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Have had to tone things down lately. Still trying to do rough wresting but no longer fist fighting (head injury, gf, etc). Ideal is now multiple Submission with body blows and manhood abuse (intense cock and ball abuse). Willing to try pro but not very familiar or built for it, sadly. I'm still into abuse stakes, nothing overly sexual or sensual. Loser gets what they deserve and Alpha gets the spoils of war. If you're 100lbs or 300lbs, we are still both men so the fight is fair, bring it on!



  1. USA - California, Roseville, Placer, CA
  2. USA - California, Burbank
    Often here for work
  3. USA - Arizona, Scottsdale
    Often here for work
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 140 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Fight shorts, nude, anything.

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toughfighter mike is recommended by tnwrestler1

Just realized I had not written a few reviews– had a great match with TFM– we had a tag match and some 1:1 action. He is compact, ripped, fast and aggressive. Shit. We had some great back and forth but he wore me down and used his superior skill to sub me.
He is one you don't want to miss– great wrestler and even greater person.
He knows his stuff and leaves it all on the mats when you enter the ropes.
Be ready for him is all I advise.



tnwrestler1 is recommended by toughfighter mike

This man is a powerhouse and a fun guy to wrestle. He has a lot of spirit both on and off the mats and incredibly adaptable with the flow of the match and willing to get rough and competitive or enjoy some solid give and take. Had a group meet up and was proud to have him as a wrestling partner, but was even more enjoyable when I got a chance to take him down. Outside the ring he is great to talk with and a class act. Hoping we get to roll again someday.



toughfighter mike is recommended by Socalwrestler

Had an intense match with Mike in a local ring. I wish we we had longer but the hour we did have was great. This dude can take more abuse than anyone I have ever seen. Don’t miss the chance to take him on. But, do not underestimate him either - you will regret it if you do!



toughfighter mike is recommended by brilliant n buff

Toughfighter_mike is intense, strong, and will fight exactly as you have agreed. Make sure you carefully consider the rules and stakes because he will follow them to the letter, no matter how much he regrets it when he loses (and he will expect the same from you if you lose - do not expect mercy).

Our match was fierce from the beginning and it lived up to all my expectations. I would highly recommend meeting Mike if you get the chance but be prepared to bring your A-game or he will bring you down.



brilliant n buff is recommended by toughfighter mike

Forgive the longer than usual write-up, but this guy deserves it. I was vacationing and wasn't sure if I'd get the time to meet anyone, but after chatting with Brilliant I knew we had to meet and I was not disappointed.

It's incredibly rare to find a guy that isn't just all talk when it comes to having an intense match. This guy backs it up and thensome. That doesn't mean that this guy is insane off the bat, but if the rules and limits dictate an insane match then he will make it an insane match.

I will admit I got overzealous finding a guy that was willing to both chance or dish out an incredibly rough match and stakes and I wound up overlooking our size difference. Then we met and I just hoped that maybe his size would make him slower. I was very wrong. This guy has explosive power and we both started strong and intense. I unfortunately then got dominated. All I got to say is that you better be ready for what you signed up for. He was respectful from start to finish, to me, and the rules though.

I owe him for not tearing me apart on my vacation. Next time we meet, if I can't manage a win I know I'll have to pay up and go through the hell that was agreed on.

He's a good guy off the mats, but an absolute primal beast on them. I can't wait to take him on again, even if it means knowing that the loser will be ruined.



toughfighter mike is recommended by wrestlesweat

Got to finally square off vs TF_mike after both wanting to fight forever, when the opportunity arose at the last minute. Hotter in person than even his great pics. Anytime he wants a rematch to redeem his humiliating defeat, he's got it. Nothing like a grudge match to step things up another notch or two. If you can, you gotta hit the mat with him.



wrestlesweat is recommended by toughfighter mike

First thing's first, yeah wrestlesweat soundly beat me, I will admit that, but next time I will come back with a vengeance. I can't believe how in shape this man is, especially for his age. He has the body and stamina of a guy in his 20s. He's a great guy, hospitable in every way, and yet can be rough when he wants to be. If you're just looking for a friendly match or a hardcore competition I would highly recommend him.



supertramp19 is recommended by toughfighter mike

Nice guy, hospitable and eager. We met to test the waters and go at it in a sub match. He has some great choke holds, but they couldn't keep me from dominating him.



bxrphx is recommended by toughfighter mike

So to be honest he is very particular and a discerning guy , but I respect him for that. Glad he's chosen to meet me, not just once but a couple times, because this guy is well worth it. He's an Alpha male and very dominant, both on and off the mats, but also hospitable and respectful.

Strong and just the right kind of violent and expects the same from his opponents. We got a vendetta going which fuels me to be rougher and stronger, which is the perfect kind of opponent.



toughfighter mike is recommended by Wrestle4Funnn

This guy is a Very tough fighter for his size and skills, has lots of energy and enthusiasm for winning, does not submit easily and that's how I like it! He can get into brutal fun games as well which could add way more excitement and roughness to the match any true male would def appreciate. He is also a lovely easy going guy off the matt that would highly recommend him for all wrestlers around ++



Wrestle4Funnn is recommended by toughfighter mike

Great guy. Hospitable, welcoming and very genuine. All that being said, he is also a powerhouse. More than you'd expect with how good natured he comes off, but ferocious in a match. I wish I had the size and skill to have given him a better challenge, but he is one of those wrestlers who motivates me to keep getting stronger and hone my skills, so I can take him down the next time we meet. I look forward to the next match I have with him. He's accommodating and likes to find explore new perspectives and I definitely give my recommendation to other wrestlers on meeting this guy.



toughfighter mike is recommended by michaelwood

Mike is a damn good fighter....strong and very aggressive....can take a lot and come back for more....for real guy here and want my hands on him again anytime



toughfighter mike is recommended by inchoate

Absolutely must meet. Will take almost anything you throw at him.



inchoate is recommended by toughfighter mike

Definite sadist, but good guy, who really understands how to push your limits while maintaining a level of respect and safety. Was a rough time and agonizing, but always felt safe.