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love wrestling grappling sub erotic I whatever u want love messing around in our singlets and seeing who truly is the stronger individual. Travel frequently for work and usually have a room to myself :).



  1. USA - Washington, Spokane
    (I'm here from 9/23/2018)
  2. USA - Minnesota, Minneapolis
    (I'm here between 3/03/2019 and 3/08/2019)
    Work trip
  3. USA - New York, New York City
    (I'm here between 3/08/2019 and 3/17/2019)
  4. USA - Connecticut, New Haven
    (I'm here between 3/10/2019 and 3/15/2019)
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 232 lbs (105 kg)

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t dawg is recommended by rsl4fun

Great body, great personality, fun give and take. Hope to meet again.



t dawg is recommended by grapplingguy

Very Big, Very Strong and Very fun!
Glad we had a chance to meet for short but very fun match!



t dawg is recommended by Swenrique

What can I say about T_Dawg...except HELL of a LOT of fun!!! Big, strong...aggressive and accommodating!! This man is a barrel of fun!!! Great on the mats and off!!! Looking very much forward to the day our paths cross again!!!



Swenrique is recommended by t dawg

Can’t believe it took til now to leave a recommendation. One of my favorite people I have ever met on this side! Great time on and off the mats and by far one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Don’t let the kindness fool ya! This guy is an ox and can easily lift anyone on this site!

Highly recommended



t dawg is recommended by Yusufu

Dont miss a chance to have some fun withtdawg! he knows what he is doing! We had a fun freestyle/greco match. hes rather strong and has skill!



Yusufu is recommended by t dawg

This guy is a beast. He’s the skill and the power to wrestle for a long time. Definitely someone u want to meet on and off the mat. Great guy look forward to seeing him more in the future



t dawg is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had the pleasure (?!?) of meeting this beast of a man in my mat room a few days ago. He's big, strong. and has a background in freestyle wrestling which he puts to very good use on the mats. I was totally outclassed, but he's a nice guy and a ton of fun to wrestle, so a good time was had by all. And it could not have been easier to schedule a match with him – it's such a pleasure to find a totally reliable young man on this site. I would definitely wrestle him again, and hope to get the chance.



t dawg is recommended by hairyjockcub

Had a great time with t_dawg. Great guy on and off the mat and look forward to our next match...!



hairyjockcub is recommended by t dawg

GReat time meeting this guy and damn he looks good in a singlet! Definitely has the skills and backs it up with a great personality off the mats! Don’t underestimate his kindness for lack of skills though! Excited to take him on anytime we cross paths



t dawg is recommended by Slater Jackson

Go the chance to take on T Dawg in a pro style match. Tough guy, strong and easily lifted me up for a bodyslam! Wears his pro trunks well! Great attitude, great at cranking on the holds and watch out for his killer body scissors!



t dawg is recommended by wanttowrestle

T dawg and I had a short sweaty match inwhch his height and weight and skill dominated. Yet I had fun wrestling this young man. He is a pleasant fellow on and off the mats. For a great wrestling challenge, he is your man.



t dawg is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Big muscle boy great guy had a really fun time



t dawg is recommended by Bigdaddy

handsome big muscleboy, strong and fun to wrestle. looking forward to a rematch!



Bigdaddy is recommended by t dawg

Great big bear! Had a great time locking up and chatting with this guy. Highly recommend if he's in your town



t dawg is recommended by dave26

big powerful guy, managed to pick me up and toss me around, but I held my own and had a great match.



dave26 is recommended by t dawg

Dave may look small but is very tough on the mats! Great guy off as well and can't wait to pin this little man again



t dawg is recommended by Chris in seattle

He was a nice, laid back guy. We had a good time and I hope to see him again before I move



Chris in seattle is recommended by t dawg

Great guy on and off knows who to work with someone who doesn't have his experience. Can't wait to get back up the mats with him and hopefully put up more of a fight



t dawg is recommended by Studboy

I had a blast rolling with this dude. He's a big younger guy who uses his size to gain the advantage. I hope to cross paths again as he's also a very cool guy off the mats and is fun to chat with.



Studboy is recommended by t dawg

Loved wrestling this guy! Knows his stuff and loves to be put in all situations. Don't sleep on him or he will get u in a lock as well. He may be small but he is definitely strong and worth the match. Hopefully will meet up with him again



t dawg is recommended by Nyboy19ad8

Had a great time wrestling this big guy. Not much I could do but take it after while. He's quick and powerful but also a nice and all-around good guy. Just the type of guy you want to meet on here. It's a shame he lives so far away! Until next time...



Nyboy19ad8 is recommended by t dawg

Great guy had a blast wrestling with him. Great strong legs and truly had a good time just talking alone with wrestling. Can't wait to wrestle him again