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French stocky guy, with judo background, I love to play wrestle, judo with other men



  1. Ireland, Dublin
    Place of residence
  2. United Kingdom, Manchester
    (I'm here until 8/31/2019)
    Work and live in Manchester area
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I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers


Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 238 lbs (108 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German

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Judo Judo
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stockyfr is recommended by Muscle Monkey

Met this guy as part of a group meet. Very nice guy, friendly. Hes strong and has excellent stamina. Skilled and doesnt give up. Glad i had the chance to wresrle him. Would definitely do round 2.



stockyfr is recommended by RugbyBoy

This guy was a pleasure to meet, excellent stocky build and some great strength too! Brilliant arm wrestle and tests of strength, genuinely nice guy who is stronger than most. We had a good wrestle and even managed to incorporate some body punching and knees! Solid wrestler, although he knows who's boss haha ;) Thanks for hosting mate, absolute pleasure and I'd recommend him to anyone. Thanks again :P



RugbyBoy is recommended by stockyfr

I wrestled this fantastic bloke in Manchester. He is a real powerhouse, much larger than what his pictures let believe. off the mat, he is great guy, a smiling face nice and respectful. On the mats, he is one of the strongest guys i've wrestled, knowing what to do in a match. We had a long session of ground wrestling and some tests of strength. I cant wait to lock up and wrestle him again.



stockyfr is recommended by Tanker

Now this Monsieur deserves to be better known, a judo black belt, he is obviously very skilled, VERY strong (He cut a swathe through a number of experienced heavyweights at the meet with seemingly little effort)! All with a smile on his face! Perhaps as a good Frenchman he enjoyed gutting Le Anglais on their home ground!
My experience , he was stronger, way better skilled, there was really little I could do, submissions are executed safely and smoothly.
Nice guy, happy to recommend and ATTEMPT to wrestle again!



stockyfr is recommended by dadwrestle

Simply one of the best! I think I was the first to face this AMAZING guy at a meet in Manchester! Awesome skills, able to adjust to make the fight enjoyable. Great physique to match his skills. Off the mats he brings French charm and a winning smile!! What more can you ask? 100% PLATINUM STAR!! Don't miss a chance to roll with this superb wrestler!



stockyfr is recommended by Indomable1965

I was very shocked when i wrestle this french beast because i didnt imagine he would be so strong and skilled in fact i was thinking to give him a beaten and happened just tha back. He was very kind visiting my place to wrestle me. In the mat we started armwrestling and i was not able to believe how much strong his arms were like a solid wall, imposible to bend...there are not may guys able to beat me armwrestling. Then when we wrestle he beat me few times too till a shoulder paind avoided him keeping wrestling (perhaps and strategy when he felt the match was turning back? lol). But i enjoyed each second of our match. We must repeat to find out it exactly... out of the mat he is a 10/10



stockyfr is recommended by j2047

I had a lot of fun rolling with this "monsieur";big and strong with tons of stamina!
It was a pleasure to feel is power and.... try to bring him in trouble.
Uncomplicated and reliable guy!



j2047 is recommended by stockyfr

He is been a wonderful host in Zurich. On the mats, he is strong and put all his energy in trying to win, making him a redoutable opponent. Cant wait to wrestle him again



stockyfr is recommended by docmoose

When I met stockyfr in Zurich I said to myself I will never make with this massive guy. Instead I had a safe and nice match. This guy has a judo background and knows eventually the safety limits for his action.
Hopefully a new match in the future.



docmoose is recommended by stockyfr

I have a couple of bouts with docmoose. he is a strong and skilled opponent. i'm sure i'm gonna meet him again for some other matches.



stockyfr is recommended by hunk71fi

You might call me crazy, but after wrestling Celticmuscle in the morning I booked an evening match with Stockyfr, a past opponent of the Champ. We started the match with no hesitation and locked all the possible holds we could on each other. The match went very well, Stockyfr is very muscular and strong, making the wrestling an enjoyable meeting. Despite of his efforts and even a classic test of strengths, this handsome wrestler found himself under my power. After the match we headed towards Temple Bar in search for the Irish culinary achievements. Instead of sandwitches and chips we did actually find an Italian pizzeria, and got ourselves a good meal and wine!

I feel that I got a new friend in Stockyfr and welcome a rematch with him. If you like a strong and experienced wrestler, he is on top of the list in Dublin! Highly recommended!



hunk71fi is recommended by stockyfr

Wrestled with this hunk in Dublin and it was one of my best wrestling match. he is muscled and strong. he is also a fantastic guy i enjoyed to spend time with on the mats and outside.



stockyfr is recommended by Munich Grappling

Had the fortune of wrestling Stockyfr. He is one strong and skilled wrestler who taught me a thing or two about wrestling. Great guy to meet and wrestle and a top fella, a great guy and a gentleman on the mats.



stockyfr is recommended by fitguy2

Enjoyed meeting this judo guy for a great wrestling match. Great casual personality too. Now that he has moved to Ireland, hopefully we get to roll again



stockyfr is recommended by Celticmuscle

This man is one strong tough judoka! Determined, controlled aggression mixed with real skills makes for quite a combination. Add in a great personality and u have a great opponent! Meet him if u can!!



stockyfr is recommended by fr judoka

Un super-moment, merci beaucoup pour cette rencontre : costaud, il n'a rien oublié de son bagage technique de judoka - ce qui ne signifie pas qu'il soit désarmé comme lutteur pour autant !



stockyfr is recommended by oursonlutteur

Rencontre sportive et très agréable. Heureuse surprise. Plutôt judoka que lutteur pour le moment, mais cherche à s'adapter!! Très sympathique. De belles jambes...



oursonlutteur is recommended by stockyfr

Bon lutteur et personne dont la rencontre est enrichissante. Il m'a accueilli sur Paris avec gentillesse et bonne humeur, et nous avons l'occasion d'avoir une très belle lutte.