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I wrestled in HS so I usually default to folkstyle (pins) during a match out of habit, but I'm open to all styles. Ideal opponents are other in shape guys to test our strength, muscle against muscle. But open to any fighter that are strong and skilled that I can learn from.

Would love to have a regular training partner to improve my skills. Hit me up!



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Not interested in cyber


  1. USA - California, San Diego
  2. USA - California, Los Angeles
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Age: 28-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'5" (165 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Gear: Doesn't matter. I'll rip it off anyways

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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testofstrength is recommended by Ghjghj

Very buff guy, ridiculous how muscular he is. Good guy. Very good roll as our size were a close match.



Ghjghj is recommended by testofstrength

Ghj has a lean muscular build. I would say his body looks better than the pics. We didn't have much time but managed to roll around for a bit. Nice guy off the mats.



testofstrength is recommended by GymJock

Very very strong fighter and fun to wrestle. On the mats he is a tough competitor, off the mats a great guy. Would totally recommend and looking forward to next time.



GymJock is recommended by testofstrength

Gymjock is a nice guy and great host! We finally settled the debate about who would end up the winner ;). I had a good time and would definitely recommend.



testofstrength is recommended by baywrestler

testofstrength is a tough competitor and put me through my paces on the mats. Submissions on both sides, and a great workout. Easy to relate to, good communicator, punctual... and hot. Glad he made a point to wrestle me while in the Bay Area!



baywrestler is recommended by testofstrength

Baywrestler is a great guy and a generous host. He made sure that I was able to navigate the city as easy as possible for our meet up. On the mats he's competitive and "flexible where it counts", as he puts it. I was lucky enough to get a massage after the match. Great guy!



testofstrength is recommended by wrastlin30

Great guy on and off the mat and highly recommend. Super strong and solid and a very tough opponent. Hope to wrestle him again!



wrastlin30 is recommended by testofstrength

I had the chance to meet up with wrastlin30 in LA. By the time the match was over, our bodies and the mats were covered in sweat. He's got nice biceps and a defined chest. Nice guy off the mats too.



testofstrength is recommended by polyethylene33

We wrestled this bull twice in SoCal and had great fun both times. He's even more muscular in real than on his pics, very impressive body, strong of course and very quick.
He makes a great wrestlingtoy but Don't try to test his strength unless you're pretty sure of your skills, otherwise he'll kick your ass! Highly recommended



polyethylene33 is recommended by testofstrength

I had the pleasure of wrestling Poly and Antton while they were here in California. They were every bit as strong and skilled as their recommendations say. Just when I thought I had them in a sub, they would maneuver their way out of it and lock me down. Poly is ferocious on the mats, and extremely cocky. Unfortunately for me, he had the skills and technique to back it up. He's a nice guy off the mats when he is not trying to make you submit. I highly recommend!



testofstrength is recommended by Antton64

Had two matches with this muscleboy: first a competitive 2vs1 then a more fun 2vs1.
His huge arms don't lie: he is strong! He is surprisingly fast and rally competitive and agressive as I like. Don't expect him to tap before he is totally blocked or choked.
Very nice guy of the mat! 100% recommended if you want a brawl



Antton64 is recommended by testofstrength

I had the pleasure of wrestling Antton and Poly while they were here in California. They were every bit as strong and skilled as their recommendations say. Just when I thought I had them in a sub, they would maneuver their way out of it and lock me down. Antton is ferocious on the mats, and extremely cocky. Unfortunately for me, he had the skills and technique to back it up. He's a nice guy off the mats when he is not trying to make you submit. I highly recommend!



testofstrength is recommended by natureboyesq

TOS is all muscle (as his pictures reveal) and a great match even for a guy who outweighs him by quite a bit and even after he had had a bunch of other matches that weekend. He's strong, knows his sub holds, and his freestyle background shows...had me on my back the entire match. Great smile and was happy to show this novice some new holds too. Will be linking up with this guy again when I'm down in SD!



natureboyesq is recommended by testofstrength

NBE is a great guy. Friendly and a good host. He's in fantastic shape and he's got the endurance to keep you on your toes. I'm glad we finally got the chance to meet up. I definitely recommend and we'll for sure wrestle again! Just make sure you don't get injured because you're too stubborn to submit lol 😛



testofstrength is recommended by Larson659

FINALLY! Haha. After chatting with this guy and exchanging messages for well over a year, I had the opportunity to have a match with this stud. Totally worth it. I had a great competitive match with this guy. Tons of fun, amazing physique, and genuinely friendly and accommodating. I hope to match up with him again someday! If you get the opportunity, don't second guess it, he definitely won't let you down



Larson659 is recommended by testofstrength

After years of chatting, we finally had the opportunity to wrestle. He's a skilled wrestler. Strong, tough, but endurance could use some conditioning lol jk. Larson is an all around great guy, on and off the mat!



testofstrength is recommended by brick

Tough little bull in phenomenal shape! This guy gave me a bear hug that would rival any larger man's, and I nearly tapped from it! Had a lot of fun tossing him around, mounting him and pounding him a bit. He took it like a champ!



brick is recommended by testofstrength

He's much bigger in person that he looks in pictures. Strong as an ox. Aggressive. The difference in size was too much! I had a good time. Would recommend if you're looking for a hard match.



testofstrength is recommended by MKell

This guy is pound for pound one of the strongest wrestlers I have taken on. He is competitive and tough. It was a fun match and good workout. Definitely take him on if you have the chance!



MKell is recommended by testofstrength

Despite our size difference, I took him down and made him tap a couple times. Lol jk! He's a strong grappler, very skilled in choke holds. Overall great guy.



testofstrength is recommended by Virgowrestler

Had a great time with this little powerhouse. Strong and willing to learn. Took what I was dishing out and kept coming back for me. Looking forward to more wrestling with this sexy stud.

Don't pass up the opportunity folks. Great guy all the way around.



testofstrength is recommended by Lv2wrestle

great guy!! so fun and honest. Knows his wrestling well from college to pro. Way strong and a great time!!



testofstrength is recommended by Wrestling Angel

Great friendly guy, easy to coordinate a wrestle even though he is 2.5 hours away. Very strong and getting better with his skills. Loved hanging out with him in between rolls and when he starts training grappling he will kick everybody's ass...



Wrestling Angel is recommended by testofstrength

A friendly guy with great skills on the mat. Will definitely meet up again!



testofstrength is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great and strong guy here! Henry is a muscle powerhouse but it was great fun wrestling with him and showing him his place ;-) which is below me, lol
Off the mats absolute friendly and great guy.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by testofstrength

Chris is a sweet and friendly guy. But when he wrestles you, he is like the "Destroyer". Very powerful and dominant. He's also got an amazing body! We had a great time and will meet again in the future.



testofstrength is recommended by ocmuscle

I had a great submission match with this tough guy. He is strong and definitely has the strength! I am looking forward to more wrestling with this young stud.



ocmuscle is recommended by testofstrength

Had a good time wrestling with this one. Although he won't explicitly admit it, I was slightly stronger in terms of strength ;). Good endurance and technique. Looking forward to our next match.