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Unable to meet anyone until after my next WCB fight which is on the 24th November (2018).



  1. United Kingdom, Saint Leonards
    Pett; each weekend
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I am willing to travel 20 miles


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 152 lbs (69 kg)

Gear: boxing gear

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scotch2012 is recommended by Chris Flashman

Had a great time with Scotch today. Really,really nice chap who is principally a boxer - with some classy gear to prove it. We focussed on wrestling and having both fought to exhaustion, agreed on an honourable draw. Beware his boxer's legs, though: once they're clamped on you, you're toast. Highly recommended.



Chris Flashman is recommended by scotch2012

I would recommend Chris if your someone who likes any Safe N Sane wrestling...I met him for the first time and we did some fairly good wrestling together - he was able to show me a thing or two as I had not done much wrestling...he doesn't seem keen on boxing which is what I am particularly keen on but we had a good wrestling session anyway. Boxing is not everyone's cup-of-tea so I didn't mind that we didn't do any. As Chris discovered - my legs are better than my arms!



Bootsie is recommended by scotch2012

I met Bootsie for the first time last week - he came across willing to have a go at coaching me with my boxing. If you meet him I recommend you allow yourself and him 4 hours approx. We had a good chat - talked about our interest and did some pad work - followed by some light sparring at the end. He is reasonable and won't force you into anything you don't want to do.



scotch2012 is recommended by marklondon71

A very agile fighter and boxer, with a keen passion for boxing, also wrestles. Safe and reliable, with good attitude and personality. Looking forward to another match. (9/2/15)

Had another match, an amazing boxer who taught me a lot about stance and moves, etc. We also wrestled, getting submissions out of each other, we are well matched. Looking forward to next bout. (1/3/17)



scotch2012 is recommended by brightonman

I met with scotch2012 today at his place. I enjoyed a few rounds of sparring with this very competent boxer who has a vast collection of boxing gloves.
Later we wrestled, scotch2012 is a fit strong opponent, very safe and sane, an all round great guy. I highly recommend him and look forward to our next meet.



scotch2012 is recommended by crash31uk2000

Good solid boxer with a wide knowledge of the sport. Was very patient trying to fit in with my hectic life lol. Fully recommend a spar with him.



scotch2012 is recommended by ozboxer

A great guy, a pleasure to box with, some great gear, and I hope we get to box more often!



scotch2012 is recommended by SurreyGuy

Met up with him earlier today for a great sparring session. An all round good guy, who is passionate about boxing and as others have said, has a large collection of gloves. Safe and sane and highly recommended.



scotch2012 is recommended by alane

scotch 2012 is a good boxer got looks of gloves nice fella want to meetup again



scotch2012 is recommended by MikeUK

A great meet. He's definitely a big boxing (gear) fan, and isn't afraid to put on the gloves and have a few good rounds of tough sparring. A nice guy, and totally safe and sane.



scotch2012 is recommended by diumraid

He's the real deal if you're looking for a boxing partner. We did quite a few challenging tough rounds when we met. He's a courageous fighter who is not afraid to go forward and take a punch. He's also got a fantastic range of gloves.


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