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Looking for fun, aggressive, friendly, safe wrestling with like minded guys. I can be as aggressive as the other guy wants or as easy going as a newbie might like it to ease into the sport. I am mainly looking for guys who are athletic and muscular and know their way around the gym.

I am muscular, workout 5 days a week and getting bigger and leaner everyday. I am into submission, promission, erotic, freestyle wrestling as well as just horsing around. And I love to get into heel/jobber matches and love to be a rough heel to a strong jobber.



  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
    Home sweet home
  2. USA - Massachusetts, Boston
    (I'm here between 9/20/2018 and 9/26/2018)
    5 Day trip
  3. USA - Georgia, Atlanta
    (I'm here between 10/11/2018 and 10/15/2018)
  4. USA - North Carolina, Charlotte
    (I'm here from 12/01/2018)
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shirts, shoes, no shirt

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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spladle2submission is recommended by TakeDown000

Great guy. Met up with him for a 2 on 1 match and was easily destroyed. Really knows how to use a sleeper, inflict pain and force someone to submit. You better be prepared if you meet him. Nice guy off the mats too!



TakeDown000 is recommended by spladle2submission

So I met with this young guy and had a lot of fun. He came over and took me and Kayden on and we ended up working him over but he kept coming back for more and is strong and resilient. We put in a variety of holds and he just kept coming back again and again. If you want a guy who will not stop, you might want to hit him up and get in a match.



spladle2submission is recommended by TheNutCracker

Beast! Not only does this guy use size and skill to lock on brutal submission holds, he's got nerve claws that absolutely destroy any hope of getting the upper hand in a match. Fought my hardest, but this guy is tough and likes to dominate physically and mentally. Great guy on and off the mats. There will definitely be a rematch!



TheNutCracker is recommended by spladle2submission

What a cocky little attitude this guy has and I had a blast wrestling him and trying to adjust that cocky attitude. He walked in and took me and Kayden on and in all the submissions we got on him he kept coming back for more and never did I get that attitude adjusted. Just means I will need to take him on again and try again to adjust his cocky attitude. What I can say is he is handsome, fun to wrestle and tough as nails. You can not go wrong wrestling this guy and I recommend him highly.



spladle2submission is recommended by SubmissionMSCL

This guy is the King of Sleepers....once his solid biceps find their way around your neck, you're done. Also quiet capable of inflicting pain in other creative ways and laughing at you while you struggle. Too damn cocky for his own good....and it was a pleasure to also have him tapping in MY sleeper. He def had the upper hand though...will have to give him that...and he always has another match waiting for him.



SubmissionMSCL is recommended by spladle2submission

While on a recent trip to Boston, I had the pure pleasure to meet up and wrestling with this man. He is as muscular and handsome in person as in his pics and is a great wrestler. We went at it for 2 hours plus and we both submitted a few times (although he went to sleep 8 different times) as we wrestled. I loved his cocky attitude even as he was slipping off into sleeping land and got right back up spouting crap about how I was about to suffer. He made me laugh and I will think of this as one of my best wrestling sessions with anyone and I will be giving him a rematch, ANYTIME he wants it.



Wrestlehockeyguy is recommended by spladle2submission

I have wrestled this guy twice now...and man is he strong and fun to wrestle. I met him in Maryland and again in California and loved both matches with him. He is a great guy both on and off the mat and in great shape very strong. Good man to wrestle and we are already planning another round of matches.



spladle2submission is recommended by ricky gonzo95

Talked to this guy for sometime before actually meeting. He is a really amazing guy. Super strong wrestler with a wide range of holds at his fingertips and a really nice guy off the mats. I had a great time with this guy and am looking forward to meeting up with him sometime in the future. If he messages you about wanting to meet I would 120% recommend that you meet with this guy.



ricky gonzo95 is recommended by spladle2submission

I met this guy while I was on a trip to southern California and had a really good time. He is handsome and his pics are spot on perfect. He showed up exactly when he said and we wrestled or hours and had a blast. The wrestling was intense at some times and easier and slower at others and both were equally fun. I would recommend this guy highly and I hope to be wrestling him again soon and many times to come.



spladle2submission is recommended by dpp4

Very nice guy and very skilled and safe.



dpp4 is recommended by spladle2submission

One of the best guys I have ever met off of any wrestling site ever. He is strong, fun, easy going, and a great competitor. He shows up when he says he will show up and is a man of his word. If you get s chance to meet and wrestle him I can not recommend him more.

Update: I keep meeting up with pdd4, he is one of the best guys I have ever met and wrestled from this site, he is STRONG, AMAZING body, HUGE pecs, and just a good wrestler. I enjoy wrestling with him, hanging out with him and just being his friend. My only issues is he is the ONLY guy I have not been able to rear naked choke to sleep, damn it. But otherwise, you could not find a better guy to meet for a wrestling match or arm wrestling challenge.



spladle2submission is recommended by RNC23

Been in talks with Spladle2Sub for awhile now, so it was nice to finally meet up with him! Real strong guy!! Able to adjust to your level too!



RNC23 is recommended by spladle2submission

So I finally met with J, and we had a great time. He is a good man, good wrestler and someone I want to wrestle again and have some more fun. If I have to give one warning, be careful of his legs...strong legs. I look forward to another wrestling match soon.



spladle2submission is recommended by goat

Had a great match with s2s. He's a strong dude who knows his stuff. He brings a great attitude to the match and is a chill guy to talk with outside of the battle. Highly recommended.



goat is recommended by spladle2submission

I had a great wrestling experience with Goat; he's in good shape, strong, wrestled hard, good to talk to before and after the wrestling and all in all one of my favorite opponents. I can not recommend this guy enough, and if you get a chance, get on the mat with this stud!!!

2/3/2017: I have had a chance to wrestle this guy again and I have had a better time this time and he is getting stronger and bigger from his time in the gym. I am looking forward to meeting this stud more and more and to keep seeing his improvements from his gym workouts. I still whooped him again on the mat, but it was a bit harder this time. I got to keep lifting too to keep ahead of him. I need to also say I call this guy a friend...and great wrestling friend. He gets my highest recommendation!!!



spladle2submission is recommended by Kayden

This guy will kick your ass in the gym as well as on the mats, though I daresay I gave as well as I got more often than not. Definitely look forward to seeing him again, learned enough just from our first meet I expect the second will be an equally instructive encounter, just hope he doesn't expect me to go as easy on him next time ;)



Kayden is recommended by spladle2submission

I am going to go on a limb and say this is one of the best guys I have met up with and wrestled. We hit the gym together to workout for a few hours, had a chance to sit and talk and just hang out for a while (seems we are both HUGE sic fi nerds) and got in some good hot and hard wrestling. I am going to be meeting this guy every time our paths cross and I might make them cross more frequently as I love Boston. If you get a chance, meet up with Kayden and get in some wrestling; might want to do it sooner if you want a shot at pinning this guy, if he stays in the gym and lifts like we did this past weekend he is going to be a muscled beast in a year or two.



passivemuscle is recommended by spladle2submission

My friend here is a great guy, super strong and handsome as all get out. I enjoyed the wrestling and the conversations and drinks. I will be back to wrestle and work this handsome guy over some more for sure.



spladle2submission is recommended by Kyle Braun

Sweet guy incredibly powerful and talented on the mats. He's got mats to wrestle on in his place in Seattle so if you happen to be passing through town don't miss him!



Kyle Braun is recommended by spladle2submission

Handsome guy, great wrestler, and able to throw down with the best of the guys on here. I had a blast and can not recommend him enough to try and wrestle. Off the mat, super nice and a good guy to hang out with and grab lunch or a drink.



spladle2submission is recommended by Nyboy19ad8

I had a great time meeting spladle2submission on his trip to NYC. Never have I met such a nice guy turn so quickly into a strong, powerful heel. With good company and a good workout there is no reason not to meet up and wrestle. Good luck though, because you're gonna need it!



Nyboy19ad8 is recommended by spladle2submission

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex, what a nice guy and super sweet. Great to talk to and get to know and fun to wrestle on the mat. If you are looking to meet someone who loves to wrestle and still be a total gentleman I can not say enough good things about Alex. He's very cute too.



spladle2submission is recommended by Studboy

spladle2submission is a genuine and nice guy off the mats. On the mats, he's a total brute. He knows a wide variety of holds and knows how to put a guy in painful predicaments. Definitely recommended for a fun wrestling time.



Studboy is recommended by spladle2submission

Had a match with this guy this weekend and I can not be more happy I got to meet him and wrestle. He was exactly on time, he is so handsome and great build and strong. I had a blast and can not recommend him more or in a better way. If you get a chance to meet him and wrestle, he is your man. I wanna wrestle him again when in NYC next.



spladle2submission is recommended by bradleyj

Had a great time he def knows his skills, he put me in 3 sleepers and got me into submission.... Id def go at it again. Nice guy very knowledgeable.



bradleyj is recommended by spladle2submission

Brad is a great guy, fun to wrestle and strong for his size. Actually deceptively strong for his size. I would recommend him to anyone who want s a fun match and I hope to do it again soon.



spladle2submission is recommended by mattz4fun

I've had the pleasure of wrestling with this guy on several occasions, almost always in a different city. We always challenge each other. He brings new moves (and more muscle) to the mats every time. Great guy off the mats as well. Can carry on a good convo as well as slap on a tight choke. What's not to like?!



mattz4fun is recommended by spladle2submission

Chris is probably the best guy I have ever wrestled in a private setting ever. He is strong, amazing body and awesome skill. We have known one another for many years now and clashed several times and always shows up on time and is a guy I call a friend with class.