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I feel as if I have been unleashed...

Very fun, very charming, VERY direct world-traveling, professional man here.

Semi-competive, pro-submission rough housing and fight for dominance with a sexy element :-) I like to have fun and physically bond!

I am highly respectful of boundaries. I can totally turn off with respect to my straight and bi brethren. It's not all about sex so there's no pressure there at all. Just ask me bro bro!

Wrestling has been a life long fascination for me. It is exhilarating to test the limits of your strength against another man's. To get all sweaty, hot and out of breath while pushing and pulling against each other's muscles. All my senses and passions come out!

ColoWrestler called me "bi" in the sense that I enjoy being a heel as much as I enjoy being a jobber. I adapt very well. Ultimately though, I like to be put in my place. Wanna try?

My new lifestyle has me loving the gym and my intense nutrition. The stronger I get, the more I wanna "GO AT IT" with other like minded brothers... Don't be shy.

(I speak fluent Espanol and a little bit du Francais et Portugues)



  1. USA - Colorado, Colorado Springs
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Florida, Fort Lauderdale
    (I'm here between 8/17/2018 and 8/24/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 42-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 189 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Gear: jeans & shirtless, singlets, shin guards, trunks, jocks, nekkid

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
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Smotherboy is recommended by solarphonics

Ok this is a BIG guy and I had an awesome match and workout with him. He's a total gentleman and we had a great time! Try to avoid being under him cuz once that happens, you're done lol I recommend him 100%



solarphonics is recommended by WB2915

Solarphonics is an incredibly fun guy to wrestle! We had hours of great wrestling action back and forth, and his speed even running on almost no sleep, caught me off guard. Had to resort to some creative tactics, and with the right motivation, he could return whatever I could dish out. Great looking guy with a great attitude on and off the mats! He was also a very gracious host. Very highly recommend wrestling this guy if ever you get the opportunity!



WB2915 is recommended by solarphonics

I mean... just look at this dude! We met up on a super late night and after a long travel day for me so I was unfortunately not running on full steam. But we still had hours of grappling fun. He's very strong, very beefy and incredibly sweet and kind-hearted. Great smile! I look fwd to locking up with him when I am not on 3 hrs sleep! He's a total gentleman, so if you have the opportunity to lock up with him, just DO IT!



solarphonics is recommended by Delrayguy

Solarphonics and I met on a Saturday and had some good bouts. He is strong and fiesty. We slowed it down after a bit and I shown him good holds and technique. He wants to learn and improve his skills and by the time he left he really picked up on a lot of what I had shown to him! I think after he gets more matches and experience under his belt he will be a tough wrestler to take on! He is one of the nicest guys to talk to as well. A very pleasant, no nonsense guy... I would highly recommend wrestling with him! The next time around I'm sure I will have my hands full trying to out maneuver him!



Delrayguy is recommended by solarphonics

Delrayguy and I had a great Saturday afternoon wrestle. He taught me a great deal! He's super easy going and an awesome host. Do NOT make the mistake of thinking his age makes him any less stronger or less faster b/c I am here to tell you that would be the wrong assessment of this wonderful wrestler! I look fwd to staying in touch and bein buds :)



solarphonics is recommended by WrestlingFL

Awesome match up with this good guy! He was kind enough to host at his hotel room and we had a sweaty encounter that could have gone on for hours. He's got a good build and nice arms, but more so he's a real man with wrestling in his DNA and not afraid to lock up. He was tough and handled my bigger beefier build well. I enjoyed putting him in full nelsons and making him submit! I'd highly recommend meeting him.



WrestlingFL is recommended by solarphonics

Stars were aligned for this match! lol His pics do NOT do him justice btw. He's a solid, built tough, hairy chested wrestler who knows how to use his beefiness. Hot, masculine, aggressive sweaty afternoon. Super considerate, respectful, honest, professional guy. A man's man. No BS. I look FWD to being pals.



solarphonics is recommended by FlDean2012

Solar was a great guy to wrestle and hopefully he comes back soon. He was fun to exercise with so if you ever have a chance to wrestle him, by all means please do.



FlDean2012 is recommended by solarphonics

Met with infamous 'Dean the Greek' who has the notoriety of being the man who helped motivate me out of my wheelchair by wrestling me in his pool. It was awesome and this kick-started my rehabilitation and my physical strengthening journey that I have been on, I am eternally thankful to him for this. We wrestled a couple of times and had a blast each time. He's very easy going, friendly and lots of fun! Check him out when in South Florida, GREAT host :-)



solarphonics is recommended by Mike86

He’s a strong and tenacious wrestler with a no quit attitude. We had a fun time rolling today and I enjoyed the entire match. I’m sure he’ll continue to get tougher as he racks up more matches. I definitely recommend taking him on if you’re in the area.



Mike86 is recommended by solarphonics

This man was a bigger beast in person that I had imagined, in the weeks we had been communicating before our match. He's incredibly strong and effortlessly flipped me about and pinned me despite my numerous attempts to overpower him or escape his pins. it was a great workout, proudly standing over me with his foot on my chest, asserting his win. Friendly and sweet guy also, he's an obvious recommend :)



solarphonics is recommended by Zwrestle1

Solarphonics and I had been in contact for a few weeks before actually meeting up. With all our back & forth, we built up quite an anticipation, that I was worried our meetup wouldn’t live up to our expectation. Well, it did! And then some. Our match had exceeded in intensity. This guy is one strong, physical, tenacious, hot guy. He’s tough and has lots of stamina; he’s there to wrestle, and no matter how many times I took him down, he kept fighting on. You will not be disappointed in any match with this sexy guy. Highly recommend. ...oh yeah, and he wants me to admit to “giving in” at one point, which I contest. (Let’s just say he’s not above using unfair tactics, haha! )



Zwrestle1 is recommended by solarphonics

OH YEAH... very strong, rough and very HOT match with ZWrestle1. Worked up a great sweat for several hours, exchanging holds, dominating each other and he may not admit that I forced him to 'give' quite cleverly...but I did! Tho he pinned me multiple times :) Started in jeans n shirts, then singlets. Very much in synch with him, totally looking forward to wrestling this sexy man again real soon! Likes my music and had smart conversation. Overall cool guy!



solarphonics is recommended by breakfree

Conocí a este hombre distinguido mientras estaba en Buenos Aires por negocios. Me llevo al gimnasio y despues nos dimos un luchazo. Tiene un rico cuerpo, un espiritu sensual, linda sonrisa y musculos fuertes. Espero volver a ver a este macho, pero inolvidable!! ;)



breakfree is recommended by solarphonics

Me encontré con este joven toro mientras estaba en Argentina y ¡no me arrepiento! Primero hicimos workout en el gimnasio, luego tomamos un buen sauna y después volvimos a mi habitación y tuve una excelente lucha con el. No dejes que su juventud te engañe, él es muy fuerte con mucho calor. Espero llegar a luchar con él de nuevo. Él es altamente recomendado por mí.



solarphonics is recommended by texwrestler2001

Wrestled for hours. HOT INTENSE match. HOT man..took punishment like a champ. HIGHLY recommend



texwrestler2001 is recommended by solarphonics

Wowzers! Locked up with this alpha Texas stallion and went at it for what seemed like days! Very strong, very intense and as for pinning him... well I certainly tried! Great fun, intelligent conversation and humor. 100% recommended... Super nice guy!



solarphonics is recommended by ColoWrestler

I have been wanting to wrestle this guy for a while and we finally made it happen with a long pro/erotic match full of submission holds and other forms of wrestling torture including cbt. Solarphonics claims to be a beginner but he seems to know a lot of holds and counter moves and even though I outweigh him by 40 pounds he made a really good showing for himself.

Since our match was several hours long we took a few breaks to watch some videos and found out that we were into the same wrestlers and types of matches which his probably why our own match was so freaking hot.

I have found over the years that some guys are all about their personal goals in a match which is perfectly fine and other guys are much more into pleasing their opponent by giving them a chance to show off their skills and playing along with their personal fetishes. Solarphonics is one of those wrestlers who adopts himself to his opponent's style which helps to make the match a great experience for both wrestlers. He also has a very nice body, looks great in singlets and jocks and is surprisingly strong. He took all that I could dish out and made me pay for my mistakes with well placed punches, immobilizing holds and sleepers. I think that he tapped out more times than I did but I lost count after he forced me to submit with a combination naked rear choke and ball twist.

Since we live near each other I am sure we will wrestle again.



ColoWrestler is recommended by solarphonics

Wowzers! Well what I can say about this beefy 'solid tank' of a man except that I had the best time! My confirmation are my very sore muscles all over my back and torso. ColoWrestler is so much fun! I let him know ahead of time about my ankles and balance, and that I prob didn't know as many technical maneuvers or holds as he did, but none of that mattered.
He had some BG and CAN-AM matches playing while we wrestled. His triceps are rock solid and are the size of my head!
We changed out of gear a few times.
We wrestled for 5 hrs! I must have tapped out like 16-17 times from being in a contorted stretch to being smothered in his massive chest or wrapped around his arms and legs unable to move!
We were very much in synch and enjoyed every aspect of our match. It was very masculine, erotic and for me, a physical workout. I look forward to locking up with this 'solid tank' again.
If you have a chance to wrestle him, don't pass it up :-)



solarphonics is recommended by Super Jobber Guy

I had the honor of meeting the superior and one of a kind nan, Solarphonics in November of 2016/ Meeting me at my hotel, he was unlike any man I ever have met. And as a wrestler, he is like nobody else. Handsome beyond words, and muscular in the most unique way, this man is impossible to resist. And once he had me in his grasp, there was absolutely no turning back, even if I tried. He made me want to suffer and pushed me to do so, even when I thought I could not handle more. He made me handle more and made me a better man by making me suffer. His legs are the best legs I have ever seen, felt and touched. It's almost like he was an extra set of muscles hidden underneath his already bulging and physically intimidating thighs and calve muscular structure. His biceps are sensually and perfectly rounded and his shoulders are perfect. And his chest expands and can pec smother a man unlike no other . He knows holds by instinct. He is a primal, all powerful, natural hunting dominant man. He invents original submission holds as he goes. I literally suffered and submitted to him for hour after hour until I was no longer in control of my body. I felt like a puppet that only moved when my puppeteer allowed me to move. Solarphonics is a god. No questions asked. Of that I am convinced. Worship is what he deserves.



Super Jobber Guy is recommended by solarphonics

This guy was incredible, had a super amazing hours long conversation (unexpected but nice), on just about every subject. The wrestling was HOT. We were both exhausted but still had a great time. I used my legs and quads on this man MERCILESSLY. The more he begged me to stop, the more I applied pressure, using my muscles and weight to force him to continually submit to me! It was great and I had a nice time.



solarphonics is recommended by pace80

Fun guy to wrestle with and super nice to talk to. He has tremendous strength and with a little bit of training he will be a tough opponent. He has a wide variety of gear for wrestling.



pace80 is recommended by solarphonics

Wow! Had a great time wrestling this beefy guy. Pace80 has an awesome physique, expansive chest, strong back and powerful legs. He definitely had a bit of size on me, but that didn't stop him from being very fast and agile in all his moves. I even got some training! I wasn't ready for his mountain of knowledge and experience for sure, I had a SUPER workout. Was a a very unique experience. If you have the opportunity to grapple with Pace80, don't pass it up! Friendly and personable off the mats as well :-)



solarphonics is recommended by rjvlatino

We have met a few times but the last time we just decided to go intensely hardcore Latino macho style where we got sweaty, hot and rough with heel/Job holds and moves all the way in all possible wrestling styles and gears to exhaustion all over my bedroom. He has nice stiff biceps. Surprisely, I hung in there , dominating this cute, sexy, funny ,yet seriously fuming amigo overall. He gets what he deserves for calling me Little Boy. We gonna do it all over again whenever we meet again.



rjvlatino is recommended by solarphonics

Rey and I have wrestled a few times over the 2 years we've known each other. He is beefy and strong, don' let his stature fool you! The fact that he is deaf is not an issue at all, as long as you can text or communicate intelligently. The match is usually a very tactile one, and we always have a good time playing out our Latino vs Latino battles. It's always a pleasure to grapple with him when I pass through. Can't wait till next time.