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Hello everybody! :)

I would like to try some submission match. Soft submission is ok, more competitive too - as long as it is fun and safe for both guys :).
Exhausting fights, when one person conditionally loses against his opponent, are soo ok :).
Long held holds till one can't take it any longer - even better :).
To me the best holds are face sittings, crotch to face pins, headscissors, schoolboy pins, whhhrau ;p.

I am currently in a relationship, so I stop looking for fights for now.

Cya guys!



  1. Poland, Gdańsk
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I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers


Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Polish

Gear: shorts, boxing shorts, speedos

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werewolf is recommended by naokijudo

After a little organization, we have finally met for wrestling. Werewolf is a powerful guy who likes wrestling for hours. This guy is the perfect host, he doesn't count his efforts to make your visit pleasurable. I am very happy and honoured that he becomes my friend and I really hope that we will meet again.



naokijudo is recommended by werewolf

naokijudo is the first guy I had a pleasure to host in Elblag.
on the mats, very good wrestler. he's very skilled, thanks to his judo trainings. not a tiny problem for him to fight several times a day. He's extremely careful and respectful of any possible threats. off the mats, totally awesome guy. very talkative, playful, sympathetic, intelligent, gorgeous smile. He can stand drinking vodka. I don't regret any minute spent with him, neither will you.



werewolf is recommended by gioroma80

Werewolf is a cool guy, good friend and passionate wrestler! We had a lot of time for our struggles, full of fantasy and we enjoyed it very much. He is strong, safe and creative fighter. He has my recommandation!



gioroma80 is recommended by werewolf

I visited gioroma80 in a place where he lives, where he hosted me for two nights. He's a great host and makes all his efforts to make one's stay pleasurable. On the mats, he's respectful and cautious. He's somewhat experienced as he's training martial arts since some time. He likes erotic ;). Off the mats, a very cool guy with a funny sense of humor. Talkative, friendly, open-minded. We had much fun hanging out for a local beer together :). Don't hesitate to meet him.



werewolf is recommended by eGambler

He's a very nice person. Meet him and host him. I hope to meet him again.
I disagree with him: our match was not so soft and erotic like he said. But i liked it (our match was a draw). :-)
See u soon.



eGambler is recommended by werewolf

After a long writing we finally managed to meet in Milan, where eGambler hosted me for a night. He's a very good host - he showed me around and took care that my stay was as comfortable as possible. He makes a good company outside mats, as he's a wise and a talkative person. On the mats we had a very soft fight, because of his shoulder injury. He likes wrestling for fun, not that serious and competitive. Thus we had a nice, gentle erotic fight :). Contact him if u like the same.



peterson11 lux is recommended by werewolf

Wrestled many times already. Very reliable, strong guy who enjoys dominating.



werewolf is recommended by WrestleAddict

Met werewolf during his holiday in Malta, and must admit he is an awesome guy. Easy to get along with and can chat about anything.
In wrestling he is strong so do not underestimate him. Once caught in his holds either tap or suffer hehe. He is also a good jobber which I enjoyed dominating a lot. Highly Recommended!! Hope to meet again my friend ;)



WrestleAddict is recommended by werewolf

Just went back from Malta, where I met WrestleAddict. Seems a little shy at first, but after some time he starts babbling and babbling ;). I regret we didn't manage to go out for a beer, as I wanted to know a little bit more this guy ;).
Anyway, in wrestling it was fun. He is quite flexible - likes just practising holds as well as regular submission fight. But most of all, he prefers to fight in a jobber vs heel match and be the dominator :).
See you next time bro!



werewolf is recommended by Opon84

Tough and strong guy (stronger than he looks on his pics!), with some good techniques in his repertoire. Can endure a lot of pain and doesn't give up easily! Friendly and fun off the mats, a great guy to have a beer with.
Hope to meet again soon! (I know u already miss my camels ;) )



Opon84 is recommended by werewolf

Really reliable guy, hosted me for several days at his apartment. Good both on and off mats. Off the mats - he spent with me almost the whole time, showing me around (thanks for showing me Pisa and those fabulous beaches). On the mats - it was very fun. We had quite equal matches (which means he's super strong ;)). Nice technique of him, safe and respecting any possible threads. Hope to see him too! (no comment about camels :P)



werewolf is recommended by polyethylene33

Nice and friendly off the mats, tireless and quite challenging on them, a very fun match!



polyethylene33 is recommended by werewolf

I don't have much to say, I am speechless. This guy is an absolute MUST. :) really strong.



werewolf is recommended by warsawer

very nice and friendly guy. good and strong wrestler... and You will have a lot of trouble trying to force him to submit... :D



warsawer is recommended by werewolf

I had a good time fighting him. maybe he's not well prepared technically, but he's strong enough to kick your ass if you are not careful ;) he likes pinning his opponent for a long time, humiliating him additionally with some trash talk ;D. I'm pretty sure we'll meet again ;)



werewolf is recommended by psfighter

Highly skilled and strong fighter. Recommended not only for fighting but also partying and drinking:)



psfighter is recommended by werewolf

my first fighting opponent :) nice and kind, strong and resistant. I have spent with him a really good time each time we met - not only in wrestling, but also while going out, partying etc :)).



werewolf is recommended by ptitbrun

Très sympatique, beau corps , rapide et fort! J'ai passé un très bon moment .Infatigable et très résistant , il épuise ses adversaires! il aime les face pin ...
Je vous le conseille absolument !



ptitbrun is recommended by werewolf

Very strong opponent, with very strong arms.
Once he makes a choke with his arms, it's almost impossible to get away.
Had a good time fighting him :). Very exhausting match :).



werewolf is recommended by Mirceal

very nice guy and good wrestler ;)



Mirceal is recommended by werewolf

Nice, kind, talkative, handsome.
I had a very great time fighting him :).