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Looking for some wrestling fun. I like submission wrestling and long holds, particularly the headscissors and schoolboy pin.



  1. Australia, sydney
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (174 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: speedos

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scissors4newbie is recommended by hafeezu wrestler

He is a great guy. Friendly and strong. I had a fun wrestling match with him for more than an hour. Its his first time came to Borneo and i did bring him a tour. When im visiting Sydney, it will be your turn to be my guide.
P.S. Beware of his strong thighs, stay alert or he will put you into sleep and misery. Lol.



scissors4newbie is not recommended by retserof

  • Unreliable / no show



scissors4newbie is recommended by tribod

Great fighter and nice guy - lots of nice holds and chokes to keep this jobber very happy



tribod is recommended by scissors4newbie

A great fight and nice guy to chat with in between.



scissors4newbie is recommended by Flexforme

It was good to meet this great Aussie guy. He is cute and looks good resisting moves. It was nice to be able to work on a few moves with him and he learns well and fast. He plays the jobber role well and as he grows in strength he will himself become the heel. He was a lovely host and a very amenable guy to talk with off the mats. Looking forward to the rematch I January on my home turf.



Flexforme is recommended by scissors4newbie

Would highly recommend meeting this guy! He is a very skilled, strong, muscular and good looking guy. Being a beginner he was very patient with me and even taught me a few moves during our match. Despite his strength and size he was surprisingly gentle with me. A great bloke to chat with off the mat too. Be sure to meet him if you get the opportunity. I had a very great time :)



scissors4newbie is recommended by jonuk

I spent a few hours with Daniel and had an awesome wrestle. HIs legs are very powerful and he knows how to make the most of them. He's a very polite , entertaining and friendly guy too. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting him again. Thanks for a great experience.



jonuk is recommended by scissors4newbie

Jonuk is a friendly londoner and we had a great time wrestling together. He showed me a couple of new moves and was able to test my scissors out on him quite a bit. Enjoyed our match and would recommend to anyone in the London area or visiting to look him up.



scissors4newbie is recommended by hugefan

It is a bit early for Christmas but I was visited today by a young Australian Jesus. Cute doesn't really do Daniel justice, most definitely handsome but enough of the shallow. He claimed to be more of a jobber but was certainly not a lie down and take it jobber, at one point nearly taking my head off with his strong legs. Very nice guy who made an interesting variety of noises in a hold, sounded like he was imitating an animal from the Australian outback. Unfortunately our wrestle was cut short as a recurring buttock injury forced him to stop and before you ask i wasn't even touching his bum when it happened.

Not likely i will live long enough to ever be in the same part of the world again but if i was i most certainly would like to meet him again which is a pretty good recommendation.



hugefan is recommended by scissors4newbie

A really nice Scottish guy i met on a trip to London. Very accommodating and nice bloke to chat with. Despite a slight injury to myself (of my own accord) was a really great match. Very strong with a good technique. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for either a fun match like myself or a more serious competitive one. You wont disappointed :)



scissors4newbie is recommended by Antton64

Un match Heel / jobber fun et bon esprit avec un pti gars qui résiste bien aux longues prises . Sympa sur et hors du tapis. Recommandé!



Antton64 is recommended by scissors4newbie

une séance agréable avec un mec bien expérimenté. très fort et une bonne technique dans la lutte. sympa et gentil avec un bon esprit. je vous conseille a tous de le rencontrer :)

Had a great time meeting him. A very nice guy with a good wrestling technique and very strong. He is a nice guy off the mats too and would highly recommend people to meet with him :)



scissors4newbie is recommended by francknord59

Petit gars sympathique, débutant en pieds poings mais motivé, séance très sympa notamment du fait de son caractère vraiment amical, je le recommande, vous n'allez pas être déçus :) /

A very nice guy, although he is a beginner in kickboxing style, he proved to be really motivated, which makes the session really appreciable; what's more, he is a truly friendly guy on and out of the mats, I recommend him warmly, you cannot regret meeting him :)



francknord59 is recommended by scissors4newbie

A great guy to meet for my initiation into kick style martial arts. We had a great session on and off the mats; discussing and teaching me the techniques. A fantastic teacher and very patient for a beginner. Happily recommend anyone who is pro or beginner looking for a nice, gentle guy for martial arts fun :)

Un homme gentil et sympa qui m'a initié dans les arts martiaux. on a passé un bon séance sur le tapis et à l'extérieur . Un Bon professeur qui a la patience pour moi. si vous avez l'occasion pour se retrouver puis fais-le! :) plus un beau sourire.



scissors4newbie is recommended by rugby01

Very good wrestle. Very nice and friendly guy out of the mats. A very good moment !!!



rugby01 is recommended by scissors4newbie

A very strong wrestler with a very powerful scissors hold! great on and off the mat :)



scissors4newbie is recommended by Try2PinMe

really nice guy that was a lot of fun to wrestle. Very friendly, nice personality and great person for a chat. On the mat safe and sane and stronger than I had expected. He does not give up easily and if he gets you in a hold it's quite difficult to escape.
Thanks for a great afternoon. Would be more than happy to have a re-match!



Try2PinMe is recommended by scissors4newbie

Had a great match. Strong guy whom is nice on and off the mats. Great to chat with and would recommend to someone looking for a fun, friendly match.



scissors4newbie is recommended by pecbiceps

Don't miss him, he loves muscles contacts and worship



scissors4newbie is recommended by Lugi

Great wrestle and lots of fun. Plus, nice guy off the mats as well. Absolutely recommended.



Lugi is recommended by scissors4newbie

Lugi is a highly skilled, strong and fit wrestler! Was great to meet with him and learn a thing or two. Had the pleasure of a great chat and wrestle. Definitely would wrestle again!



scissors4newbie is recommended by knight91

A fighter full of energy and combativeness (in the best sense of the word!) who can wrestle during a while and who loves to learn from his opponent (and build on it round after round). A very nice and friendly guy outside the mat. Strongly recommended!



knight91 is recommended by scissors4newbie

A great fighter. Very enthusiastic, full of energy and taught me a thing or two. Would recommend him highly! Also great for chatting :)



scissors4newbie is recommended by Mirceal

Nice, fun and smiling Aussie guy ! Beginner at wrestling but curious and motivated to learn :) we had a nice and soft wrestling session , as nice chats out of the mats ...
Full of energy, Guess he will improve his skills quickly , and will definitely meet him again :)



Mirceal is recommended by scissors4newbie

A great wrestler and easy going, friendly guy. Had a good chat and relaxing time. Definitely wrassle again :)



scissors4newbie is recommended by ptitbrun

Débutant mais résistant et plein d’énergie.
Il devrait pouvoir progresser rapidement!
Garçon très sympathique et souriant à rencontrer absolument.



ptitbrun is recommended by scissors4newbie

An excellent wrestler. Very strong. Would wrestle again.



scissors4newbie is recommended by princeps

cool slender fighter, full of energy and excellent opponent in a long wrestling session. Nice and friendly australian guy both on the matt and around a drink after the wrestling.
I definitely want to wrestle again with him.
Jeune lutteur australien plein d'énergie et combatif que je recommande.



princeps is recommended by scissors4newbie

An excellent wrestling match in a very relaxing atmosphere. A lean, toned wrestler with excellent leg muscles. Would definitely wrestle again.