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A very wise man once said in his recent update to his profile, "It's time to update my profile and images". Now a few years older and more gray hair, and a lot more junk in the trunk since joining Meetfighters, It's time for me to do the same.
I still love to take a good gut punch'n and still really like sparring although it gets harder and harder to find guys who like to punch it up at a moderate level of intensity. I don't mind going easy but finding guys that like the contact even at a moderate level seems almost impossible to find these days. Seems it's got to be all or nothing with the younger guys because they are either trained that way or they don't possess the control to spar at a moderate mutually agree intencity. Hey each to their own I say, and as we get older why stop what we love to do. All the power to us guys who still like to get in the ring and put the gloves on. keep enjoying the box'n & gut punch'n !!!
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  1. Canada - British Columbia, Midway
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I am willing to travel 5000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Boxing gloves, Head gear, No shirts

Boxing Boxing

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Davey716 gures KMMAN MikeJGEG MTNBikeBear tux



tough gut is recommended by MTNBikeBear

Happy I finally got the chance to meet this man.
very patient with beginners and oddly enough we had a lot in common so trust was easily established. I can tell you one thing is for sure, I feel it in my gut today. I wanted him to let me have it and I can tell he went easy on me but still enough to make me want to turn the tables on him to make it stop.

Would meet you again any time Ron. I hope you're still feeling it too.



MTNBikeBear is recommended by tough gut

After lengthy communications we finally had the chance to meet. Wow what a beast of a man. Gives and takes gut punches with great power and passion, and then he tells me he's never done it before. Well let me tell you I can only imagine how good he'll be after more experience in the ring. A rematch anytime my friend and to those wanting to meet with this guy, I can only say don't delay, meet today or at least get into it with him as soon as you can. I know I will soon. Thanks David you are ranked amongst the best you beast.



KMMAN is recommended by tough gut

True to his word a man who shows up to his commitments. This dude can punch but respects and punches only at levels you wish. Had a great time sparring a little and an even better time gut punch'n with him. Very personable guy, very easy to talk to and a great guy to box with. Thanks Kevin and to those who have not yet met up with him, do so you'll have no regrets. "O" and he's an amazing good look'n guy, even better in real life then in photo. Hope we can do it again soon Kevin my friend, until next time.



tough gut is recommended by MikeJGEG

After chatting on here for quite a while, I finally was able to get up to Canada to meet TG, and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. This is an awesome fighter, and just as awesome for gut punching. He is a great teacher, and I picked up some good information from him, and he def went at my level, yet was also pushing for just a bit more.

If you're looking for a good, fun, friendly fight, I can't recommend TG more, and will be getting back up there often!



MikeJGEG is recommended by tough gut

Great sport, likes to learn, has a genuine interest in recreational sparring. If you're looking for someone to punch your brains out this is not your man. If you're looking for a fun spar and a bit of a workout look no further. Had a great spar and learned some stuff myself. We'll get together again for another punch up / thanks for showing up Mike, until next time.



tough gut is recommended by Davey716

I had a great time meeting Tough Gut. He totally lives up to his name...big, powerful and with an incredible love for boxing and gut work. He's very experienced in this game and has a high threshold for punches. He was also a fantastic coach...patient and me many tips and pointers, which I will definitely use. Our match was way too short, but I am thankful that it happened, and can't wait for another one! Thanks, TG!



Davey716 is recommended by tough gut

Time went by much too fast / dealing with a recent shoulder surgery prevented us from sparring at a level that I'm sure we would have both prefered. With that being said, he used one arm only and not his power arm, leaving me awaiting our next meeting because I'm left wondering how much more power can this man deliver. Great gut punching session. He is a powerhouse and a great guy. Great things come in smaller packages, Thanks Davey716 for showing up (another plus) and you have my highest level of endorsement. Excellent fun can't wait till we do it again.



tough gut is recommended by tux

Tough Gut is a big guy with a good punch and excellent control. Had a great time learning and sparrign with him and cannot wait to meet up to spar again. Great guy outside of boxing too.



tux is recommended by tough gut

For a fellow who had never really done any taking of relaxed gut punches, you as a puncher would never known it. This guy has a good tough gut and likes the limits pushed with gloves or not. He likes to spar as well and tends to come at you but is absolutely fine with being reminded that that's not always the best thing to do. For those of you that know what I'm talking about, he's more than willing to sport the consequences. He has very good awareness of his control and I would without hesitation definitely recommend him to other recreational boxers and gut punchers. I bet he's a great wrestler even though we really didn't do any wrestling. Hope to see him out west some time and if not I'd come back in a heartbeat for a rematch. Get ready we'll do it again bud, hopefully sooner than later. Full recommendation as far as I'm concerned and he actually shows up (a nice touch).



tough gut is recommended by gures

One big tough hombre. Excellent boxer with very good skills. A humble teacher willing to share. Amazing hard gutpunching session with great give and take. If boxing's your thing this is your man!!!



gures is recommended by tough gut

Great match good at picking up on skills fast & an excellent giver & taker for gut punching. Matches power level with any other 185 lb. guy I've ever punched it up with. Don't delay if your thinking of setting something up with this guy, he is one mighty package.


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tough gut 3/05/2018

Punk wants to punch my stomach OK

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tough gut 3/05/2018

ring sparring

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tough gut 11/03/2017

Gut punches relaxed

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tough gut 10/31/2017

Amazing feeling gut punches delivered nicely by a big man with a pair of his gloves. I like how I feel that his power keeps heavy pressure on even when the punch has reached the end of its travel

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tough gut 10/29/2017

Hvy Weight works me after wanting to for some time

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tough gut 7/12/2017

Gut punched relaxed

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Heavy weights Gut Punch'n eachother

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