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Experienced wrestler submission grappling.



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Scranton
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Age: 64-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Submission Submission

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sayrob is recommended by FlDean2012

Sayrob is a leader. He is the one that creative and made hillside wrestling week for all those who went. He left ever lasting memories for loads of wrestlers that enjoyed themselves to no end. I still have a fun time watching him and other wrestling. Rob is a fantastic guy, he cares about others and is a very good wrestler. If you ever get a chance to wrestle him, or learn something from him, by all means please do.



sayrob is recommended by Ricotewrestler

What can be said about HILLSIDE,”S WREDTLING EVENT, forefather, that hasn’t been said before? He is just awesome in every sense. Feisty skilled grappler and a great , lovable human being all around. The recommendation goes without saying but it’s besides the point here. What I profess highly for this man is HUGE RESPECT!



Ricotewrestler is recommended by sayrob

A great wrestler and Gentleman. We have had several tough matches and had a good time. I highly recommend Ricotewrestler.



sayrob is recommended by Roughmatch

Sayrob and his assistant, Andy, hosted the Hillside Wrestling Weekend for 18 years (1993-2011). Hillside Wrestling is by far the best wrestling set up I have attended. This man is skilled in BJJ and submission. We had several matches and there is nothing I can do against him. I would highly recommend him. He is sincere. He is honest, and he will show up to a scheduled bout.



sayrob is recommended by hashbock

I've wrestled with Sayrob several times over the years at Hillside. He's a strong, well-trained submission wrestler who I highly recommend to anyone who's looking for a good competitive submission match.



sayrob is recommended by slandon23

I met sayrob the first time in August of 2016 through email he drove down and we had one of the best matches I ever had on this hot August night the sweat poured like water, so good we both wanted to do it again and fast forward February 2018 Wrestlefest in New York city we are introduced by my good buddy Average Joe in the Pennsylvania hotel and I told him we met before so later on that night we decided to have our round 2 and I was not disappointed was one of my highlights of Wrestlefest and was glad to reconnect with sayrob who I do consider a friend off the mats and a great rival on them, please if you get a chance give this man a shout you won't regret it



slandon23 is recommended by sayrob

I have wrestled slandon23 twice now and have had very favorable experiences.