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Into simple rough housing/horseplaying, to more structured bouts.

Losing weight and getting stronger and more agile, and always up for a good roll on the mats...still short, but *not as* stocky

"it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog!"

Married to JHK49, check him out if I am too small for you!

Where are all the smaller guys that want to wrestle smaller guys?



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Spandex, Leather, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, CBT, Trampling, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship


  1. USA - Ohio, Hilliard
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I am willing to host.


Age: 49-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 152 lbs (69 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlet, shorts, boxers, jeans and white tank top

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shortandstockyOH is recommended by wstlguy

Had an awesome time meeting and wresting shortandstockyOH. He is quick and he has the skill and strength to get the takedown and lock on some tight holds, and he has powerful legs that he used to force me to tap more than once. Thoroughly enjoyed the challenging multi-round sub match, and hope to lock up with shortandstockyOH again. A good guy both in and out of the ring, and highly recommended.



wstlguy is recommended by shortandstockyOH

First time I have ever wrestled in a ring EVER...and hope it wasn't the last. Wstlguy epitomizes hospitality, courtesy and graciousness...AND is a helluva wrestler! Meeting and wrestling him was a wonderful diversion from a weekend business trip to St. Louis. I certainly hope to have the opportunity, honor and privilege to wrestle him again (and again and again)...and HIGHLY recommend him if you've not wrestled him yet. I can't say enough how much fun it was!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by wrestlefun1

Had a great time on the mats. Very friendly and strong. Was so much fun I wanted to roll all day long with him. I highly recommend him



wrestlefun1 is recommended by shortandstockyOH

A lot of fun on the mats. Small guys rule, and he is no exception, quite strong and quite full of energy...and a good time was had with him on the mats! Look forward to doing it again!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by OHjobber

Throughly enjoyed wresting shortandstockyOH. Got a good workout with him and look forward to wrestling him again. Don't take his smaller stature for granted! He's really good! Hoping to get the pin on him next time!



OHjobber is recommended by shortandstockyOH

OHJobber is definitely one you should look up if you want to have a good roll-around on the mats. Very agile and fun. Got a good workout from him. Off the mats, he’s a very kind man and very personable. Definitely want to meet up again!!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by nu2rasln

Today I met with ShortandstockyOH, He hosted the match at his place Hilliard Oh. Let me tell you that I had a fricken blast wrestling around with this guy. He was prepared to take on a guy nearly 60 pounds more than him. He is a strong F**k and is comfy around the mats. He has been working on his body and really should not be thought of as stocky anymore. If you happen to be around his area, don't miss out on a great time on the mats, Oh and by the way, he looks good in his singlet ;-)



nu2rasln is recommended by shortandstockyOH

A powerful gentleman packed full of energy, strength, knowledge AND care and concern. Strong arms, strong legs! I was able to weasel my way out of some moves, though. It was a great to wrestle him and chat while we took breaks for almost three hours. Great guy, lots of fun, helluva sense of humor…definitely a great time! If you don't know him, GET TO KNOW HIM!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by DT43205

Short and Stocky should include strong. I had 100 pds on him but he knew his moves to keep up with me. He was determined and willing to try everything. Great guy to wrestle.



DT43205 is recommended by shortandstockyOH

What can I say? If we kept score, I got my a$$ kicked. He’s strong, he’s skilled, and it was a great workout. Off the mat, he’s a genuinely kind and cordial man. If you have the opportunity, by all means, get this great guy onto the mats!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by Italian giver

I met up with shortandstockyOH and had a good time with him. He is short but not really stocky as his profile name says, but he is one tough dude and can take a good pounding and also can dish it out. Are really tough guy on the mats and a very down-to-earth guy off the mats. I highly recommend him if you want to have a good give and take match. I definitely look forward to another meeting with him.



Italian giver is recommended by shortandstockyOH

Don't let his small size fool you. Italian_giver has some pretty strong arms and knows how to use them. He also has very powerful legs, so watch out for them. A little bit of wrestling and a little bit of gut punching added up to a helluva good time with him over the course of 2 and a half hours. He is also a helluva nice guy as well!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by SilverFoxFight

Had a great time with this awesome guy today! We wrestled (and boxed a little) for three hours only taking breaks for water and chatting. S&S is energetic, flexible and fun...and a great host. Watch those legs when you meet him (which you need to do soon...before he gets too strong and skilled)! Deano



SilverFoxFight is recommended by shortandstockyOH

SFF is a quite a strong guy on the mats. 3+ hours of wrestling with some boxing and gut punching thrown in for flavor. Fight, drink water, chat, fight, drink water, chat. Asides being quite agile and skilled on the mats, he is a charming gentleman off the mats. It was enjoyable and very strenuous workout. Look forward to going at it again with him!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by Akrob

What a pleasure it was to meet SASO. It is rare for me to find an opponent about my size. Let me tell you he has a lot of fight in him. I am actually stockier than him and I deviously used my weight against him. We wrestled and then he received gut punches and pec punches. He just soaked them up and asked for more. After a long, long time, I hit his aggression button. He leaped to action and bowled me over. Great fun. I'm not telling you where this magic button is. You'll have to discover it on your own. Oh, yeah, and I got my first black eye during this match. Now I have a badge of honor to show off at the fall Wrestlefest tomorrow. I highly recommend SASO and his partner JHK.



Akrob is recommended by shortandstockyOH

Small guys rule...(yes...we do!)

Watch out for the arms! Great upper body strength, could effortlessly lift my 160 lb frame off of him (over and over) without even breaking a sweat. Gut and pec punching...he has truly has mastered that craft, in my opinion! Easy on you if you're a novice to gut/pec work, harder if you're more experienced. A very kind and patient gentleman and tenacious mat man all wrapped up in a compact package. Quite an excellent workout and learning experience!