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Hey guys, love wrestling, it is definitely one of my biggest turn ons. That being said I obviously love getting erotic in a match. This is not a must by any means, but be aware I will be hard. Prefer pro style matchs, can be jobber or heel, squash jobs, or equal matchs. I will do promission. Submission matchs are tough because of ongoing shoulder issues but if you are also willing to do so,e pro I will do some sub. So I prefer younger to equal aged opponents but will go older, please be no older than 50. I have made exceptions to my rules, but I really gotta wanna wrestle you. This is mainly because I wanna be attracted to you , sorry guys.
Please contact me love hearing from people, prefer messages to challenges but hey you get what you get.



  1. USA - Vermont, Hinesburg
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

Gear: Speedos, singlets, spandex shorts, jock, sometimes nude

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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suggs is recommended by lb200

Suggs is definitely the funniest and most extrovert wrestler I've ever met. He can be a complete tough heel or a submissive jobber. You wouldn't expect that from his build, right? Suggs is just full of surprises. Both his wrestling style and personality will blend in with yours easily.

He's one of the few wrestlers that can resist my head scissors. That's to show how tough this @#*&$ really is :)

This utterly handsome bear really looks like Seth Rogen :) hehehehe. My plans to flirt and bearnap this wrestler utterly failed, but he was a good sport and gave me a lot of his time.



suggs is recommended by vicj81

I had a really good time! He's funny as hell and put up with my weirdness. Very strong and gives as well as he takes!



vicj81 is recommended by suggs

Finally got to meet up with this guy. It was an amazing experience. Vic was fun, funny, and very flexible, flexible in every way imaginable. I honestly can't wait till the next time we can make a meeting work out. If you get the opportunity meet up with this guy