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hi im 6ft tall hairy chested looking for good solid hard wrestling matches , based in Leeds but travel the country with my job , lost some weight , fitter and better stamina . love world of sport bouts and 2 good sized wrestlers both wanting to win . BUT NOT TOO QUICKLY .



  1. United Kingdom, leeds
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 196 lbs (89 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: blue boots n trunks (mask)

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uk wrestler slam is recommended by borets

Took a while to fix then happened by chance at the last minute, and as so often it was a great meet. Skilled strong wrestler with great SOH and no nonsense approach. Well worth a meet if you can fit in with his busy schedule.



borets is recommended by uk wrestler slam

after a long time with our paths not crossing i managed to meet this dammed fine wrestler I ready enjoyed meeting a wrestler of this quality .
strong . knows his stuff .
i cannot wait for our next meeting



uk wrestler slam is recommended by The Enigma

First time was a great contest, proper Northern blokes all in wrestling, went one nil up but then he worked me over big time and went home with a 2-1 win. Second time I was fired up and he wasn't fit so he couldn't continue after I was all over him. Now we're both fired up for the third contest and been giving abuse to each other, should be a great all in wrestling contest.



The Enigma is recommended by uk wrestler slam

we have 2 bouts ,
the first i was on top form and put him through the mill when i got the upper hand and i made the most of it , that was MY bout ,
second bout id got slow and fat and paid the penalty against a better wrestler who got his revenge on me .

BUT now the 3rd bout is getting sorted , and we both want to win but slowly .
im lighter , stronger n fitter
this should be a great bout between 2 good wrestlers



uk wrestler slam is recommended by QuinnUK

If you like your opponents big strong, aggressive (but totally sane) then you should meet this guy. After years (yes years) of text and online chatting we finally met at Pippa’s. It was worth the wait. We had a very even match and it took a long time to wear him down. Good fun. Hope this is the first of many meets.



QuinnUK is recommended by uk wrestler slam

this man mountain is skilled and strong and held me at bay and then turned the tables , i normally can push a wrestler around but not this guy , great use of all areas of the ring , posts n ropes , lots of verbal and looks like the classic pro heel , it took along long time for our paths to cross , but well worth it .
looking forward to a rematch.



uk wrestler slam is recommended by jgrappler

Great opponent, strong, aggressive, and ruff.



jgrappler is recommended by uk wrestler slam

a dammed fine wrestler . knows his stuff . looking forward to our next bout .



grappler2112 is recommended by uk wrestler slam

a dammed fine wrestler and a great guy