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.From Halifax Canada.Enjoy give and take, practicing and applying long held holds and pins on one another. I also like to play the role as jobber and have my opponent or heel apply schoolboy pins on me, high on chest and face, forward and reverse facesitting full weight smothers etc. Headscissors, chokes are also cool as well. I do enjoy a struggle and can wrestle and apply different holds on my opponent as well. I don't just lie there, unless of course you want me to, lol, Thanks for reading, Robert



  1. Canada - Nova Scotia, Halifax
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Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Gear: underwear, speedos, nude

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Billy Bonney Hardmatch lacteur1


smotherme is recommended by goodm665

He loves taking holds and pains. He is a perfect jobber, and I enjoyed wrestling him a lot. He's also very sweet and nice outside the match. Love to see him again!



goodm665 is recommended by smotherme

It was a pleasure meeting goodm665 as my first wrestling encounter here in Khobar. He is very knowledgeable in applying punishing scissors both head and body, and also using a variety of holds that many times required my submission which he always respected. He is a great guy, polite, well educated, easy to talk to and great fun. I immediately felt very comfortable with him and would highly recommend him. His toned body and handsome looks are also a few of his great assets.



smotherme is recommended by Billy Bonney

I highly recommend Robert for some playful wrestling action. We met about 10 years ago and I look forward to eventually having another match with him. He was a great deal of fun and a good sport in allowing me to put him through some "nasty" wrestling moves that really turn me on such as facesitting pins and headscissors. He is a very nice gentleman on and off the mats. He will not disappoint you if you wrestle him.



Billy Bonney is recommended by smotherme

Billy is one of the first guys I actually wrestled and flew in from Mexico City (where I used to live) to meet him. Great guy, very strong and extremely knowledgeable on wrestling pins and holds. We both have similar interests in pinning holds, scissors, and facesitting pins and man did he ever put me through the mill with his skill and expertise. Bill's southern hospitality is second to none and he makes you feel very comfortable as soon as you meet him. He is always at the top of my list as a favourite.



smotherme is recommended by lacteur1

What a great time I had with Smotherme. I'm pretty sure I was hard the entire match. Perfect amount of body hair that just got more exciting with sweat. He may pass himself off as a jobber but don't be fooled: you'll work for your pins and submissions and be really glad you did. I'd take him on again in a heartbeat.



lacteur1 is recommended by smotherme

Lacteur1 made me feel completely comfortable within seconds of meeting him. He is a great guy, handsome and knows how to wrestle and apply holds and willing to oblige any requests you have. He has to be one of the friendliest wrestlers I have had the pleasure of knowing. Definitely want to see him again if he gets to Halifax. BTW he has a great facesitting smotherpin that he used on me and held me in it for ages. I was in heaven.