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Keen for good sweaty matches with like minded blokes. Smooth chests and asians are particularly welcome. Often in Newcastle, I am keen for matches with local blokes when in town. Always enjoy an erotic edge to the match and love skimpy gear down to nothing



  1. Australia, South Penrith
    (I'm here from 9/29/2018)
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Gear: speedos, briefs, anything skimpy or nude!!

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westsydwrestler is recommended by Nick721

I was lucky to have the opportunity to share a few rounds of sweaty submission with Westsydwrestler. I had no chance against this guy who is both skilled and incredibly strong. He completely dominated me and I enjoyed every moment of it. As well as being a great wrestler off the mats he is friendly, interesting and fun to spend time with. Highly recommended.



Nick721 is recommended by westsydwrestler

Met Nick at his hotel for a few rounds of sweaty submission. He's a nice, genuine bloke off the mat and for a novice tries hard on the mat. He resisted submissions and gave his best. Very genuine nice bloke.



Sydneyguy is recommended by westsydwrestler

Had many damn good matches with this tough bloke had a ball every time. He keeps coming at you and is a tough as they come. Great bloke and host off the mat



Cstar is recommended by westsydwrestler

Profile is accurate, nice bloke on and off the mats. Had a good sweaty session on a hot Sydney day



westsydwrestler is recommended by ausmusc

Wrestled this fella a few times over the years and always great fun and a good workout. He's very strong but will match level of opponent and respect limits. Looking forward to some more matches in the future!



ausmusc is recommended by westsydwrestler

Had a few tough sweaty matches with This tough bloke. He is fast and strong, he keeps coming at u and is a strong wrestler who is also a lot of fun on the mat. Lots of sweat and action.
Always keen for a re match with him, pity he isn't a bit closer distance wise to me
Recommended if you're looking for a good sub match!!!



westsydwrestler is recommended by Shadowboxer1111

Big strong bloke- great match. Wish we had longer. If your looking for a strong sweaty match, look no further



Shadowboxer1111 is recommended by westsydwrestler

Genuine good bloke, beefy and strong with a don't give up attitude. Watch his mma moves, they can put u in a world of pain. If u like a tough fight give him a go.



westsydwrestler is recommended by sydneyheel

A tall and muscular wrestler with a furry chest. We wrestled in the submission style until we were both drenched in sweat. He was very strong and skilful, and fun to wrestle with. It has been long since our last match and I can't wait to tumble with him again on the mat.



sydneyheel is recommended by westsydwrestler

Had a couple of intense matches with this tough guy, who loves to dish it and can take his share of punishment. Great bloke on and off the mats and keen to rumble again.
Highly recommended.



grapple4nsa is recommended by westsydwrestler

Craig is a good fun wrestle who though outgunned by me puts up a good struggle. Nice genuine bloke on and off the mat.



getupbitch is recommended by westsydwrestler

good tough strong wrestler who has great facility for wrestles up in the blue mtns
nice bloke off the mats as well
keen for a re match with him



westsydwrestler is recommended by DenverWrestler

A terrific guy to meet and wrestle! Solid strong body, very fit, and with a martial arts background he knows how to handle himself on the mats. A super nice guy, reliable, sexy, and a whole lot of fun to wrestle. Highly highly recommended!



DenverWrestler is recommended by westsydwrestler

Had an hour long session with Alan. Nice bloke and a good wrestle, worked up a nice sweat and had an excellent finish to the match. Recommended if u want to fight a strong tall bloke who puts up a good fight.



westsydwrestler is recommended by Oz Brit

safe sane and very solid strong wrestler.

great rematch, Westsyd comes out the gate hard and fights until the end. No flys on this wrestler and holds true to a safe hard fought masculine opponent.



Oz Brit is recommended by westsydwrestler

great bloke and great wrestler, lots of sweat in a very hot close match - one all at end
keen for a re match

April 2015 - well finally had a re match
Very strong, fast and determined wrestler. Again lots of sweat but not a close a match, his stamina is better than mine now...time does take it's toll.

Highly recommend oz for anyone looking for a tough fought wrestle with a damn hot bodied wrestler...hell of a nice bloke as well as a hot match



Jobberpunisher is recommended by westsydwrestler

Nice young bloke who is tougher than he looks. Good looking, smooth and strong wrestler who likes to win. Keen for a rematch.

29 Jan 15 Just had a 2 hour rematch with Liam was another excellent wrestle. He is a tough young bloke who hates to submit. As always keen for a another round anytime.



westsydwrestler is recommended by ozbunyip

Westsydwrestler is a strong bloke and has good holds, we had a big size diff but he set pace so we both enjoyed it and still both managed to build up a good sweat. Will wrestle him anytime Iam in Sydney and recommend himif ya want a good match.



ozbunyip is recommended by westsydwrestler

nice guy, slim build and matched description
came over for a few rounds of not too rough wrestling considering size difference, he put up a good fight
recommend him to anyone down Melb. way
re match if he makes it back to sydney



speedowrestler1 is recommended by westsydwrestler

Had a motel match with speedowrestler1 sometime back now. Enjoyable roll with a hot bloke coupled with some good wrestling vids. Strong knowledgeable wrestler with a great body. Nice bloke too.
I'd be keen on a re match anytime.



westsydwrestler is recommended by drpdaz

have had 2 good matches with westsyd, both times ended up hot and sweaty and he is a strong guy who knows his moves, keen for another match with him anytime....great bloke off the mats as well, no bullshit.



drpdaz is recommended by westsydwrestler

Good bloke turned up as arranged. Good wrestle and strong resilient fighter. Enjoyed our 2 matches and keen for another



dazzlo is recommended by westsydwrestler

wrestled dazzle twice, oiled up struggle, he fights hard and luv good incapacitating holds
good bloke a good enjoyable wrestle
i'd take a rematch any time