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I enjoy wrestling and watching wrestling it’s always been a real turn on for me because of the erotic man to man struggle. I like freestyle, erotic, trading holds and wrestling with guys respectful of each other’s abilities. Not looking to hurt or get hurt in a match. We both have to return to work/families after a match. Not really into squash matches. Enjoy watching Brit Pro, and 70-80s pro stuff. Speedos and singlets for sure.
Guys, don’t be a dick. If someone pays you a compliment at least have the courtesy to say thank you. Guys that can’t even acknowledge a simple compliment really are pathetic.



  1. USA - Washington, Olympia
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos, briefs, jocks, singlets

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman

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westolyguy is recommended by Wrestlstev

Exceeded expectations in every way. Strong, fast and incredibly nice. We wrestled back and forth for a long time, testing each other. Though Westoly said he had not wrestled recently, the instinct and strength was present. Overall nice guy too. Highest recommendation.



Wrestlstev is recommended by westolyguy

Great match with Steve! Lots of fun! Strong man! Powerful legs!
Super nice guy off the mats as well. Highly recommend Steve!
Thanks and I hope to get another match with him.



westolyguy is recommended by aawrstlman

I had a great time with westoly today. He's a great wrestler with particularly long, strong legs. Though "self taught" and "out of practice" on wrestling, he had lots of good moves. We traded holds, positions and wrestled for quite a while. Awesome guy off the mat to talk to, also. Highly recommend him!

Can't wait for a rematch!



aawrstlman is recommended by westolyguy

Very nice guy, friendly, respectful of limits. Strong, fun wrestler. Looking forward to another match.



westolyguy is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

Had a great match with westolyguy a couple of years ago. Tall, strong, great wrestler! He's a runner, so watch those legs...they're lethal! I'd wrestle him again anytime and I highly recommend him for a great match.



HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by westolyguy

I've only been able to wrestle HeadSqueezeKing once, but it was a great match and well worth the wait. We had corresponded for years, and finally had the chance to meet up. Very strong man, not in it to hurt anyone, just out for a good match. I really recommend him to anyone!



westolyguy is recommended by SQUEEZEPLAY

met with him several years ago and had a great time! he is stronger than he looks and we had several rounds of wrestling! a good guy off the mats and a fun wrestle too!