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Looking for strong, sweaty, fair fights.
And please spare me the trash talk. Not my style and not my language.
Show me what you got on the mat, not with your big mouth.



  1. Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Place of residence
  2. Spain, Basque country (I'm here between 6/23/2018 and 6/30/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Hebrew

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No holds barred No holds barred
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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tlvalor is recommended by nogen

tlvalor is a big, tough fighter with an iron fist. Beside that he is also a friendly guy who is fun to chat with off the mat.



nogen is recommended by tlvalor

Had a fun match with nogen. We wrestled and gut punched each other alternately. He has a great physique, and left some good reddish-bluish marks on my stomach with his strong punches. A very nice guy and fun to chat with off the improvised mat. I hope we meet again soon.



Kaiser is recommended by tlvalor

Veni, vidi, amavi



tlvalor is recommended by frogcub

Tlvalor is one of the greatest guys I've met here. He's a strong dedicated wrestler who'd give you a great challenging fight, and at the same time gentle and kind. I met him in Tel Aviv we had several rounds of tough fun fights on the mat and great conversations off the mat. Don't miss a fight with him.



frogcub is recommended by tlvalor

Frogcub is neither a frog nor a, cub, but a hairy giant, and quite a challenging one. In addition he is an interesting and well educated conversationalist, which makes meeting him sheer fun.



Ilanc is recommended by tlvalor

Friendly and pleasant indeed, and handsome too. Though still in his first steps on the mats, he already has a deadly closed guard which will squeeze your ribs and won't leave you with much breath. Total fun to roll with and chat. Highly recommended.



tlvalor is recommended by Some1

tlvalor is the real deal - I can't stress this enough. The guy is Tough but friendly, a formidable opponent and a class act. Tall, strong, athletic and a skilled submission wrestler - all in all an impressive tower of power. tlvalor is all business on the mats - Hits hard and will take your best shots without flinching. We fought four or five times at this point - each one better than the last one.
super nice, high quality guy who is totally respectful to his opponents , and also a smart, kind and easy going great conversationalist, and to top all of that - simply flat out fun to wrestle!
Highly recommended for anyone looking for a Superman on the mats and a Clark kent off the mats.



Some1 is recommended by tlvalor

Some1 is a one of the physically strongest guys I've met. Definitely one of the nicest ones. He is tall, has incredibly powerful arms and legs, and he knows how to use them. We met a few times, today was our 4th or 5th session. I thought it was about time I write my recommendation for him. He is a total pleasure to meet. A fierce and tough fighter, that also enjoys adding some dirty little moves, but as long as they are agreed upon in advance, I'm all for them.
I know it is a worn-out cliché here to complement our opponents' demeanors on and off the mats, but it applys to Some1 nontheless. It is sheer pleasure to talk to before and after the fight. He is bright, educated, well mannered and all in all a lot of fun.



tlvalor is recommended by jeunelutteurparis

Very strong and very nice Man. We had a lot of fun thanks a lot. Meet this strong wrestler if you have the Opportunity !



tlvalor is recommended by aztecwolf

If you are looking for a great opponent both in skill and in values, you can trust Tlvalor is your guy. He has been my toughest opponent so far. We need to find a clever way to decide the best man without killing each other. Hehe. Time spent with Tlvalor either fighting or just hanging out has been more than well spent, has been incredible.



aztecwolf is recommended by tlvalor

Aztecwolf should have actually been named Aztec lion. This guy is amazing, both as a wrestler and as a person. He is a very experienced MMA fighter, so he knows his stuff, I mean he really knows his stuff both in striking and on the ground. We met at a relatively secluded sandy beach in Tel Aviv a couple of nights ago. Since I'm still recovering from a serious back injury and would rather not engage in a full-blown mma style fight, we decided to divide our match in 2: we started with a gut punching give and take until one gives up (more precisely, full body punches except head and balls...). This guy has bombs in his hands and they got fiercer and fiercer. Since my punches are not all that bad either, after an hour or so of mutual artillery bombardment with our fists, both pretending not to be suffering, we decided to call it a tie. Then we moved to submission wrestling. He excels in that field as well. After a couple of minutes with sand in our eyes and mouths we decided to call it a night and went bathing nude in the dark waters. It was a hell of a night. I can't wait to meet him again and finish our job.
Second round - Feb 16. Just as amazing as the first one. Couldn't recommend this guy more.



tlvalor is recommended by zetizef

This fight went like everytime a solid stone wall meets a thin rubber band. Even slightly diminished by some pain in the back, this guy was so strong that I could not even figure out where to start to have the smallest chance to get a submission from him. I found my self pinned most of the time, which he didn't seem to mind :). All of this safe, sane, enjoyable. I was very fortunate to meet him and enjoy his skills as a fighter, as well as his conversation as the kind and clever man he is. What else could you possibly ask for? Warm recommandation goes without saying.



zetizef is recommended by tlvalor

Zetizef is everything you could hope for with an encounter through this website: athletic, agile, strong, eager to fight, and yes, very handsome too. We had a great match with several tough rounds, and then went out for a drink and I was delighted to show him around town for a while. I really hope our paths cross again and we get to have some more fun. My highest recommendations.



tlvalor is recommended by Vice

Tlvalor is a true fighter. The guy has it all: strength (so much of it), skill in multiple martial arts, spirit and wisdom (on and off the mat btw). It's hard to believe that though he looks really big in his pics, he's more so in the flesh. Still he keeps it all well under control and very safe. A real pleasure to fight.
Off the mat he's one of the nicest, most delicate mountain of a man I'v ever known.
All in all a MUST MEET wrestler.

Highly recommended!!!



Vice is recommended by tlvalor

If you are looking for a talented fighter with endless stamina and an unbreakable fighting spirit (100% safe and sane of course), this is your guy. He really knows his stuff, and will use every move in the book (he seems to know them all) to try to make you tap, and then some. People on this website usually add a nice sentence about their opponent off the mat. I could not even begin to describe what an amazing guy Vice is. Funny. He will make you laugh before, during and after the fight. Smart. We can talk about the most profound issue, and he will always come up with a new bright angle. A true friend. I will forever cherish for the privilege to have met this adorable tough cookie.



tlvalor is recommended by Eitanr

For everyone that visit tel aviv meet tlvalor will be great exprience for you :). Don't miss it.
Firstly tlvalor is a well trained fighter, that have a lot of strength and have exprience in more than one martiel art.
Apart from be a great fighter tlvalor is a sympatic and really aducated guy.
We had a really good and intresting coversation.
It was a pleasure for me to meet tlvalor.
Highly Recomanded!



Eitanr is recommended by tlvalor

This young athletic guy is great fun. He is eager to fight, he's tough and hard to submit. He has endless energy and will always come back for more. He is almost half my weight which of course was an "unfair" advantage for me, nevertheless he managed to keep going on and on tirelessly. In between rounds we had great talks. He is very intelligent, interesting and educated. I'm sure we'll meet again for some more fun fights. Highly recommended.



tlvalor is recommended by WrstL1980

TLValor is as powerful as the pictures show.
Although a beginner in BJJ (who's catching up fast), but a very experienced fighter in an array of different martial arts, and in general a combat machine who's pretty impossible to tap out.

I enjoy our matches and recommend meeting him to anyone who's up for fighting a brick wall ;)

Off the mats, smart, well mannered, and a real-life Clark Kent..



WrstL1980 is recommended by tlvalor

WrstL1980 is probably the best fighter I have met on this website. Every session with him is an educational (and tough) experience.
He is very well trained in bjj, and could easily be awarded a purple or a brown belt if he only desired. He is so humble, he doesn't even care, which only add to his finesse, charm and kindness as a person.
Mixed with being highly educated and very handsome, WrstL1980 is every mother-in-law's dream.
Having said all that, needless to say how highly I recommend WrstL1980.



tlvalor is recommended by wrestlron

Tlvalor is a tough powerful fighter with a cast iron body. He is incredibly strong and muscular, and apart from wrestling he is knowledgeable in karate and Muay Thai. You can understand that this guy should be taken very seriously :-)
Our match was very intensive, sweaty and forceful - and mostly fun.

Off the mats he is a perfect gentleman, an interesting impressive person and a friendly intelegent guy, full of kindness and charm.
Highly recommended



wrestlron is recommended by tlvalor

Wow, those kind and warm words coming from a guy like wrestlron left me speechless. Where can I start. This is one tough mother f….r. Do not let his baby face fool you. He is an amazingly strong and brave human being in all walks of his life, including on the mat of course. When we met he asked me to have mercy on him, and boy, he was not the one who needed mercy.
I can foresee many more great matches with him. Do not miss the chance to meet wrestlron if you can.



tlvalor is recommended by orenbon

A very tough man and a nice person. The guy has a build strong body, which makes it difficult to submit him. All in all, we had a spontaneously short but intensive match. Will definitely have a rematch anytime soon.



orenbon is recommended by tlvalor

A very aggressive and enthusiastic fighter. Watch his leg lock, it can be deadly if you are not ready for it. A great guy in and out of the mat. I will sure meet him again.


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