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Smaller guy ~130 lb. Looking for matches with other lightweights (go up to about 165 - with a few a exceptions). Favorite holds are schoolboy pins, scissors, grapevines, camels and headlocks. Pretty competitive, like a bit of trash talk and cockiness. Particularly like putting cocky guys in their place. Safe - No injuries. Real only, please no fakes or cyber matches.

In Orlando Feb 17 through Feb 22
In NYC Feb 23 through Feb 28



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Stakes
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Jackoff, Cock fighting


  1. USA - New York, New York (I'm here between 2/23/2018 and 2/28/2018)
    Here Feb 23-28
  2. USA - Florida, Orlando
    Here for a few days
  3. Mexico, Mexico City
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Age: 40-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 130 lbs (59 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: singlet, briefs, shorts, anything

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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Manu Wrestler is recommended by smallriff

I had a great match with Manu. He was stronger than I expected, and we were able to have a pretty even and competitive match. Luckily, I was able to wear him down after a while. Off the mats, he is a very personable and friendly. I had a great experience spending time with him after the match. Highly recommended!



smallriff is recommended by NYleanmuscle

After a long planning stage, we finally got to meet. As described, smaller guy, feisty, tough, good cardio, mean headlock and dangerous legs. He will give you a battle and more if you want it. Terrific guy off the mat. A pleasure to finally meet up and roll with him!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by smallriff

He is a skilled strong and fit opponent on the mats. He had me in many different holds and kept me there as long as he liked. Always safe and fun. A great pleasure to talk to off the mats. Highly recommended!



smallriff is recommended by libertine109

smallriff is a very strong wrestler, I had a rough but awesome time wrestling with him. He is a great dude off the mat. I definitely look forward to a re-match!



libertine109 is recommended by smallriff

Had a blast matching up with this guy on my last trip to Toronto. He may not weigh very much but he gives it his all and has some surprising strength. He also doesn't tap easily and didn't appear to mind suffering in many of my holds. We lost track of time and had a much longer match than planned. Good times!



smallriff is recommended by toprosub

After winning the first 3 matches I thought I was going to shut this guy out. Didn't happen! He came roaring back and we had some good back and forth. He's a hot competitor with a killer headlock! I'd definitely recommend him for a match!



toprosub is recommended by smallriff

Had a great match with this stud on my last trip to Toronto. He's strong and hot and knows how to have a great time. Very nice guy off the mats too. Highly recommended!



wrestlerjoe is recommended by smallriff

Had a great match with this guy. He's well built, good looking, and able to take a good deal of punishment. He can also dish out a bit of his own. We had an awesome double headscissors where we both refused to submit for a while (he eventually did). Highly recommended!



smallriff is recommended by darkk

Had a great time and match. Really looking forward to meeting again. Fully recommend any one meeting him that gets the chance.



darkk is recommended by smallriff

Great and fun wrestler! Can take punishment and ab abuse for a long time. Doesn't give up easily. Very nice guy off the mats. Highly recommended.



smallriff is recommended by Txwresl

Loved the match I had with this guy, small but tough, can ramp it up or down, and still have a fun time. I always like wrestling smaller guys who are in good shape and love to wrestle like I do. Riff is certainly one of these guys. Bring it on again!



smallriff is recommended by workout2

Really enjoyed meeting smallriff. Our match was very competitive from start to finish, very physical and great fun. Friendly and easy going when not fighting, he's a really good guy to meet.



workout2 is recommended by smallriff

Had an excellent competitive match with him. He's safe, sane, and strong with a great body to boot. Also was very reliable and accommodating with my schedule. Very nice guy as well. Highly recommended!



smallriff is recommended by Flax

Nice and friendly guy. Competitive when it comes to wrestling. Had a great time. Short meet due to time restriction. Wish it could have been longer. Would love to wrestle him again.



Flax is recommended by smallriff

Had a great fun sub match with Flax. Had to cut it a bit short due to timing but was still a blast! He's an awesome guy. Very friendly with lots of recommendations for my stay in Australia. Don't pass up on meeting him!



smallriff is recommended by Yngrasslr00

This punk...nah just playing, pretty strong actually, great body, feisty on the mat and will make u work for everything...also has a great attitude and a slightly evil streak to his wrestling...only makes it more fun when I sub him. Glad to call this man a friend, if u get the chance, don't pass him up.



Yngrasslr00 is recommended by smallriff

Always a fun match with this hot punk. He wrestles hard and competitively and does not go down without a fight. Also a great guy off the mats and fun to hang with. Do not pass him up if you get a chance to meet.



smallriff is recommended by WrestleHard

This guy's tough. Watch those legs, lol. But a very, very, very fun match and a really good, stand-up guy. Highly recommended.



WrestleHard is recommended by smallriff

We had a fun sub and then pin match. He does not give up easily (but he did eventually). Recommended!



smallriff is recommended by 2 to tap

This guy is tough. Good wrestler. Lots of fun.



smallriff is recommended by dragonuk

Riff is 100% the real deal and must wrestle if your ever in Manhattan.He comes in fighting and leaves still fighting. stamina, strength and scissors are his trade mark. Also a very personable and nice guy. Until the next time Riff!



dragonuk is recommended by smallriff

Dragonuk is a nice guy and a fun match. Very reliable and personable. Recommended.



smallriff is recommended by Nick

Riff is a great guy. He was very patient for my first match. His scissors are really powerful. Thanks mate, hope to meet again sometimes to show you how I got better at it now!



Nick is recommended by smallriff

Nick is a very nice and cute guy who took his beating very well and kept coming back for more. :) It was his first match so I'm sure he is more skilled now. Looking forward to our next match.