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A lean feisty tiny jobber that gets thrown into the ring to sell the Heel! I get all swaggy and confident even when facing a Heel twice my size.. start my array of kicks and punches, but the Heel probably feels nothing whatsoever! Now the Heel gets warmed up and roughs me up like a rag doll... I am smashed against the wall again and again, my face smooshed in your arm pits... i am broken into half and carried around like a little trophy.. i just whimper and stagger around and finally cry for mercy.

Mantra for all Heels: Just because I am half your size doesn't mean you should show any mercy!

Great scenes that get me hot:
1. I throw punches and kicks at you while you just stand there sneering at me. "Are you done?" you shouted as I clearly look exhausted....
2. Stopping the 10 count by lifting my head up while pinning me.... cos you want to punish me further
3. Putting me in a submission hold till i cry like a little girl!

loves domination matches where I am the jobber that gets totally humiliated and destroyed! I don't really have a lot of experience but my imagination is boundless and everything is fine as long as it is safe and sane. :P erotic wrestling is cool and punishment for losers hotter!



  1. Singapore, Singapore
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Age: 43-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 136 lbs (62 kg)

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tinyjobber is recommended by longlimbs16

Friendly guy who is reliable, safe and sane to wrestle. Great jobber and loves to be punished. Very good at suffering. We went out to lunch afterwards as well.



longlimbs16 is recommended by tinyjobber

Really fun to wrestle with - he was a natural cocky heel who made sure my face is either pressed on the floor or trapped between his thighs at all times! Had no trouble throwing me around at all and balancing me on his shoulders - I was weightless to him. We literally overturned the bed ...

Sane overall, and friendly after the match.