is a great was back and guy. Fun and easy to talk too. We had a enjoyable match that went back and forth pinning, rolling and exploring each other. If you get the chance set up a match with him. He is fun and easy to talk too. And has a great body to wrestle with.



newwrestle is recommended by wht4blk4fun

After years of us chatting back and forth I finally got to meet Newwrestle. I have to tell you he was everything I expected and more. We were able to spend some time together and chat. He is fun a gentleman. He is strong and knows how to wrestle. There is nothing jobber about him at all. He likes to wrestle and win. I have to admit I was very surprised at his strength. He is the kind of man that will give you more then you can handle and will be making you tap. He takes you to the level that you are at and doesn't over do it. If you are looking for a good challenge Newwrestle is it. I just have to tell you that if you do get the chance, you best bring your "A Game"