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I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada and looking for pro wrestling matches. Would love to learn/practice moves & holds. Message me!



  1. Canada - British Columbia, Vancouver
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Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 226 lbs (103 kg)

Gear: boxers, singlets

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vangcuver is recommended by ToeTheLine

I met Vangcuver for a wrestling match. The first thing that struck me was his physique, a big solid guy with arms to match . His pics don’t do him justice . The match was a mix of aggression and fun, holds were exchanged and taps obtained by each , I may have been slightly ahead by the end. Vangcuver hosted the match something I am always appreciative of, his communication was excellent and the match easy to set up. He is a big handsome guy , if you’re given the opportunity to wrestle him, go for it. Recommended.



ToeTheLine is recommended by vangcuver

Had a great wrestling match with ToeTheLine. Very fit and strong guy.
He's able to back up his trash talk with incredible strength and knowledge of how to effectively and safely submit a guy. After the match was very nice to chat with. Recommended.



vangcuver is recommended by kicksands

Always kind hearted, and always entertaining, matches with Vangcuver alternate between heavy exertion and bouts of uncontrollable laughter. Would absolutely recommend him as an opponent. Beware the boston crab!



kicksands is recommended by vangcuver

Great guy to hang out with. Excellent submission wrestler and skilled with the grapevine! Highly recommend for submission matches.



vangcuver is recommended by Jambo

Had a match with Vangcuver today & it was awesome! Would definitely recommend him, he’s a really nice guy & very nice to look at too! We had a good few competitive rounds & some serious back & forth fun!
One tip, watch out for his legs!
Thanks a lot man!



Jambo is recommended by vangcuver

Jambo is a lot of fun to wrestle and a great guy! He definitely knows his sleeper holds and scissors and we had a good back and forth! Highly recommend wrestling him ;)



vangcuver is recommended by feistyface72

Vangcuver is the real pro deal! I felt the energy from the moment I arrived at his wrestle pad. An intense two hour bout with lots of sweaty give and take before the heel in me came out and put this sexy guy in his place! But Vangcuver was no pushover, he dished the pain and I was reeling. What a formidable opponent, and gorgeous to boot. A fun guy to share a meal with afterwards, too. Re-match soon, stud!



feistyface72 is recommended by vangcuver

feistyface72 is a very skilled and hot wrestler. Even in just a t-shirt I could see his muscular build - chiseled chest, arms, and shoulders!

I couldn't wait to get him in some holds and pro-style moves. We had some great back and forth action including me getting a couple submissions and a muscle flexing pin. But feistyface72 recovered and wore me down in a series of power moves, ddt's, submissions, and ultimately taking the win. Looking forward to a rematch!

Great guy to talk to post-match, and just a lot of fun. Highly recommend.



vangcuver is recommended by xiaoyangimp

Vangcuver is a very nice fighter. It's my first time but I thought I could handle him easily with my judo techniques. At first everything was fine, I pin him with different hold-downs over several minutes, and start strangulating him with sankaku-jime and RNC, but released because I want more fun. That's the biggest mistake I made. Vangcuver mounted on me and transit to the school boy pin, then applied head figure 4 lock. When I trapped between his legs, I knew how big the mistake I have made. I can do nothing but submit.

My judo pant was taken off and the erotic round starts... This time I got a chance to finish him with RNC, no more release.

Anyway, vangcuver is a real good fighter and pay attention to his strong finisher, you might got a critical!



xiaoyangimp is recommended by vangcuver

xiaoyangimp is very strong and really knows his judo. We had a great judo vs wrestling match and submitted eachother several times. I got him in a good figure four headscissors submission and he got me in a tight rear naked choke submission.

Very friendly, knowledgable, and fun guy. Recommend.