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like to hit the mats with other like minded men...hit me up and lets see....



  1. USA - New Jersey
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Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 149 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, jocks, nude, singhlets

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tygrrr is recommended by gymrat

Tygrrr is a young, strong, skilled wrestler masquerading as a 60-someting year old. He lies. he doesn't look it, act it or wrestle like it. Tygrr's a terrific teacher, safe, but strong and skilled - i highly recommend this guy for aspiring learners and skilled sub wrestlers alike. Just don't fall for his age ruse.




gymrat is recommended by tygrrr

Great guy, even better looking in person, strong, a quick learner, once he gets a few more matches under his belt watch out! He's def worth getting together with and I highly recommend him



Spladle Champ is recommended by tygrrr

If u think this stud is hotttt from his pics, wait til u wrestle him in person, and if u get the chance don't hesitate!!! He's even better looking in person! And when u gear up watch out because he knows what he's doing!!! He can job or heel or just roll collegiate style, and has appropriate gear for all styles!! I highly recommend him and once u are trapped in his spladle u will see how he got his name!!



tygrrr is recommended by turnbuckl

We wrestled pro style and this man is tough solid and sexy. He will show you a fun time in the ring. His trademark animal print trunks tells you how tough he is. Arrange a match for a fun time



turnbuckl is recommended by tygrrr

Don't miss a chance to wrestle this man!! Knows lots of moves, takes as much as he gives!!! Highly recommend



tygrrr is recommended by Tiger Cub

What can I say... Extremely hot match and would absolutely love to wrestle him again. Highly skilled on many different holds and techniques and isn't afraid to crank it up a little. Absolutely nice guy and his photos do not do him justice. He is built and strong as hell. Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him. You wont be disappointed



Tiger Cub is recommended by tygrrr

Sorry this took so long to get done, but let me say if u get the chance to wrestle this stud, DO IT!! He knows his moves, can dish it out as well as take it, and once u get him in holds u can really crank it on!!! This guy can take it!! He doesn't like to tap, but when he's been broken he will!!! Can't wait for round two!!!



tygrrr is recommended by flip37

tygrrr had a great time! He is a good guy both on and off the mats. I definitely recommend a match with him!



flip37 is recommended by tygrrr

What a great time!! Knows how to give and good as he takes and he can take a lot!!!! Looks great in gear!! Looking forward to round 2..3...and 4!! Highly recommend him, so don't miss the opportunity to take this hot wrestler on!!!



tygrrr is recommended by Studboy

Tygrr is deceptively strong. We are similar in weight, but he tossed me around easily. Tough, strong guy and highly recommended.



Studboy is recommended by tygrrr

Had a great time with this jobber!! Can take a lot of punishment, tries to dish it out but the jobber was put back in his place!! Very flexible, nice knowledge of holds and sells it well!!! Great looking guy, looks great in gear!! Highly recommend getting on the mat with S-boy whenever u have the chance!

Had a rematch and this kid and he doesn't disappoint!! He's gotten better and his body is amazing, he's even better looking in real life than his pics!! We did another pro style match and he can really take a lot of punishment!! He can dish it out too!!! Great holds great back and forth anda great time!! You def want to wrestle with him, and I look forward to round 3!!!



Endurance Champ is recommended by tygrrr

One of my all time favorite opponents, skilled, knowledgable, and intelligent in and out of the ring!! Wish we were closer so we could tangle more often!! I highly recommend meeting if you get the chance! You will not be disappointed



tygrrr is recommended by riotgear

Had an amazing time with this hot heel.. commanding, sexy, and dishes it out real nice. Gut still aching. Can't wait till the next time; feel like we only scratched the surface.



tygrrr is recommended by JMguy87

Had a great time with this guy! My first pro match as well as playing the jobber role. Super fun and hot! Definitely recommend!



JMguy87 is recommended by tygrrr

Nothing I enjoy more than showing rookies the ropes! But don't be fooled by this one, he's got good skills and he's hard to submit!!! Had a great time, and look forward to meeting him again soon!! I highly recommend him, and with more matches under his belt, watch out!!



tygrrr is recommended by libertine109

I had a really amazing time with tygrrr, He is a heel, he definitely got the moves and not afraid to use them! He has been wrestling for a long time and it show, guy certainly knows what he is doing. Safe and sane, I'd definitely recommend tygrrr, and can't wait to meet up again!!



libertine109 is recommended by tygrrr

Don't let his size fool you, this kids the real deal, and if you underestimate him you will find yourself tapping before u know what hit u!! His skill set is improving and he can be as aggressive as u want it to be!! He'll match u hold for hold and seems he never tires out!! I highly recommend him!! Can't wait for hi to return for the rematch



kimokilauea is recommended by tygrrr

After years since our last meeting I was lucky enuff to get together with this hot wrestler again! Lots of trash talk, very skilled and loves to give it his all!! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a match!! If u underestimate him watch out!!!



tygrrr is recommended by murphmuscle

Wow, what a sexy time. Chuck picked me up from the train, and from the second he picked me up to when he dropped me off, it was a hot, fun roll around. Highly recommend this strong and tough gentleman. Excited for round 2!



murphmuscle is recommended by tygrrr

What a hotttt time! Cocky, knowledgeable!! Lots of trash talk and more!! Can dish it out as well as take it!! Highly recommend if u get the chance to roll with him don't miss your chance!!!!



tygrrr is recommended by Anthon1

Tygrrr is the real deal, tough guy that was able to withstand a ton of body scissors, and dish out the same hold even worse. Was able to sub him in a fig4 leg lock, but wasn't able to escape his inverted surfboard. Real pro here, legit indian deathlock/backbreaker combos; was able to escape the first one, had to give in the second and third, and his camel clutch variation as well. Great stamina, highly recommended.



Anthon1 is recommended by tygrrr

What can I say, u should run to take on this man if u get the chance!! He's a true pro, knowing a vast number of moves and escapes!! His stamina is unequalled and he will fight you to the bitter end!!! His legs are killer and in a battle of scissors I was almost bested!!! U won't be disappointed in fact u will be begging for more! I highly recommend him!!



tygrrr is recommended by darkk

Don't let his age fool you. This guy is definitely a tygrrr with lots of fight. He's in great shape and a nice guy off the mat. If you get a chance to meet him, take it. Lots of fun and knows how to have a great match.



darkk is recommended by tygrrr

Just had another match with this hot stud and again he didn't disappoint! He's gotten even more experienced, his abs can take even more punishment! Don't miss a chance to get together with him!!!

Lots if fun, strong, and his stomach can take a lot of punishment. Warrior on the mat, nice guy off... Definitely take the time and meet up with him if given the opportunity... You will have lots of fun



tygrrr is recommended by Buscape

Very friendly opponent who clearly has had experience wrestling in high school. Does not give up too easily



Buscape is recommended by tygrrr

This guy is an animal on the mat! No let up great stamina, really knows his stuff! I don't say this often but he put me to shame!! Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle with him u will only be disappointed if u hate to lose!



tygrrr is recommended by Kayden

Always have a great time with this guy. In great shape and with a passion and enthusiasm we should all be jealous of. Had several different matches with him and each more interesting than the last, always keeps me looking forward to the next one. Check him out if you like experience, stamina, and imagination in a fit wrestling package.



Kayden is recommended by tygrrr

If u ever get the chance to take Kayden on, do it! One of the most experienced and creative wrestlers u will come across!! His strength and power is amazing, and his skill set on the mat or in the ring is off the charts! We have had numerous matches over the years and each one more exciting than the last!! This wrestler is highly recommended!!



tygrrr is recommended by hotprofanmuscle

If you want classic pro, or man to man connection this is a real hot treat. Bankable sexy fun man ...



hotprofanmuscle is recommended by tygrrr

He's the real deal!!! Strong! Knowledgable! And very versatile! Have had more matches with this smokin hottttt stud than I can count, each one better than the last!! If u get the opportunity don't miss a chance at adding him as an opponent!! Whether it's in the ring, on a mat, or even a mattress on the floor u won't be disappointed!!! He's one of a kind!!!



tygrrr is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

nice guy and always very welcoming and accommodating. I recommend him to anyone who actually wants a guy to show and wants someone who knows wrestling. Those are a rare breed. Go ahead, tame that tygrrrr!



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by tygrrr

What a great wrestler, knows his stuff and on the mat he's a beast!! Don't be fooled by his size, he's fast and strong and will have u pinned or submitting before u know it!! I'm hoping for a rematch... Soon



tygrrr is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

It was such an honor to wrestle him. Even though he was definitely more experienced than me, he went down to my level to make it fun and competitive.



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by tygrrr

What a fun opponent, feisty, never gives up, gives as good as he takes!!! Would welcome a rematch any time!! Don't miss a chance to wrestle him if he's out your way!! He doesn't disappoint



tygrrr is recommended by mason brooks

Good guy, fun time, knows his stuff.



mason brooks is recommended by tygrrr

Very talented wrestler, knows his stuff!! Can dish it out as well as he takes it!! Don't miss the chance to wrestle him if the opportunity is there!! He doesn't disappoint!!!!



tygrrr is recommended by tyalexander

always fun wrestling tygur. even though he thinks he is a badass heel i regularly make him my bitch ;)



tyalexander is recommended by tygrrr

Always a fun time when u get in the ring or on the mat with Ty!!! Very skilled and proves it every time we have met!! Highly recommend this talented wrestler!! He never disappoints even if he does consider himself a legend in his own mind, and overstates his victories!!



kevinwijatno is recommended by tygrrr

Hit the mat with Kevin a couple of times, and each time he proved what a skilled and strong opponent he was!! Powerful arms, and trust me when I say he's a warrior!! Don't miss the chance to wrestle him!! Can't wait for another shot at him myself!!



tygrrr is recommended by JohnnyKing

Tiger Collins was a fuckin hot match! The man has wrestled for a long time and definitely knows how to handle himself (and me!) in the ring. Great moves, submissions, awesome gear, and really sexy at selling. Can't wait for our rematch! In the meantime, definitely hit the Tiger up. He's a hot and good time!



JohnnyKing is recommended by tygrrr

Just finished my first match with the King!!! He was everything he professed to be and more!! He's got great skills, and his bod speaks for itself!! He's a cocky stud wrester, and it was fun sparring verbally as well as physically with him!! Can't wait for the rematch!! 😈



tygrrr is recommended by ca510140

match was a long time coming but well worth the wait. Great guy on and off the mats with power to back up all his talk, Really great holds and moves, a real pleasure to wrestle with. Cant wait for round 2!



ca510140 is recommended by tygrrr

Great fun and a great guy on and off the mat!! Knows his holds, can't wait for the rematch!!



tygrrr is recommended by Albertoalverez

Looks can be deceiving. This is a wrestler and a gentleman who actually knows how to wrestle!!!
had such a blast. awesome.



Albertoalverez is recommended by tygrrr

Let me be among the first to highly recommend this smokin hottt wrestler.... Knowledgable, has amazing moves, strong, and knows the flow of a good match!! I would meet up with him again and again!! Don't miss out if u have the chance!! I look forward to another match soon!!



tygrrr is recommended by heidernchu

Had a fun time with tygrr.
Very skilled and knows his moves. Very friendly off the mat too.



heidernchu is recommended by tygrrr

What a tremendous jobber!! Great flexibility, sells it well, and in great shape...puts up a great struggle! I would highly recommend trying to connect with this jobber if u ever get the chance... U won't be disappointed and I'm looking forward to our next match.



tygrrr is recommended by sebastian rios

He is a fun skill opponent who will make the encounter worth while. If you have the chance to meet with him don't waste your time thinking about it, go for it.



sebastian rios is recommended by tygrrr

Highly recommend getting together with Sebastian if u have the chance... Good skills, and a lot of fun!!!



tygrrr is recommended by dcwrestle76

Great guy and we got a good workout. Meet him if you have the change. Long overdue for a rematch. . .



dcwrestle76 is recommended by tygrrr

Jon is a very skilled opponent, and don't let his size fool you, he is strong. If u get the chance, wrestle with him, you will have a great time win or lose!!



tygrrr is recommended by wrestleclaw

great wrestler ... def. fight him over and over ,,,would highly recommend him



wrestleclaw is recommended by tygrrr

Great wrestler, mad skills, strong, great look... Very creative as well... If u have the opportunity don't pass up connecting with him!! U won't be dissappointed