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Even though all the Wrestler Guys, as i describe in my profile, are 80,000miles away ... (Here Goes) ... Finally New Pictures BUTT ... New & Present Pictures are so-so because of company relocation from Austin to Southern California (Arrgghhh !!) Move Finished in San Diego April 30th, 2018 ... THE MOVE WAS BRUTAL !!! ... Gym while i moving but Company relocation to this new territoy (hell!) Southern California starting to get more civilized (compared & Like Austin, Texas) ... and so, trying to get Big & Strong (that means Muscles) - Like Y'all ... i travel for WORK (but not everywhere) :-(
Like to meet others who lift weights
& try to bodybuild. (as i try)
have Match/Workout to take a break from The Gym.
if You want to lift at the Gym, also ... Cool.
Maybe hit a Sports Bar ... watch PPV.
Go to the Beach.
Speedo's & Barefoot here.
Like to try/learn boxing.
IF You're Visting San Diego or Oceanside or Southern Calif. - Give me more than ONE Day's/ One Hour Notice (please!)



  1. USA - New Mexico, Bernalillo
    (I'm here from 3/09/2018)
    San Diego
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing

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texercise is recommended by Wrestle4Fun

What a treat to wrestle J.D. Don’t believe otherwise, he’s strong and can take a lot. He got me good a few times, but it was the ultimate manly sweat fest. Great sense of humor and conversational. Drove 2 hours in LA traffic and still had great stamina. It was definitely a great connection, fun time and hope to meet this muscled guy again soon.



Wrestle4Fun is recommended by texercise

Good To Meet Up with Wrestle4Fun ... wasn't sure how that would go ... He's Big , He's ALL Man and a Nice Person (don't get him upset) (Don't Push His Buttons WRONG (and don't be a Jerk)) ... He was Very Good to Me , We wrestled and i got him to Sweat ! (Wow) ... i need to man up and Be All Man next time i get to get ahold of Wrestle4Fun ... Because And, I hope i get another chance to ... He's ALL Man !! .. .And, I hope i get another chance to try and get physical with This Big Hunk of Man and Wonderful, Nice Handsome Hunk ... Highly Recommended ...



texercise is recommended by Dogfighter5

I had a wonderful time with this muscle stud. He is a kind and friendly gentleman as well as a jacked up muscle athlete who has been around the wrestling block a few times. We worked up a nice sweat in minutes wrestling and flexing. After we indulged in candy and snacks his awesome hotel had out in their break room. It was a very good and memorable match. I highly recommend this stud.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by texercise

i Finally made it New England - NICE to be Back in New England !!
i Finally got to meet up with Dogfighter5 (and i am glad i finally did)
Dogfighter5 is Built and Good Looking and a Great Person !
i haven't been really wrestling alot ..."due to the same-oh-same" ... :(
Refreshing to meet up with DogFighter5 to be reminded of how
much fun , muscle and sweating - wrestling is & suppose to be.
(And why i should be going to the Gym ... (more))
would be great to have someone like DogFighter5 around to
be wrestling on a regular basis ... take a break from the gym
Lifting and workout with DogFighter5 ... grrr
Hope to be working out and wrestling with DogFIghter5 more
In The Future. ... Highly Recommended



sdguy is recommended by texercise

Glad to meet up with SDguy,

Great Workout
Great Time ,

He "got me" - one time - Drn ! . .Tap ..

IF You get the chance to meet up with SDguy
1). i jealous
2). You had better be ready to Wrestle ...
- ( No Heel - Jobber - Scripted Stuff !)
- Wrestle This Hunk ...
- He is Great !

i need to "up" my gym workouts / lifting
because ... Hope to get a rematch !

Good Meeting You SDGuy



MKC111 is recommended by texercise

Been awhile
I had the Great Chance to Wrestle with This Handsome Muscles Hunk.

He Is Great !!!

Hunky Muscles Wrestler.

i may not miss Austin
But - i miss Dallas!

Hope i get the chance to be wrestling this Great Fun Wrestler again!



Jock2Boxwithstakes is recommended by texercise

Finally getting time to write ... Past Opponent (not sure why that didn't go through(?)) .. Got to have WORKOUT with This Hunk ... i survived ... if You want to have a Good Workout (could be sore ;-) ... Don't miss a Chance to meet up with HotBoxer ... He Shows Up, He has Manners, He is a Great Workout ... Highly Recommended ... Thank You



texercise is recommended by bluecal

Texercise is big and ridiculously strong. Very outgoing, friendly and a lot of fun to wrestle, very conscious about safety too. I highly recommend wrestling this mountain of a man, you won't be disappointed.



bluecal is recommended by texercise

after a tuff week in Silicon Valley ... got to meet up with BlueCal (Refreshing) ... Had Great Wrestling with BlueCal ! ... He's Tuff, Muscle Fun and He will gladly Scissor You in those Killer Quads ... If You get the chance and want a Good Wrestling Muscles Workout, Wrestle BlueCal. Highly Recommended.



texercise is recommended by ironranger

Texercise clearly loves to wrestle judging from his slightly maniacal laugh while putting me in multiple grapevines, but that only made me fight against this lion harder. And I did manage a good cross body leg scissors that made him tap. Once - I got lucky. Otherwise it's like wrestling a granite statue of Hercules come to life. And because I'm a glutton for punishment we hit the gym and lifted. Yes, heads turned when this ripped, vascular, stud walked in. Terrific guy on and off the mats. I can't wait to feel his power again soon. Highest recommendations.



ironranger is recommended by texercise

Got to Meet Up with IRON RANGER again (Ya !!) .... He's a bit taller than i ... he's got more wrestling muscles than i ... he can out lift me (weights) @ the gym ! ... He Gets me Going ... Gets my veins going and then we get muscles pumped and i have to survive this Awesome Wrestling Beast ! (ouch !!) ... i have to Work and then i even half to Sweat on Him ! He's a Way better Muscles Workout than just lifting weights at the gym all the time !! ... and He's A Great Person !!! ... Nice to Be Wrestling A Muscle Beefy Guy that Lifts Weights @ The Gym (Wow !) ... wish i could be wrestling him in a padded room or a Ring - every other week or thursday nights after Work ! ! ... then maybe i get bigger and be wrestling Iron Ranger - even more ! ... Can't wait - for another Wrestling Workout with IRON RANGER ! ... if You get a chance to be wrestling IronRanger - i jealous ... Grrrr !



texercise is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

JD is the real deal of a man who is strong like an ox and a very nice man off the mats. He is the Man in my life now and also my regular wrestling partner, nothing else more i can ask for. His scissors can be gentle or super tight but his holds are super tight with tight abs grinding you down on the mats, totally recommended for anyone who wanted a reliable match up.



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by texercise

Refreshing to to have someone in Central Texas that actually looks like they lift weights (wow!) and is a Wrestler ... which Rare in Central Texas due to the Texas b.s. ... Great to have someone reliable (that goes to the gym) ... If You wanna take a break from the Gym and doing Reps all the time ... take a break and have a sweaty muscles wrestling match with this Guy ! ... Highly Recommended !



texercise is recommended by freewrestler

nice muscles faboulous body to wrestle and bearhug looking forward to our next match



freewrestler is recommended by texercise

I got to wrestle this Swiss Hunk when he visited Texas ... We are very close in height and weight ... Had Great time wrestling with Him and working up a sweat ... wish we had more time ... i wanna be wrestling this Guy again ! Wrestle this Wrestler - if You get the chance ...



texercise is recommended by leanmachinetn

I recently had the pleasure of meeting texercise. Three hours of intense, hot, sweaty wrestling followed. In the end, the solid muscled stud called texercise prevailed.

If there's anyone I desperately want a rematch with, its this dude.



leanmachinetn is recommended by texercise

i Finally Got to Wrestle The Lean Mean Machine from Tenn ...
This Guy is Chiseled Steel.
i tried to use my sweaty muscles to be all over him and sweating on him for 3 hours
but he is Tenn. Tuff wrestler ... back and forth ... this Guy doesn't quit ...
i was sore after wrestling this wrestling machine ... Good Times, Great Wrestling Match, Thank You Bud...
If y'all get a chance to be wrestling this Guy,
Take a Break from Weightlifting & doing #Reps everyday .. and do it (Wrestle this Guy) - You'll have a Good Wrestling Workout



texercise is recommended by rdecker

I cannot believe I didn't write a recommendation for this stud... First off, he is a great guy, second, an awesome wrestler (I lost track of the number of different submissions from him...). And yes, he is as strong as he looks (actually, BETTER in person...which is distracting) and has the stamina to keep going and going...we wrestled on/off for 4 hours, a few years back.
If you get a chance, wrestle him! You will be sore, but it is so worth it...



rdecker is recommended by texercise

Wrestling with This Big Hunk of Man was Awesome ... We wrestled for quite awhile :-) ... and .... was a Great Sweaty Workout ... Steamy Windows !!!
wish i were in Southern Calif. more so i could be sweaty wrestling with This Handsome Hunk Man ... I need to get back to Southern Calif. :-( ...
He's a Busy Man and So IF You get the chance to do wrestling with This Speedo Hunk, - No B.S. ... Yo'd better show-up ... He is Well Worth Wrestling !!!



texercise is recommended by Thickbeef

had the pleasure of meeting for the second time. i would instantly meet for a third time if we are ever near each other. This man is ripped, strong and a lot of fun. He's exactly why I join a site like this. To find fun, well built guys who can make you sweat, laugh and grimace all at the same time.. (i could do without the humiliation of tapping a few times to a guy who is 40lbs lighter!)



Thickbeef is recommended by texercise

Awesome Bud ... Nice Beef !! ... ThickBeef Has it ALL !!! (Total Package) ... Same Here, He is The Reason why i joined this Site ... Sweaty Muscles Time with Thick Beef is a Blast ! .. FUN ... We Sweated and i was worn down by this Beef Hunk - Fun ... A Way Better and Fun Workout than Going to The Gym ... AnyDay ... i wanna Re-Match ! ... i can't wait to put on the Speedos versus this Hunk again ... Highly (Highest) Recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



texercise is recommended by gapbear

great guy to wrestle with. We had some great matches. He is very strong and has great endurance. Really nice guy off the mats as well. I look forward to future matches.



gapbear is recommended by texercise

Great Times with GapBear !! ... Great Visiting with Him ! ... Fun and Muscle Wrestler ... Hope to Meet Up with Him again (soon!) Great Person evdn When we're not wrestling :-) ... IF You get a Chance to meet with GapBear - You're Lucky !! ... Hope to meet with GapBear again !!!!!!!!



texercise is recommended by WrslMscl

One of the strongest opponents I have ever faced. Incredible arm strength, especially. I was able to sub him only once, and mainly due to his lack of formal training. I seldom shy away from a challenge, but here I stopped myself from challenging him to an arm wrestling bout; was afraid he would whoop me. But you guys go ahead, challenge this guy and you will have no regrets.



WrslMscl is recommended by texercise

Nice Bud ... Thanks Matt,
i had Lot's of Fun - trying to out-sweat Matt,
Matt a Great Person.
Hope i get to Hang Out with Matt - again!
Good People are Refreshing !!!!!
especially now-a-days ...
Thank You Matt for Flying - To Texas (Austin)



texercise is recommended by jobbermaker

Joe is totally a red hot man.. I dated him for 3 years and dont regret any of it.. I would highly recommend him for anything you have in mind...



jobbermaker is recommended by texercise

Jobber Maker is a Great Guy and and even better (ADJUSTABLE Skills) Wrestler, He Lifts Weights and He is Built ! ... If You get the chance to meet with Stevie for a Wrestle Match ... Do IT !



texercise is recommended by the123champ

Awesome guy in great shape! Puts up a tuff match! Highly recommend taking this guy on to anyone. In fact, I can't wait for a rematch myself. (hint, hint, hint). >;o)



the123champ is recommended by texercise

This is LATE.... !
Better than than(?)
123 Champ is a Great Person.
and not a bad wrestler ... (my bad ... my bad humor)
i need to get back VERSUS him
and have another match against him.
I need to practice and He is a Great Wrestler.
i need to go .. get back ... to school vs. him.
this is Late