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Holiday plans have me stopping in Philly the day after Christmas for 2 days. Happy to demonstrate chokes and very tight scissors for any willing victims. Hit me up if interested.

Specialist in tight, constricting holds such as headscissors, rnc's, triangles, and baseball bat chokes. enjoy feeling a guy go weak, and then limp, as I hold him with the patience of an anaconda waiting for its prey to stop moving. Gallery pics give you an idea of what I mean by tight and constricting.

Rambo from Trickfighters applies my style of headscissors......



  1. USA - Mississippi, Moss Point
    (I'm here from 4/25/2017)
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Age: 49-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

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sleepforme is recommended by belgiumman96

Just had a match with this guy and OMG I'm hooked. He was both aggressive and kind, demanding and gentle. Fun and scary. All wrapped up in one bit package.
I could barely handle his leg strength and he kept me gasping for air and I loved every second of it. and next time maybe I want to see what it's like to be knocked out by him. I learned a lot had more then a lot of fun and would recommend this guy to anyone wanting to test their limits. A great dominant guy and a great person in general. I will be coming back for more and more and more



belgiumman96 is recommended by sleepforme

I met up with Belgiumman when I was recently in San Diego. To be honest, I was a bit nervous at first because younger wrestlers sometimes can be flaky and not so. But no worries here. He showed up on time and was great at communicating what he wanted.

He can take tight scissors like a champ, and loves being smothered. Easy day for me, and I loved dominating him over and over. It was so good he decided to hang around for a second day and we went at it for hours.

Super super nice guy, very interested in learning to be a better "beta boy", and I am happy to teach him more next time we meet up. And we will definitely meet up again. You can't go wrong with this bright and eager to learn young man.



sleepforme is recommended by PA Wrestler

Really incredible, kind and understanding, just a great guy. Extremely strong as well, and knows what he is doing. One day I hope I can train up and withstand his legs squeezing me at one hundred percent.



PA Wrestler is recommended by sleepforme

I am late in writing this due to crazy work schedule, but PA Wrestler is a super tough competitor with a never quit attitude. I've trapped all sorts of victims with my scissors, but this guy took it like a champ and kept coming back for more

Of course there was that one time when I gripped a little too tight and he got a little sleepy :P

Definitely recommend him if you want a high endurance wrestler and all around nice guy. And he's easy on the eyes too.



sleepforme is recommended by Chris in seattle

Nice guy. He was great on communication and honest about how he represented himself. He is strong and has great endurance. I would definitely recommend him and hope we can play again sometime.



Chris in seattle is recommended by sleepforme

I met Chris while he was visiting Providence. Had a great time exchanging holds. Can honestly say I have not met anyone who could withstand so much scissors pressure :)

And he is by no means passive. Be forewarned that if you tell him to squeeze hard, you are really going to feel it. He has legs of death and very skilled with jiu jitsu.

Aside from that, he is truly very intelligent and can carry on a great conversation. I definitely hope we get to meet up again.



sleepforme is recommended by JOKING

Had a great time learned new things hope to get together again



JOKING is recommended by sleepforme

I met JOKING in rhode island, and it was very nice of him to take the train up from New York. Spent quite a few hours chatting wrestling, exchaning vids, and then of course.....down to business. :) wrestled a bit and exchanged different holds. of course he got to know what my sleeper is like ;) A great guy all around. Looking forward to meeting up again.



sleepforme is recommended by RISLEEPMAN

I went to see this guy at his place and he put me in incredible chokes and sleepers!
Had a good time being put out!
If u love sleepers and being put out, this is your guy!



RISLEEPMAN is recommended by sleepforme

I met up with Al this past weekend. A couple things that make this a good match up for us. He told me he enjoys sleepers, and being put out. I've heard that from many guys on here, but when it comes time to back it up, for whatever reason, they don't want to go through with it. Al was a trooper and took everything I put him through.

He enjoys being a jobber, and I enjoy being a heel. Perfect match up. If you want to have someone test your ability to put a dude out, then hit him up for a match. Looking forward to our next encounter.