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Just have an interest in strangling/choking...

I'm not into wrestling per say :P
at least technical/professional,
what I'm actually into, is strangulation ( big time :P)
the closest to a precise style, I think it would be submission grappling, where we try to dominate and control each other, but only strangling and choking each other with our hands and arms, until one taps, let go and start all over again.

If you're down for that and fit, hit me up!

I'm not here to prove anything or even to get any skills,
I just want to have fun and a good time full of rough action, yet safe and sane :)



Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Muscle worship


  1. Mexico, Guadalajara
  2. USA - California, Los Angeles
    Sometimes for work
  3. USA - New York, New York
    Sometimes for work
  4. USA - Rhode Island, Providence
    Sometimes for work
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Age: 30-year-old Straight Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'0" (182 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German, Spanish

Gear: Shirtless

Submission Submission
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Start of membership: 9/07/2014 4:56 AM

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victor is recommended by wrastlin30

Glad we were finally able to meet. Strong guy who is well built and amazingly strong. Had a tough match with him and he definitely was a challenge both in strength and endurance. Great guy to talk to as well. Looking forward to our next match!



wrastlin30 is recommended by victor

After a while, we finally got the chance to meet up, and I'm glad we did,
he gave it a go to my 'fight style' and he took it pretty well, for a while hehe
he has a good build and traces of veins along his arms and shoulders, so that means strength. Respectful and cool guy, glad that we finally met and looking forward for more!



victor is recommended by effigy

I had a great time with Victor, and was glad he had time in his busy schedule to have a match! He is in great shape, and he doesn't tire out easy. He had me exhausted, but I gave him a hard time. His style of fighting makes for a fun match too.

Apart from that, he's great to talk to, and has many interesting stories. I'm hoping that we'll get a chance for another (longer) match soon!



effigy is recommended by victor

We had a quick encounter while I happened to be in town, and I'm glad that we met!
Former wrestler, and you can tell, he knows how to move, hold you and keep you down, he's fast, strong and will give you a tough time.
Quick meeting but we also had a chance to have a good chat, he's easy to talk to and friendly.
Get in touch with him if you're around!



SpectreMXN is recommended by victor

We met up because he was looking for someone to learn from and improve his skill, being an amateur myself and with a peculiar kind of match dynamic, he still was open to try it.
The result, joyful yet rough matches just for the fun of fighting and strength measure, he's learning and he will try to put into practice what he's learned, he does sports which keep his body toned.
Off the mats he's a nice and down to earth guy, one can have a serious talk with him or a fun and joke cracking chat :)



victor is recommended by fracle2

The 2 hour strangle match with Victor was pure fun and quite balanced despite the weight and musculature difference. Once you’re trapped in his big arms, you know it will be a hard time...and it is! Out off the mats, he’s a friendly and easy going guy. I was happy to spend a full day making tourism in Brussels and making him taste waffles, chocolate, fries and beer hoping to make dissapear his perfect 8-packs that I’m jealous ;)



fracle2 is recommended by victor

If you would like to rumble around and fight just for the fun of it, fracle2 is your guy. We had such a fun time that I just noticed that I was getting tired but not that a good amount of time had passed lol
That's how a good time it is with him on the mats, off of them, he's a nice guy, easy to talk with and I spent a great and delicious day with him around Brussels :P



victor is recommended by vandyke

The fight against Victor was a great new experience. At the beginning I could still keep up well. But in the end Victor's knowledge was victorious. He has a very muscular body and he is also a friendly and reliable guy outside the mat. My best recommendations!



vandyke is recommended by victor

We had an even match, or at least for a while, as the time went on, I kept taking the upper hand.
He is strong and he did get me on several occasions, it was the first time he had a match like the one that we did, but he just kept going and even trying to take me by surprise!
He says that he's never practiced any fighting sport, but he has some good moves and holds!



victor is recommended by dany 2808

August 2017: Victor is a friendly and well-trained guy. It was a pleasure to have a fight with him. Some rolling around and a lot of sweat were part of the game We were a perfect match concerning our stats surprisingly I have had more luck to make him tap more often. I was really surprised by his impressive muscled body. You should try him if you can. Hope to have a rematch.



dany 2808 is recommended by victor

They say that one learn watching, dany has watched and he has learned well!
He might say that he doesn't know much about techniques, I don't either, but from my point of view he knew one thing or two, or more, which make the match tough, if you would like to practice your techniques on him, I'm sure he will gladly face the challenge, but beware, 'cause he will learn it X)



victor is recommended by Say Yeah

It was a superfight! Victor has a special stalk to fight, but can be a lot of fun 😋. We fought several rounds and did not give us both! Victor has a super-trained body that can be seen! 😈💪 But it's just as fun to be in full action! Unfortunately it was only a short meeting since he is also very sympathetic and unfortunately we could not do anything. Victor, great evening with you and a challenge I gladly take again! 😈



Say Yeah is recommended by victor

When you see this guy you notice his big arms and pecs, and you know that a tough time is ahead of you!
He is tall, he is big, he is strong, in other words, a guarantee that you have a rough and fun time.
We had a short encounter but we made it worth, he was a good host and a vicious fighter [in a good way ;) ]



victor is recommended by fightsubmissive

Victor hat wirklich einen unglaublich tollen Body und ist sehr zuvorkommend. Ein Match nur mit chokeholds und Würgegriffen!? Genau mein Ding! Mit Victor macht das echt Spaß und ist teils atemberaubend 😝😂
Natürlich hatte er einen Gewichtsvorteil und auch sein Bizeps ist enorm, schön trainiert und hat eine tolle Form. Genau richtig für chokes! Dennoch konnte auch ich ihn mal zum abklopfen bringen, was allerdings nicht leicht war. Im Gesamten jedoch dominierte er klar das Match, auch wenn ich es ihm nicht allzu leicht gemacht haben dürfte ;)
Kann ihn bedingungslos empfehlen. Auch sehr nett außerhalb der Matte.
Ein herzliches Dankeschön auch nochmal an den Gastgeber.



fightsubmissive is recommended by victor

Hi might call himself fightSUBMISSIVE, but that doesn't mean that he won't fight back, and boy if he does!
You might be taller and heavier than him, but you won't have an easy task with him.
I thought that I was a bit mean for not letting him go that much, but he really enjoyed it and so did I!
Nice guy and full with energy who you'll have a good fun with.



victor is recommended by wrestle83

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Victor for a weekend. He is an extremely nice and easy to talk to guy which makes it also a lot of fun to spend time together off the mats. On the mat you realize you're in for some tough match once he takes off his shirt and you see Victors huge and ripped body. Victor is extremely strong and very skilled with his chokes and sleepers. Once you're caught in his grip or his huge and perfectly shaped biceps it is almost impossible to get out again. But still he makes it extremely enjoyable for both so we kept wrestling for hours and hours with occasional short breaks in between. And even though this guy is built like a fitness model it is possible to pin him down too from time to time and return the favor of dishing out some punishment. :) In conclusion: perfect wrestling weekend with a very nice and interesting guy. Thank you again for coming Victor, I hope we'll meet again some day in the future! Enjoy your summer in Europe!



wrestle83 is recommended by victor

If you're looking for a big challenge, this is your guy, if you're not either tall or very strong, you'll have a very though time, even I, that I consider myself strong, got in pretty tight situations in which I wasn't able to all, or move, or breath xD
But that made it more interesting and enjoyable for both of us.
He can be tough and overpowering, and off the mats a very kind guy who you can just go out, chill, have a drink and keep having a good time.



victor is recommended by Bamm-Bamm

JUL2017: I had the luck to meet him again. I took him to the gym; it made me feel fat and weak (LOL). Revenge was mine on the mats, but it came at a price. It's great to strangle him and watch his face when he gasps for air, but you'll also see the other side; his mean smile, bulky shoulders, and squeezing biceps when he gets a hold of your throat.
If you're not sure if strangling is your thing, try it! You might be surprised.

JUL2016: "How to have a fight that is based almost solely on strangling and choking?" That was my main concern when I met Victor.
Answer: use ground fighting techniques to get a positional advantage, then squeeze his throat and enjoy the view :-)
It was a great more or less equal struggle in which Victor made good use of his huge muscles and experience in strangling - those shoulders, pecs and arms are not just for looks. they are really powerful. My sore throat will remind me of that for at least another few days.
Also, he has a very kind and warm personality, really a cool guy to hang out with. Meet him when he's around!



Bamm-Bamm is recommended by victor

July 2017
This guys has been training and it shows, he's got as tough and rough as a rock!
Brace yourself, because hard times are ahead if you face this guy,
all in all it was really fun and loved the challenge.
He's strong, he knows it and he likes to show it and put it to the test, tease you and provoke you to show yours as well.
Great as always, respectful guy and easy to get a long with.
July 2016
We were debating about who was bigger from both of us, he said that I was bigger, I swore that he was the bigger one...
After a mirror comparison and the opinion of an impartial person, it was determined that I was bigger LOL
But still, this guy is big and he gave me a really tough, I literally couldn't breath XD
Hard time, big challenge but that's what made it even more fun!
If he has the upper hand, he will mock you, just to provoke you and see what you've got.
This guys is the typical gentle giant, he is a merciless fighter, but he is also a great person to hang out with.



victor is recommended by ninov

I was very blessed that this guy went to DEFQON, and checked the area around there. We met up after the festival, and had a great time. Victor told me about his idea of fighting and I got intrested, so we went for it. Had a great time with him, safe and sane. Amazingly strong choking power from his side. He is very respective and a kind guy, highest recommendation for him! I truly hope I get the chance in the future to meet him again. (visit DEFQON again, hint hint)

I was so glad that I had the chance to face this beast again. This time I gave him a harder time. Which I was very happy with myself. Still I was coming back for more everytime he was in the upperhand, lol. If I will ever meet him again, Can't wait until I meet him again, I truly hope there will be more meetings in the future.



ninov is recommended by victor

For good or for bad I was stronger than we thought lol
So I gave him a hard time, still, he fought back and was up to the challenge.
He was very open to my peculiar sort of fighting, but at the end we both had fun.
Really cool and easy going guy!

I was lucky enough to have a second match with ninov,
let me tell you, the first time he fought back, yet he was at some point easy for me to handle,
the second time he wasn't!
He got more skilled and stronger!
In only three weeks! D:
At this rhythm when you get to match him you will have a strong and tough guy to fight with, which makes it even more fun!



victor is recommended by Muckis-Berlin

Thx for the sweat match Viktor!! he is a strong man with a great muscular body and we had a powerful time together...we roll and roll and he gives all to win, he loves chocking and nice challenge all the times and a hard body to body fight, safe and sane.
all times welcome mister beauty ;-)



Muckis-Berlin is recommended by victor

Don't get fooled by his height, he has muscles and he knows how to use them, respectful and very nice guy, he wants to fight just for the fun of it, he is strong and I had a rough time trying to get out of his grip and holds and trying to dominate him. If you are looking for a good time, with a rough fight and a big challenge to face, Muckis will surely fill your expectations.