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Like to wrestle and lift weights, Can't get enough matches. Like to wrestle all styles: pro, sub, erotic you name it. Have mats and can host. Co-host West Coast Florida Wrestling Club that meets a few times a week in Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida. I will wrestle all sizes and skill levels. Hit me up for a match!



  1. USA - Florida, Tampa
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

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tampachaser is recommended by luv2wrstl

I had so much fun grappling and wrestling this guy. My nickname for him is pit bull as he just keeps coming :) thanks for the fun and look forward to wrestling again soon ;)



tampachaser is recommended by Mark uk

April 18. What a bloody legend this guy Jeff is. Hosted a meet with me, him and Gabe (Latinjock4u) at his place in Tampa.
A great matted room but also a ring in the garden. Had the joy of 1on1 pro matches with both of them then a 3 way match which turned into a 2v1 against the Brit Beast ( you know it takes 2 yanks to control 1 Brit bad boy. Lol). Such a great afternoon of wrestling, chatting and stories.
If you get the chance then look up the

Thank you again guys



tampachaser is recommended by hellcatedy

Jeff has an incredibly hot muscle body, and he loved destroying my tiny self with his awesome strength. There was nude oil wrestling, in the pit here in St. Petersburg. Love the body worship too. Hope there's more in the future. Pretty fun times with him and the rest.



hellcatedy is recommended by tampachaser

Hellcatedy was a very fun wrestler and I highly recommend him. He has a lot of spunk, personality and is a great wrestler.



tampachaser is recommended by Not Since Timmy

Had a great time in the ring today. Nice guy who really loves wrestling and backs that up. Looking forward to many more rounds.



Not Since Timmy is recommended by tampachaser

Tim is an awesome and skilled pro wrestler. It was a lot of fun wrestling him and I look forward to many more bouts. Do not miss the opportunity to wrestle Tim.



tampachaser is recommended by Gspinman

If you're in the Tampa I highly recommend looking up the guys of Florida West Coast wrestling club. Tampachaser was a formidable opponent with some strong holds who was able to host. They have their own matts and a ring as well. Very down to earth guys that are willing to take on opponents of all levels. I definitely will hit them up when I am back in the area and you should too!



tampachaser is recommended by latinman445

Finally got a chance to meet Tampachaser after so long and he amazing! Tough fighter as well and also another great teacher! Glad i have a friend/mentor as him also! Cant wait to go back!



tampachaser is recommended by Txbigb

I had a blast wrestling with this powerhouse down at his facility. He's a gracious host and great coach. By the end of the match I was covered in sweat and was literally crawling out the mat room. It was an intense and entertaining day of wrestling. I hope to meet with him again.



tampachaser is recommended by BDsubmit

Tampachaser is a great guy, wrestler and host. I waited a long time to wrestle this Stud and the wait was worth it. if you get the chance to lock up with him you will not be disappointed....



BDsubmit is recommended by tampachaser

Bdsubmit is an incredibly strong and skilled wrestler and just plain a lot of fun to wrestle. I thoroughly enjoyed grappling with him and recommend him highly.



tampachaser is recommended by riwrestlebuddy

Awesome time with this stud. Strong, muscular, fun. Knows his way around the mats. A dude you just want to wrestle for hours. I look forward to many more matches. Strongly recommended gents.



tampachaser is recommended by lb200

Tampachaser and I had a brief pro wrestling match on the ring during Clash 20.
Despite our short time together, I had a very good and fun time with him. We locked in a couple of holds and he threw me around in the ring. He was very safe to wrestle with and he takes good care of his opponents.

I wish I had also wrestle submission with him too because I did see him tackle many opponents on the mats. :)



tampachaser is recommended by ctrwash

Jeff is a muscular, strong guy! He loves hard wrestling, but he went a little easier on me as I am new, and also we oil wrestled. If you like a man who is strong as an ox, has incredible strength in his pecs, shoulders, guns and legs, and above all, a super-nice personality, hit this guy up!
Thanks, Jeff!



tampachaser is recommended by bushchub

What a great guy.
His arms belong to the Terminator, I had no answer to his neck cranks and choke holds. I pathetically tapped out, again and again.



tampachaser is recommended by kevin patrick

Great Guy and fantastic wrestler. Made me remember why I love wrestling so much. Not afraid to get rough, and very skilled. A very long, brutal, sweat soaked match and I loved every part of it.



tampachaser is recommended by liketowrestle

Tampachaser is new to wrestling but strong and full of energy! Had a great match with him during my visit to Fort Myers! Nice guy on and off the mats, recommend him to anyone visiting the area!